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  1. I think it would help game balance to use astronium to craft a small personal drone. I'm imagining a small hovering ai similar to a Mr Handy from Fallout that would float around and follow the astroneer. It could be directed using the click gesture and would have four attatchment points divided into pairs, shaped like a squat H. Two nodes would face forward, two nodes facing up, and the rear would have a port to connect it to base to recharge. The two facing up could carry a storage pod, battery, etc. and would serve as the primary use. The forward facing pair could be hold a winch or be upgraded to have a mini crane and drill. Using the gesture command, the drone could be directed to mine specific mineral deposits. I think it could also share power with the astroneer like the vehicles, but maybe not oxygen since it would be a small platform. If it ran out of power, it could fall to the ground, to heavy to carry unless the modules were detatched. I think it should take at least one astronium, and 3 other materials (like titanium or aluminum). This would help late game balance, as it would be very difficult to craft early on, but very useful once the game has progressed.
  2. I posted this to the subreddit already, but here we go. I'm guessing the tether lag bug is caused by the game rendering all the surfaces around the tether, plus all the shadows caused by their little lights. It sounds similar to the Minecraft torch bug from beta, where the visual engine used to render every visible surface. This led to massive lag when lighting up caves because the game would render blocks that weren't even visible to the player. Iirc, Mojang fixed is by calculating what surfaces were directly visible to the players. The other solution is if a tether is not connected, it powers off. This could be implemented to create "switches". For example, after returning to base, a player could simply break the chain of tether leading to their cave, thereby deactivating that chain of tethers and (hopefully) cutting down on the amount of surfaces rendered. This could even be used to make hubs, where a player would turn the lights off to their cave and then switch on the chain going to their mountain, for example. Another solution was put forward by another user on Reddit. He was using his rover to power chains. He would drive as far into a cave as he could, then have chain of tether as he went. As he returned, he would collect his tethers. No massive tether chain=no lag
  3. Kerbalized

    Frame rate effected by tethers

    HD6670, pretty basic compared to y'all I wonder if the tethers cause lag because it's rendering shadows and textures at each one, similar to the lag MineCraft had in beta Every torch would render the light on all surrounding blocks, no matter the distance to player or if the player could even see that torch. It would cause massive lag when you lit up an entire cave
  4. Kerbalized

    Low PC Specs/Laptops

    Remember it's still pre-alpha It's likely going to have several optimization patches. I imagine that the devs all had similar rigs, and now that 1000s of players are trying it on millions of combos of parts there are likely some unfortunate combos.
  5. Kerbalized

    Frame rate effected by tethers

    What cpu are you running? I've seen a fair number of players on the subreddit complaining about low fps, and it seems like predominantly AMD cpus. Apparently the game is much more cpu heavy than gpu heavy
  6. Playing on Steam via PC Alt tabbing back into game results causes the game to freeze for 30+ seconds. It will eventually refocus however, and the game does not go unresponsive. More importantly, the terrain tool will be stuck on add function, aka the alt key. The tool resumes normal function after tapping the alt key. Game is likely not registering that alt-key is not pressed after alt-tabbing.