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  1. I don't find the slow updates unreasonable...nor slow. I haven't played the game since end of April simply because there's just not much that you can get out of it and I don't wanna end up exhausting my interest. All updates afterwards were mainly to fix bugs. Whatever they choose to do, no matter whether it's a bug or new feature, takes quite a while. I feel as if they rush things to meet the "every couple of weeks" pattern. Still, I do have my list of decisions that I agree/disagree with. One good example would be the lack of content in the updates; they were focusing mostly on bugs, wh
  2. For this reason alone, I think it doesn't deserve the spot it's been forced onto. Unless the plan is to allow parts of vehicles/ships/etc (which aren't part of the game's mechanics), such as a "ship engine," then this WILL remain the most important resource in the game. I'd much rather prefer a form of NPC that dictates the price markets, changing continuously (and randomly) so that the player doesn't completely ignore exploration, the game's main focus. This could range from not needing a certain resource to paying more for another. Regardless of what can be traded or not, this will be a
  3. I noticed the update and ran here Good stuff ?
  4. t-t-t-teaser? I'm patiently waiting for updates. This looks fun....for some reason I'm already expecting a "Send noods" with this tool lel.
  5. Good stuff Now, to break the game...err I mean.... explore new bugs (and planets!)
  6. These will remain about UI at large, so here they are: Time: I don't find this one very problematic to implement. Simply being underground your base a lot makes it a bit difficult to know how likely are your resources to limit your exploration/mining runs. This could drop in as you gather information on a planet (explained below). Exploration: In order to promote further researching and exploring, a computer can take samples of that planets surface (and sub-surfaces) in order to give general info on the planet. This can lead to things such as "this planet has a side that never face
  7. To maintain consistency with the game's core features and with its setting, I think we should go for a "best of both" option. Think of a holographic map that comes up from a computer device on your wrist but that requires you to scan certain areas of that planet. This should be both easy to do, and not a single-step process. To me, exploring comes before any "commodities," and that could mean that once you research a satellite, launch it, and build your terminal, scanning is as simple as clicking a UI that comes from your wrist. Simply handing out maps will make exploring stale and
  8. I have to agree with no pvp content. Think about how you feel when you play the game in its current's relaxing and that's just not something you see in every multiplayer game. I'd much rather prefer another form of competitive system (such as the community driven market) which could take the place of PVP content.