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  1. Never said anyone was. The issue in this thread is lack of input into their own official forums, over the amount of input into a irc chat channel they don't actually run or administer. It might well be that many players access all astroneer forums, reddit, steam, discord, this one and whatever other forums there are. And the information might well be good info. That isn't the point, the general debate in this thread, is about how attractive the discord channel is to some of us, over discussion using these forums.
  2. Martin

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    Yeh.. want a story.. a reason for being. And a good one.
  3. Martin

    Backstory? (just for fun)

    Yep. But people can see what you meant.
  4. If you don't switch the light on.. you should be okay.
  5. Martin

    Power nuggets: gone but not forgotten

    Because some people like the easily accessed power without the need of a generator. Just plug n play batteries. Some people like it easy, some like it hard.. some just play whatever the devs decide. Others cheat and use mods. Still others hack the game files.. because sometimes easymode is even too hard.
  6. Martin

    2 points to touch base on

    Not that you'll read this but Tungsten is a greeny/browny crystaline resource in natural form. I think many people are leaving Terran for other planets.. before going to the Moon first.. shame. As you can get everything on the moon except Iron. For which you just pop to almost any close by planet and return with.
  7. Martin

    O2 vs Storyline & Funtime

    Actually I'm cool with that too.. when Pirates of the Burning Seas first came out, it took 125 individual parts to build a ship. By the 2nd or 3rd year, the company was looking at bankruptsy and went into freeplay mode.. offering cosmetics to online accounts etc That part order dropped to about 25 parts, because that's what the players demanded. imo it made the game boring, which is why my guild of several hundred people stopped playing.. well not all of them, the ship builders quit first, the rest followed, because the idea of building their own ships.. was just too much for them. Such is life, some games are just shallow, boring garbage that employs your mind for maybe 20-40 hours by which point you start playing another game. I like games I can sink 2000 to 5000 hours into. And still want more. That's what I want astroneer to be. Much like No Mans Sky.. a game I wish I'd waited 2 years to buy.. but I got it at release and now find it's just too boring and samey to play anymore. Even tho it's a much better game now. More.. More is always good. Unless you're fat.. then.. it's probably bad.
  8. Lets reverse it, no need for court action. Noone buys the game, the company goes out of business. So.. who is more important now? Customers or Devs/Mods? Giving out warning when someone first pings a dev.. is exactly that, giving preferential to devs/mods. But it is not a SES officially supported forum, it is setup by wyv and administers by him. Which I've also already said. The point of Admins and Mods is customer service. Not police force. If someone posts in the wrong place, the mod moves it, says nothing and carries on. If 8000 people.. to quote the number bandied about.. I'd just love to see anyone moderate that. Issuing 8k warnings.. not likely. 100.. not likely.. 10 maybe. 1-2 most likely. To set an example.. which is also imo, the wrong attitude. Either you care about your customers.. or you don't. Set rules on public ettequette etc no bigotry, no racism etc not insulting each other.. all polite expected rules. Outside of that.. sorry, but that's actually the job role you took on by being a moderator, that's why you're there. Giving out warnings, muting people, banning people for non actual violations. Nope. Again though.. I don't use the Astroneer Discord.. I've had enough bad experiences in forums to know which to use and which not to, imo, Astroneer discord is a no, will always be a no and I've given my reasons. Don't accept them.. that's cool to.
  9. Again I think you're missing my point. The fact that people do own the game, means they effectively own the forums etc. Except for the discord, which you setup. Yes, there are basic "polite" rules which people are generally expected to follow, but ruling with the iron fist, never works. All it does is move the more active players to less formal surroundings. Afterall, most people don't like rules. As for the rest of it, you're basically saying the devs and moderators are more important than the people paying them. Obviously, that isn't true. You're the one with wishful thinking in mind.
  10. I don't really get it.. why shouldn't you put dynamite in your shredder? If anything your video points out, you shouldn't park your truck on the black bit.
  11. I disagree. First you're saying don't use the forums, use the discord, now you're saying you can only use discord for certain things, otherwise use the forums, then you're saying you can use discord, but only if you use certain specific rooms. Then there's "you broke a rule" so what.. rules.. not laws. People are excited, they've paid money irl money.. they deserve answers. If a dev doesn't like being pinged, he ignores the ping.. if it's incessent, he turns off his sound.. solved. You actually believe you have the right to punish people who have paid for this game. That's the farce of discord. And it's why moderators get bad reps. You're not the police, you're there to help people, not mute them. And why I won't use it. For Astroneer, I use it for dozens of other games. Which in itself, speaks volumns.
  12. Martin

    The original trailer

    The "original" trailer was made using a different game engine. Soon after going into EA SES switching to using the Unreal Engine, which is why there's significant differences in the graphic styles.
  13. Martin

    The Problem with This Resource Patch

    I don't think it's "rushed" it's just a basic update to update.. more will follow. I hope we'll see even more complicated recipes. One of the problems with releasing the game to the console market, is that the majority of console players are young and frankly, lazy. The pc "elite" players prefer complicated games, with deep content, console players prefer shallow games that they can finish in a day or two. Which given the avg game price difference is quite surprising really. You'd normally expect more for paying more on avg. But the problem I think we're seeing in the forums is console players and I'm not suggesting you are one, but in general, they're screaming at changes and piling on alot of false made up hate on the new systems as they come into play. Because they're young inexperienced people.. they don't know any better. This isn't a blame game. Just highlighting what I see as plain fact. The new system is in my humble opinion a massive step in the right direction, the changes to the chem and compressor are really well thought out and add great complexity to the gameplay. The fixes to what I would refer to as exploits is also a great step forward, although on steam you'll see no end of threads from people with 2 storages on a large ship, from a save game they made 8 months ago, complaining they can't take off and the game is very buggy.. well.. seriously, what does anyone expect.. It's good to explore, I've said so from the start, since release, that getting out and exploring is much more fun than sitting in base staring at a dirt extractor, compressor and trader.. but people play "how they want to" which is to say, they are lazy and use every exploit available. I'm glad that's being fixed. If it ruins their gameplay.. well shucks. It complicates mine and that lends to deeper comprehensive gaming. Which means I'll be playing astroneer for much longer, which equates to more game for my buck. Even though I don't actually use bucks.. Ps If anyone disagrees with this and see's themselves as a console player who prefers complicated games... then obviously, I'm not referring to you. Pps Oh and yes, I could have just said "no". But what's the point of forums if you don't give extended answers.. which might not even be entirely on the subject.
  14. After finally getting some hydrazine progressing, then tungsten alloy and graphene.. I managed to make myself the Drop Pod.. Awesome... no actually, it's just a portaloo. Would be awesome, if when deployed you got one of those magical home base living quarters.. like you do with the original pod you land in. That would be awesome! hint.. hint..
  15. Martin

    Quick Feedback on the Drop Pod.

    I only built 1 drop pod, mainly because upto that point, although I had 4 bases I hadn't. And it's still the portaloo we know and love. @blind Io yeh I suspect the other planets, with their original design aren't good for much, even manually leveling on them is a nightmare, so expecting a drop pod to expand into a accomodation habitat might well be buggy. Guess time will tell, it just seems to me, that for the slog you go through to make the drop pod.. you really should get a little more jazz for your buck. If it was just a couple of aluminium.. wouldn't matter so much, but it's quite a pain to build. Which is a good thing. So here's hoping, down the line after T2.0 we'll get it expanding into the habitat.
  16. The Rocket thruster and small shuttle can be used to explore any planet. The medium shuttle is good for hopping about or carrying 3 people. Loaded with hydrazine it makes jumps easily. Large Spaceship is really for build bases.. Again, effortless building. I've now seen tungsten in caves on moon/barren. Best planet I've seen for most resources is arid. Both on surface and in the caves. Exotic is ok too, but alot of storms and gas pods can be quite packed together. Arid is abit buggy atm, storms can get you in the caves so beware. also the spikey balls really hurt. Note on exotic and terran ups storms, the boxes don't seem to hurt as much now, maybe the damage was reduced. The main issue is getting enough gas.. hydrogen usually needs to be gathered on terran then flown into barren for example. Which can be abit annoying if you lack alu and amon. When we left terran in our last mp game, I made 20 disposable rockets and 4 shuttles. But now I use the large spaceship.
  17. Surely if one does not wish to answer, one does not. Regardless of being "pinged". If it's an option and people use it legitimately, then they certainly shouldn't be banned or muted. That's just nonsense.
  18. That was the videos for making the ship that ultimately can be found on the surface of the moon wasn't it, just after paul pepera died. If I got the name right. Adams videos on creating objects were very good, pity we don't see that kind of development anymore. It would be nice to see a sort of Wiki, giving details even personal thoughts for each of the devs. Stuff like where they're from, what the like, what their work history is etc. Like you get with hollywood actors etc. This goes for all games, I think it would bring fans and devs closer together. Seeing someone talking in discord helps to an extent, but it is fleeting. It would also allow fans/players to direct specific questions to specific developers as the game progresses. Incl compliments etc on updates and changes. Etc obviously includes negative statements. Which is probably why most companies don't do this. But I can say from experience that those companies that do, do this, are some of the best companies to work for. Cs sites like Glass list the most respected companies in the Uk/Eu as the best places to work. It's often surprising to see who is in the top 50, top 100 etc I've worked for some very famous and prestigious companies over my lifetime, including Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Blizzard North (I did an office network for them in Edinburgh) and many others. I prefer contract work to normal full time. They are great because they go that extra distance in making people feel welcome.
  19. Martin

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    Brand new game, I always start new after a patch. The worst issues are usually MP only or in late game, when you have multiple bases. The game has issues with unloading resources which overtime can cause issues or else maybe small memory leaks. Sync issues etc. All common stuff for all mp/online games. Most sp games don't have issues. Although some are common to both.
  20. Martin

    Shredder review

    Actually very useful junk.. if you have the patience to harvest it. Clearly, many do not. Slow gaming for you then.
  21. Sorry I disagree.. well no I'm not sorry.. just being polite etc.. Power and Oxy nuggets made the game far too easy. Progression is much better now, esp as you can turn the golden turds into organic and then smelt it into carbon and use the medium power generator.. a gimmick upto now. Excellent for nighttime powering of an entire base.
  22. Martin

    What can the Shredder, well, shred?

    Nope. Short answer. But it is still useful. 8 nuggets of scrap nets you 5 iron or 5 tungsten. Which can be very handy.
  23. Martin

    Things I love about .10.2 so far...

    Yep, can't wait until they add in a few hundred more vehicles to play with.. and all those lovely combination recipes.. Yes Snailish.. I said a "few hundred"
  24. Martin

    Serious Concern with Progression

    Don't worry about chem labs.. it's get worse when you find out you need nitrogen, graphite/graphene, hydrazine etc.. to make the adv modules. So it's all progression. Personally I like the new changes, it turned me back to playing allnighters as a consequence. For the last 6 months I'd play maybe 1-2 hours. Last session was 11 hours straight, 7 of those streamed.
  25. All this discussion of where resources spawn is kinda a moot issue until the new terrain 2.0 releases. As likely all the algorithims governing spawn locations, densities etc will be changed as well.