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  1. So if you use the "alt" key to build through your gun, you can force yourself into any wall as long as you are next too the wall and you build on the other side of you and the wall. I captured a short 1:05 video of me demonstrating. I have more or less complete control as I'm flying inside the walls, though the game will try to force you out. It's not game breaking as far as I can tell as you can head for any wall and jump out like I did in the end of the video. I'm not sure how you'd fix this, and it is fun to do, but it is a bug. PC Specs: Windows 10 64bit, i7-4790k, GTX 1080, 8G RAM Astro-Win64-Shipping_2017-01-18_00-08-52-505.avi
  2. DrDoctorMD

    Vegetation turns gray after reloading save

    Captured some footage of these plants. All of these I show, I've seen before but after re-loading my save, they turn gray. But as you notice, not ALL of them are gray. Astro-Win64-Shipping_2017-01-17_23-46-50-093.avi
  3. I noticed some of the vegetation turns a gray color after reloading a save once I discover these plants previously. This also happens to some of the green moving blob plants in the caves. Haven't found a fix for it and is not very consistent, it can happen to any large plant. I've never first discovered a grey plant just roaming around, only after i've seen a normal colored plant, then re-load the save, then the same plant turns gray.