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  1. Things I have found so far are: Planet surface not connecting. Not big enough cracks for the player to fall through, that I have seen. but still there. The crane is a wreck. I honestly think one of the best ways to fix this guy is to add a button while in it to activate and deactivate. So you can just ride in it without having to worry about where your mouse is. Or kill the ability of collision between the drill head and its parent vehicle. Also In co-op.. When sending a rocket out with trade supplied... as the co op partner, I do not see the rocket come back. Also when joining a co op game while the hosts pod is still in descent... the hosts pod will freeze where it is at for the co op partner in mid air... A very strange bug that should be easy to reproduce.. I have a video of all errors that i captured through my twitch if you would like to see.