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    Well.. first off, we noticed this on the first few pre release videos, before the game even got to ea. So yes it's very well known. And no, you won't be able to load the old saves on release anyway, so its a moot point. If people went back and loaded their own or even downloaded previous saves.. they'd effectively not be playing the "released game" so again.. moot issue.
  2. Martin

    New updates are... Somewhat concerning.

    Sorry to say this like this.. but there's too many threads like this now. Press F1 and actually read it. The answer to your question is actually in the screenshot you provided.
  3. First Off thanks Wyv for the new thread. This I disagree with. I think clearly the tables were placed in the game in the wrong order. Smaller tables should be free, tables with more slots should be researchable. It's that simple really. Yes it was useful having easy access to them, but as the game nears final, it behooves ses to get research trees correct. Mountains and Molehills here imo. Majority of the rest of your op I completely agree with.
  4. Martin

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    Feedback..ok based on roughly 14 hours of patchtime 10.2 In general alot of the game cannot be reviewed until terrain 2.0 is added as many issues are compounded by the terrain glitches and issues. The crafting changes overall, I like them. However, the requirements seem somewhat steep to my younger steam collegues, who preferred easygaming via trader and soil extractor etc. And using hacks with the seat etc.. However I do agree with them that parts of the system have failed. For example. Gases used to manufacture via the chemical module/table, it just says "need condensor" when any of the gases are highlighted. And in the condensor, you need to build one, on the planet, open it up to discover which gases it can collect. There is no tooltip help to suggest where you should be doing this. But for everything else there is and it works great, really nice overall imo. That said.. Multiplayer is still very laggy and glitchy. I know it isn't part of the crafting patch, but more than one player in astroneer and the game is having issues. So optimisation for MP is a must, with 4 players the game was somewhat glitchy for me on my ryzen 1600x and 32 gb of ram. The other 3 players reported similar issues. However, due to uncommon hardware, difficult to judge where game is at fault and someones pc is, overall everyone suffered the same issues. Once T2.0 is in overall feedback should be easier to give, as it currently stands, there's still a shed load of bugs and glitches in the game. Mostly graphical. Falling through map. Sinking into and bouncing out of map. Plants growing 10' off map. Vehicles flying away into space. Small solar visually impaired and appears discombobulated. Extreme difficulty driving 2 large trucks when carrying research seeds. (on moon and exotic) on terran it's fine. Small Buggy is very buggy. Power doesn't drain, it bounces all over the place and gets stuck on everything. Needs bigger tyres but keep the same style as explorer. Tethers randomly fall over. and disconnect. Fairly rare but it does happen. Tethers unload into midair.. thought these had weight and were affected by gravity.. Player names don't always highlight. Switching lights off on is great, but not if trying to turn another object, when it gets glitchy. Best to drop the light, then turn object, pickup light again. Interaction with Extenders is frustrating. Esp downhill. Flatten terrain on all planets but terran is very frustrating. Terrain seems to update minutes after exploration in some cases resources have appeared only after reloading the map. Can get stuck running around on the moon, you just stop running for no reason. Can get stuck between small plants on Exotic, it's just a plant.. it shouldn't block my progress. Storms are still abit too common. Don't seem to serve any real purpose.
  5. Martin

    The Crafting Update - September 6th, 2018

    That took 200+ mb?
  6. SEcho : Omg.. Are you married? I'd marry you. I know ways of fixing fatique. Wow, just wow. You've said everything I'd have said if I thought to say it. I completely and totally and undeniably agree with everything you said. Maybe because we're around the same age or have similar experience. I've been on senior admin for a minecraft establishment that's now over a decade old. And another for Ark. Both of which I rarely even play now. Agree completely with your cardinal rule. Something which extends into life for supervisors and even managers. Ask for power, don't deserve it. Asking never gets. Wait and see if you're judged as deserving by those who know. As I unfortunately always seem to be. I have a terrible habit of saying Yes.. when I really wished I'd said No. Leadership isn't something I enjoy. Spicy, I'll be honest I just ignored your post. I've given up on even trying to argue/discuss points with you. Wyv.. I still think you're secretly a girl.. although I've watched your streams. I do agree with you though. On most points. By your hand, moderation of the steam and these forums has made them more open for active conversation. You're a good moderator. Mostly Snail.. So glad you've taken the time to reply to us. Now can we get the patch notes for 10.2? Nargg I agree completely, i honestly prefer forums as you can lay out your conversation, see what you "actually said" and improve on it to try to get your point across, in chat channels you can't really do that. The conversation moves so rapidly that a mistake in a sentence carries some pretty hefty costs which is a problem if you're prone to making typos. Regarding Discord, by request, we can talk about it more in another thread. But I think the point has been made. Regarding patch notes.. I have only an HND in Computer Software Design, frankly I was going to do the degree but just found it boring. Sometimes I wonder what kind of miserable life I might have led if I'd stayed on as a coder. But one thing was hammered into us, during those many lectures. Quality over Quantity. And fixing your mistakes. Patch notes, must be comprehensive. The error detection code is often bulky in coding and explaination of what lines of code do can seem useless, especially in huge programs, both are absolutely vital. To both casual and hardcore gamers alike. It seems to me, that many Uni Grads very quickly forget this and just get lazy. They do a fair job, they know their job, but they get lazy, they ignore alot of what their job actually is, whether by intent or accident (don't have the literal time). And as a result patch notes usually suffer. It isn't acceptable. And being a small team isn't an excuse. Every single change must be addressed in patch notes. Even writing out 50+ lines isn't particularly useful, if you end with "& misc other fixes" for example.. as the fix someone might be looking for is probably in those misc fixes.. and they won't know what the intended fix is. Which is the entire point of patch notes. / I hate typos..& people who sing wearing headphones walking past my house..
  7. Actually it seems abit hit n miss, I've had both Iron and no iron on both tundra and exotic. Although, once into the deeper caves on both, it is abundant. It really seems like if you land in the right spot you find it and if you don't.. hard luck. It's getting annoying having to go out and mine 4-8 aluminium and ammonia every few trips as well. On my current terran aluminium isn't exactly in abundance. The biggest issue for me atm is tungsten it only seems to appear on barren, in caves. Sometimes as resources on terran in wrecks. It's particularly annoying when you need only 1 to make the first chem bench and 1 for trader and so on..
  8. Martin

    Need help with platform types

    You'll need iron for the larger ones, the C and Xl require it to build.
  9. Actually I think most folks will seek out "official forums" as well as the steam one. The discord isn't welcoming at all, you get mutes, banned etc for the pettiest reason, there's literally thousands of people logged into it and about 95% never speak, because it just isn't an enjoyable environment to talk in. And having the "many" rooms just makes it even more tedious. Having to move around rooms to say a very exact and specific thing whilst wondering if you're gonna be muted for it because some moderator can drag out the minutist misunderstanding is just not the place people want to go. The general lack of moderation by comparison in steam and these forums makes them far more open for people to talk in. Noone likes a police state and thats what the discord chat is. Btw has anyone seen any patch notes for 10.2? Was a 200+ mb patch but no idea what fixes.
  10. Exactly right. Discord is a sort of clich thing and if you don't like certain mods.. then there's no point even using it.
  11. Martin

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    What is this 291mb patch?
  12. Everything fine until I went to tundra... Lights don't work anymore. Stuff falls through the surface when unpacked. No resin on tundra as far as I can see.. Tundra in space view is in 4 sections. Time to go eat and think...
  13. 6 hours later and it's 4am.. need to get up in 3 hours.. Need a clock.. seriously.
  14. Martin

    Update Countdown

    Damn... Still 1 hr 46mins to go.. at least 2 more episodes.
  15. Martin

    Update Countdown

    Make your own story up.. Me? I'm gonna watch some tv.
  16. Martin

    Update Countdown

    6 hrs 42 mins.. I wasn't far off.. mr glass half empty.
  17. Martin

    Update Countdown

    Has tomorrow arrived? EST.. hmm... 6hrs 20mins give or take? for uk gmt. Gonna go play with my Hype train now..
  18. Martin

    PAX West Starts Today

    I wonder if they plan on adding terrain 2.0 to astroneer or if they plan on rebuilding astroneer as is, into terrain 2.0
  19. How do you get this thing to build? It isn't a space issue, have resources, is powered, but it just sits on red blueprint and won't print the shuttle.
  20. I think if you place the table above original ground it build 100% but if you place it above ground thats be dug up and refilled, then it got issues. Will test that theory next time ingame to be sure.
  21. Martin

    Update 0.9.2 - August 6th 2018

    Only things I don't like are zombies and sharks.. so long as we never got those. I'll be happy.
  22. Actually they changed the combination I think. It's now 1 alu and 2 compound to build shuttle. The issue was in fact the lack of flat ground under the printer nozzle.
  23. Martin

    Update 0.9.2 - August 6th 2018

    Minecraft wasn't written by the players. The players didn't set the rules. You could mod it, hack it etc. but you were playing someone elses idea. Personally I think you made my argument for me. Depends how it is I guess, many games have "sleep cycles" you just don't notice them. Essentially crafting, healing are all sleep cycles if you think about it. You're standing still staring at the screen whilst waiting for something to complete. Storms are too really. Unless you're underground.
  24. Martin

    Oh it's daytime? Time for a storm.

    Osiris is good fun, it's probably actually better played with friends as the monster combat can be abit overwhelming, esp in the caves, they move so fast, it's probably better to have a friend nearby when you run away screaming. At least they'd find that funny.. until you died.