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  1. Windows 8.1 - Steam - Pc My game continues with patch 196 error! Whenever I access the "Options" menu, when I enter a saved game, and when I go back to the "main menu", the game crashes and the unreal screen appears!
  2. Platform - PC - Windows 8.1 After patch 196, my game crashed when I enter some save (it even excludes EVERYTHING to see if it solved it), also crash when I enter the 'options menu', and also when I enter a new game and choose to go back to the game 'main menu'. I hope they can solve it, it's unplayable
  3. Windows 8.1 I have 67 hours of gameplay without any such errors, came with the update I'm updating windows to see if it helps
  4. HEEEEELP My game is crashing after this update. It crashes when accessing the menu options, upon entering saves and upon returning to the menu
  5. The game needs more graphical options so that less powerful computers can play it quietly! It is a totally valid suggestion of real necessity. I'm using google translate, I'm sorry for the mistakes! Sorry, I saw the fixed posts and discovered the search tool I had not yet found hahaha, sorry!
  6. I have a half-composed block that I can not get it. It took up space in my backpack, I managed to transfer it to a machine but I can not get it and the machine is unusable! I'm using google translate, I'm sorry for the mistakes!
  7. Please, add more video settings so that low-configuration computers can play