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    This is kinda cool.

    Would be cooler if you could close the door before driving away. Ever been in a car irl when you leave the door open.. that "door open" alarm pinging away... very annoying.
  2. Made my own base on terran.. all good, went to moon, no problem.. got to tundra.. friend joins.. he flies to space in the only ship.. with no spare thruster.. and then "accidentally clicked on arid/mars" So now I'm stuck on tundra with no resin anywhere.. and he's on arid looking for a thruster... Who needs friends..
  3. Martin

    Friends!!?? Who needs those!!

    Yeh the steam system seems to assume that all our "friends" are not actually just someone we met once in a thread somewhere and aren't actually friends.
  4. Martin

    I don't know about this 'scrap' thing.

    It really depends on your games rng load, sometimes there's shedloads of wrecks, sometimes there's almost none. I get the feeling tho, that the number has been increased purposefully to get feedback on the shredder, not intended as actual balance. Same with base resources and research, everything is far too common.. again I think this is probably to generate feedback on the individual mechanics rather than the design systems. Also it is fair to say that the systems in play, are not complete, partial or near, at the moment they're mostly just ideas in progress and until finalised all we can do is provide feedback in bug reports etc. All this demand for game changers based on a partial system, is really kinda pointless.
  5. Martin

    Shredder and trade platform

    Yeh they need to fix those exploits, make it so the shredder only shreds busted stuff, otherwise everyone will just bypass the intended gameplay and cheat.
  6. Sometimes as a storage waypoint, move stuff to it, otherwise i don't really.
  7. Martin

    what should I build next

    Well then you already have the condensor. Answered your own question.
  8. Martin

    New Craft update broke the game?

    No you don't. Make multiple thrusters, store in backpack. Go explore or if you want specific planetoid, wait for it to get into proximity.
  9. Martin

    Obstructed Spawn

    Yep, don't plant mushrooms in foundations. New Game required.
  10. Martin

    I dont know HOW this is possible

    Weird.. did you die? And have you been to barren just before you died? There is a sort of issue with the game saving on one planet, then you dying on another and respawning back on previous planet. Usually it only happens alot in multiplayer, where you die and respawn on location of host. Which can also be annoying. But it's a new one for the books if not.
  11. Because when the game is first made, the idea is to add content, then later on, rules for that content. You build a wall it's just a wall, build 3 more it's a pen, add a roof it's a house. Then you tell people who can live there, that's the rules.
  12. Martin

    I don't know about this 'scrap' thing.

    When I mature abit I'll be older than your grandfather. Wrecks cannot be shredded so therefore are not scappable. Therefore, not the topic. Oh and I wasn't responding to you. Which you might have guessed if you'd read my post in context. Everything is modelled from life. IRL life. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to identify it.
  13. Big or Small, doesn't matter, how does a company get big, if it doesn't have rules when small? Blown out of proportions.. How about the new laws on Memes? Just making fun of anyones computer game, can now land you in jail. As you're usually using their own images etc (bugs) against them. Nothing is out of proportion now. And yes, you might have been given permissions by devs assurances etc. But the players haven't.
  14. On top of is subjective. In front of is correct. Not "in". Passengers and Luggage go into the "storage" area of the car. The driver goes into the front seat, into his own space that is not part of the "storage" of the car. You don't drive from inside the storage area. When I built spaceships in astroneer, I placed 1 slot for large storage and the pod went onto the ship in the 2nd slot. That makes sense, it's like it's supposed to be. The only reason people are trying to argue for seats in the storage is so they can maximise the storage of the ship. ie To exploit the mechanics of the game for their own personal gain.
  15. Martin

    I don't know about this 'scrap' thing.

    Well you're not forced. You don't have to use the trader at all. The trader is used in parcel with the shredder now. The shredder produces scrap, you can then trade that scrap for useful items via the trader. Noone is forcing you to do anything. If you want to load the game up and sit there staring into space.. that's your choice. Try it at home. See how long you last, before you're forced to go and get food outside your home. It's the same in astroneer, you want something, you have to actually go and get it. Nothing in life is handed to you on a plate, you actually have to go and get it yourself.
  16. Yep, it's called common sense. Next time you go outside look at all the cars, trucks, lorries, airplanes and ships, then point out where any of them have the driving component in the storage area of the vehicle.
  17. If you would care to say in "your experience" when 'you' make sweeping statements accusing me. Feel free. If you wish to ignore what I or others have said, feel free. You don't need to tell anyone you're doing so. I have worked for some of the biggest, brightest and best companies to ever exist in the UK in the last 50 years of my lifetime. I know their rules and regulations, I pride myself on knowing that kind of information because it's the kind of person I am. Your claimed background in social media, means absolutely nothing with regards to what the biggest, richest corporation who employ tens of thousands of people do. They stay in business, by having all their workers work for them all the time, this means not giving tech support in other peoples forums, only on their own. That's how you make money, by owning your business across all platforms. By taking the responsibility of doing so. And it is the reference to that responsiblity, that is firmly on track with the topic of this discussion. By not taking ownership of the discord SES are making it an unofficial forum. As such noone will expect to get information that is available there, from there. People generally, yes I'm generalising, goto Official Forums for information. That is the main point of this thread as far as I can see. There is no such thing as an Official Unofficial Forum. There either is or isn't.
  18. Martin

    work light does not follow the visual

    It follows the cursor, so yes it can be abit of an issue if you don't point in the direction you're facing.
  19. Martin

    New Craft update broke the game?

    Leave Terran. Problem solved. I look in other "Space Exploration" game forums and I never see these threads.. seriously. Explore. The resource is available.
  20. Agree with the last two comments above this reply. Then you're lying. Samsung told everyone to stay out of non official forums. Argos said the same. Microsoft the same. Sky the same. Virgin the same. In my experience, just being in a non official forum, without express written permission, can get you sacked.
  21. Sorry Wyv but that's.. just a joke surely. You're not being serious. If SES took control of the rules on discord, they'd then by directly responsible for any negative feedback from the users. As it is, you can buffer them from that. It would be a very good thing if they did take over running of the discord or made their own channel via discord, a very good thing indeed. As it is, it's just your personal flavour of astroneer that people see, not anything official. Most companies won't even allow their employees to register on non company forums etc. Let alone pretend to use them in any official manner. Besides we're not talking about IFs. But about Facts. and you have any idea how arrogant that sounds, coming from a moderator?
  22. Martin

    O2 vs Storyline & Funtime

    Don't think o2 is really an issue, you can make filters from resin, you can make tethers from compound or you can bring a table with you.. or even a small buggy.. My only concern, is once I jumped too high on barren and died, then couldn't find my corpse for several hours.. due to taking the wrong turns.. and not paying attention to where i died, I wandered far enough to require 6 stacks of tethers to finally get my stuff back. On a plus note I also found a load of tungsten whilst looking for it.
  23. Martin

    What can the Shredder, well, shred?

    Shredders shred most things, larger things not to much. ie you can make stuff and drop it onto the shredder to make scrap to buy rare metals etc. It's abit time consuming, it's actually faster just to fly to another planet and get the rare metals directly. If you're lucky and have wrecks nearby, there are usually some rare metals in them to make a shredder, even a chem lab and condensor.
  24. Martin

    Power nuggets: gone but not forgotten

    That's an interesting point, you see all these posts from people who say they have like 2 big batteries, maybe 1-2 solars and 1-2 wind gens on their vehicles. But all you really need is a small gen and just a couple of stacks of organic. Works as well for the medium or large truck. Although not so much for running the large shredder which eats a chunk of power. The main problem I have with using more than 2 trucks as well, is the lack of power in the train. Even slight inclines can just stop the train from even moving.
  25. Martin

    Friends!!?? Who needs those!!

    Would actually be interesting to see the setup files for astroneer, sometimes I land in dense forests, other times empty wastelands with super dense deposits right under my base. In my last game, which thankfully noone ever joined, I started digging down around the edge of the black foundation, under my base, took awhile to clear it away, but it led down to a cave with almost every resource in it except those that don't spawn on terran. Incl Titanite ore, which seems slightly bugged and appears to one side of it's foundation rock. Noticed that on other planets as well. Hopefully T2.0 will fix that. And many many other issues. I've even played a game, where I never left terran, hardly moved more than 150 m in any real direction, because there was just tons of seeds right underneath my base. Researched every single item available. I just spent all my time dragging tables up to surface with 4 seeds, to restock, then sat in my habitat whilst they researched. Quite a boring way to play imo. I prefer the moon. On the topic of "friends" I could probably delete everyone off my lists and noone would notice, I seem to get continually inundated with requests, those that join rarely play the game the way it seems to be designed to be played. They play by their own rules.. ie Dirt Extractor, Trader, Shredder.. They leave only to get 1-2 bits of tungsten and iron. And otherwise just exploit the game to death for a few hours then quit.. leaving me with a wrecked game.