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  1. Best workaround we found so far is opening the backpack, unplug and plug back an item. Then pretty much everything player-interaction related works again; entering seats, controlling fabricators, etc.
  2. godynl

    Cant Exit the Mainbase

    This was a known issue in 0.6.2. You could still exit by slowly rotating the view of your astronaut and continuously jumping. You would then often exit through the door or the roof. We have been unable to reproduce the issue in 0.6.5 (0.6.2 world) so far. Does this still happen to you after updating to 0.6.5?
  3. godynl

    SES Vlog 028: Splitters & Space Kamehamehas

    Cool to hear how we all play different :), thanks for sharing. I agree the off-planet mining makes the game more fun. However the terran planet is so big that, unless you want loads of lithium/titanium/astronium/coal/hematite, the need to go off-planet is small. The forementioned resources in my opinion yield little benefit in mid/late game since by that time players have already built pretty much everything on terran with the available resources. Since we both seem to play quite differently: do you ever research individual resources like compound, titanium, etc? They yield bytes but there are plenty of research items on terran that it almost feels like wasting resources for doing so.
  4. Description: When walking around mineral patches near the starting base green indicator rings are shown around the patches (even when fully mined, but that's another bug). It would probably be better for performance if this wasn't the case + it doesn't look so nice. Expected behavior: ring to be displayed on the floor only, not casting glows on nearby items, platforms, players, UI, etc. Actual behavior: ring is displayed on the floor but also affects outline of backpack, terrain tool and texts. Platform: Steam Version: 0.6.5 System specification: OS: Windows 10 Pro (legal copy, fully updated) CPU: I5-4690 MEM: 16GB RAM GPU: GTX 1070 (latest drivers) Controls: keyboard + mouse
  5. godynl

    SES Vlog 028: Splitters & Space Kamehamehas

    Splitters seem to be a feature designed by developers instead of game designers. Of all the things game designers can do with power in this game, this should be pretty low on the list. Better power-related features would in our opinion be: Power switches. manual operated An inline switch operated by simply clicking the button above it. These could also have a bigger version that allows for more connections or more power. More power? Yes, because the developers could at some point decide to have power cables only allow for a certain amount of power to flow through. sensor operated (light/wind) A small inline module which has a configuration board that allows you to choose conditions which enable power flow through the switch. Bi-directional extenders Biggest issue is the absence of bi-directional power lines. ALL power cables in the game allow for bi-directional power flow; except extender cables. It doesn't make sense game-design wise as extenders will mostly be used locally. A more distant base will probably have it's own power source(s). Also, it's currently better to use lights as an extender as 1. they are bi-directional, 2. they also light your base and 3. they're kind of the same cost. Yes, currently 1 copper yields 5 extenders, but that could be changed to 1 to really lay emphasis the need to expend with a second base. Batteries Almost nobody uses the current batteries (small especially) because they're almost never needed. The bigger ones are too expensive using lithium. Instead we decided to simply go for an array of medium rovers. They are pretty much the cheapest batteries a base can get plus they offer free storage slots for medium storage too. Instead we'd like to see: medium batteries based on 1 lithium and copper/aluminum. big(ger) batteries for planets with long cycles or very active bases. The medium ones take up too much space. Lights The current work lights are nice but unfortunately take up space, cannot be driven over with rovers and light only small areas. Though that last one is fine, a bigger or other lighting options are welcome. For example: Big floodlights These could be place in the middle of a base (umbrella lighting) or at corners (work-/floodlight). These could come with a built-in light sensor and have slots for small/medium batteries. Platform lights Lights no longer would need to be placed on top of a platform slot but would have a dedicated spot or slot where you could stick/insert them. Sticking them on top would generated more top-lighting. Inserting them would create more of a glow around the base of the platform. Colored lights Who wouldn't want color-coded base areas or have the option to self-create a dedicated launch site using different colored 'markers'. Perhaps next up could be flashing lights with 1, non epilepsy inducing, blinking rate. That would also prevent players from ever needing a disco ball :). Splitters There they are, at the bottom of the list O:-). It seems like the proposed splitter can't be driven over by a rover; which makes them equal to medium platforms for splitting purposes. The need to only power certain areas of a base seems useless when we can already control the activity of individual base modules (like the smelter) and/or when we have switches (currently done through (dis)connecting cables. What we've seen in numerous Astroneer sessions is that players simply wait longer for stuff to finish and control for example the module activity (mostly smelter) or disconnect cables. This means it would make more sense for all base modules to have on/off switches and for switches to make it into the game. Would like to hear on-topic feedback regarding the above. Astroneer is a game where power management can and should be fun.
  6. System specifications CPU: i5-4690 MEM: 16GB GPU: GTX 1070 OS: Win10 Resolution: 1920x1200
  7. Steps taken for issue to occur Play and build a base (see attached save game) Outcome Low fps. Restart nor re-save fixed this problem. Expected outcome(s) Higher fps. While it was a steady 60 (vsync) before, somewhere during building the base it dropped to 33fps. System specifications CPU: i5-4690 MEM: 16GB GPU: GTX 1070 OS: Win10 Resolution: 1920x1200 AUTOSAVE_1_2017.01.16-21.51.30.sav
  8. Prerequisites a smelter with some of its storage positions (on the sides) full. In my case 3 out of 4 were full). Steps taken for issue to occur Place 4 items on smelter. Start smelter. Outcome Smelter stars producing output. First completed item is placed on free spot. Second and third completed items disappear. Last item stays on top position, but is only half-full. Expected outcome(s) One of the following: First item on free spot. Second item on top spot. Remaining items waiting for free spots to appear. First item on free spot. Second item on top spot. Remaining items being popped out of the top spot for the player to pick up.