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    how do destroy buildings?

    To grab, mouseover until you get the circular icon, then pickup. In order to keep them you need to clear the top left slot of backpack, or it'll make the appearance of putting them in it, but it actually just deletes them.
  2. Martin

    Delete save PC (Steam)

    Thanks been looking for these.
  3. I load game, tab to Steam Profile, click players Join Game, Astroneer switches to a load screen, which lasts a few minutes. Then it seems to hang/crash and I get mouse icon. Then I'm in my solo ui with my saved games. If I make a new game or select a different character I always end up making a new game. There's no clear difference in joining Steam Games. I'm told I should get a screen with No Saves.. but I always get my solo ui. Both players have allowed firewall access. So whilst it's possible his firewall is blocking incoming connections I don't know what the issue is. He can join my games without any problems at all. Using the same process. It is no different if I start the game and tab or if i use his Join Game button and it starts the game that way, I am unable to join mp games.
  4. I thought you'd fixed this bug after it was seen on twitch with adam/waffles game. It certainly isn't as bad as that. But it's still occurring. Launch Game, build rover or truck, driver near built units or tethers. Vehicles will jerk as though lagged. Getting out of the vehicle makes matters worse. On some videos I've seen it dropped player to 1fps, but for me I get something like 1-3 fps for 1-2 seconds, then 10 fps for 2-4 seconds, then 1 again, this allows me to get back to truck and move it. Moving truck or rover away from tethers fixes the problem. Steam Release, Updated Release.
  5. Martin


    Game just came out to ea and you want optimised graphics? Be happy it runs.
  6. If you build up, player can get stuck underground and suffocates. Sometimes the player is pushed up as you deform, add to the ground. This is how it should work all the time. Steam Release, Updated Ver.
  7. So far in nearly 15 hours of play, I've only ctd'd 3 times. I sent off the reports from the popup, don't know if you get those reports. So a quick post to outline them if you don't. 1st Crash, I accidentally tried to connect or connected a battery (building) to a truck rear output, game CTD. 2nd Crash, On creating a new game, after the 1st crash, the game CTD again. 3rd Crash, I got stuck under vehicle, was unable to use Tab to push it away, nothing occurred when I did, then game slowed to 1 fps for maybe 5 seconds, then froze outright then crashed. There's no crash logs for each other these crashes. I sent off the popup reports. Steam Release, unknown if occurs in updated ver.
  8. When playing a game and discovering an issue, player may find they need to start a new game to counter the issue, these saved games cannot be deleted from inside the menus. There needs to be an option to delete saved games. Steam Release, Updated Ver.
  9. If you exit game from the game directly, to main menu, you are unable to exit to desktop, you only get that option from inside the game, after pressing escape. Steam Release, updated.
  10. I noticed that initially, there's a set distance the option to expand allows, but after building out once, you can then stand on an existing platform and build into it. The initial block on platform creation needs to be applied to all expanding platforms. Steam Release, Updated. Game issue only, doesn't cause any particular issue, just looks bad.
  11. I like it the way it is, would be useful if there was an unload button for it.