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  1. [Salt] Mark

    Include Lights as Researchable Items

    Interesting idea, I was thinking about this myself and thought it could be cool to have floodlights around my base, or on my vehicle. +1
  2. [Salt] Mark

    What this game definitely needs...

    I definitely like the idea of a vehicle bay that has upgrades. But the idea of storage boxes, I feel like it doesn't fit the game. The way the game is currently all the storages are snap points to put items on, however I do think a warehouse would work if it kept the same concept of open snap points. perhaps a building with snap points lining the walls to store items on? tell me what you think, im just trying to keep the feel of the game, and I believe that the lack of UI is an important part of the feel.
  3. So this isn't really an idea/concept, but I do have some interesting ideas i would like to have drawn up for future posts. I am not a very good artist myself so if anyone would be willing to help me I would be very thankful.
  4. [Salt] Mark

    Orbiting Storage Platform

    exactly what I was thinking
  5. [Salt] Mark

    Three New Vehicles

    In terms of a legged vehicle perhaps a smaller eight legged vehicle built specifically for climbing mountains and spelunking in caves. The vehicle would be able to fold up and be carried using an entire truck, (because of its slow speed it would be virtually unusable at long distances), this would allow the player to drive their caravan over to the cave then dismount the spider from the truck and use it to explore the cave. The spider would have the same amount of space as the truck and therefore be able to carry a crane, storage, etc. In addition despite its slow speed the spider would be very useful on the red planet as there are almost no flat plains there suitable for vehicle driving.
  6. [Salt] Mark

    Orbiting Storage Platform

    This is a great idea, perhaps the player could also access and launch the storage via spaceship when they are orbiting the planet. in terms of launching it from a spaceship, the player could attach the platform to their spaceship then release it once in orbit. after it has been released it will continue to orbit the planet and be a place where the player can dock before landing on the surface of the planet.
  7. [Salt] Mark

    Radar disk

    i see what you did there
  8. [Salt] Mark

    Rail car system

    Perhaps a monorail
  9. [Salt] Mark

    Batteries large accumulator

    That's exactly what they would do
  10. [Salt] Mark

    Things you might didn't know you can do.

    Simple, cabin seat looks cooler.
  11. [Salt] Mark

    NPC settlements

    This is similar to that, however, would provide more depth, there would be working habitats and things such as researchers, smelters etc. and even possibly dead astronauts. In addition, the player/s could possibly even use these bases to operate from as they would replenish oxygen and even have a few tethers scattered about to nearby caves.
  12. [Salt] Mark

    Radar disk

    What it is My idea is that there would be radar disks that you could build, similar to a printer or vehicle bay, that would scan space around the planet they are built on for things such as abandoned space stations unidentified objects etc. These disks would have a set range, (perhaps slightly smaller than the traveling range of the space shuttle, thus giving players more incentive to travel to other planets to build radar disks), and would detect any of the said objects within its range over time. Once detected the player could fly to these objects from their planet and scavenge from them. How it Works The disk would have a power meter and once full the player could use the disk to send out a pulse. These pulses would have a chance to discover up to maybe three or four unidentified objects eventually discovering all the objects withing range. At any point, however, the disk could detect random objects floating through space or objects with a wide orbit that occasionally go out of range, these objects the player will only have a limited amount of time to get to before they either disappear forever or the player will have to wait for them to orbit back around.
  13. [Salt] Mark

    What this game definitely needs...

    I understand what you mean about player retention as I myself have complete virtually everything in the game so far, and though I started another playthrough with a friend it's definitely not the same as it was the first time. However, what I mean is that the whole style of, build a foundation, then build walls, then ceilings, etc. don't fit the style of the game. Rather a system of perhaps upgrading the starting habitat, or upgrading the extendable platform similar to when you are building a printer or vehicle bay. Maybe making it a third tier, a construction area of sorts where the player can choose from a number of predetermined buildings that the player would be able to add to as they researched more building parts (the domes, grated foundations, etc. that you mentioned).
  14. [Salt] Mark

    Nuclear/Hydrazine Reactor Idea

    Great idea, but there would then need to be balancing done for the fuel condenser as you would be able to condense an unlimited amount of fuel for your generator seeing as it only uses power to run.
  15. [Salt] Mark

    Make unpowered tethers blink red

    That would be a nice little addition.