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    The Merits of Early Access

    I hope when they bring out t2.0 that they keep those semi lit caverns, which you can see in, deep underground. Always liked those big empty spaces loads of space to build in.. hehe. Also on the topic of endgame boredom, one of the reasons I'd like storms that bury or damage your base, is to keep us busy, repairing, replacing modules etc. Give us a reason to keep mining etc. Not just to keep building bigger and bigger.
  2. Martin

    The Merits of Early Access

    I got Astroneer because I wanted to see how games were made from the ground up, something which Adam actively took part in to begin with, but now we see almost nothing of, except the odd vlog which may or may not glimpse some background work. In this repect, buying into the Astroneer Ea has been almost completely pointless. However, as for gaming, I'm not really a finisher of games, I often find myself trying to reach a sort of perfect moment in the game, trying to complete missions flawlessly, swiftly etc. I can spend days, weeks even months perfecting an approach to a specific mission in a game. Sometimes I think I must have some form of ADHD. I spent some 4000 hours in Ark, just building bases, that's about all I ever did, plus tame some dinos. I never got engaged in pvp, never visited the caves or even killed more than one world boss, rarely went in the water cos sharks.. and stayed away from jungle/swamps cos snakes.. and big ass flies. Yet I managed to rack up 4k hours.. In Civ 5 and 6 I am over 3k hours and rarely finish the games, often quitting about 80% in, then restarting. I like the challenge of having nothing and making something out of it. Most games are much harder for those first 30minutes than they often are for the rest of the game, where you basically cakewalk over everything else. That I find boring. So in Astroneer, I don't research everything, I make do with small solars or only 1-2 solars or no trucks or using only the small shuttle. I make the game as hard as possible, like never using tethers on the moon, just using the filters. Maybe a tank or 2. I spend alot of time just randomly digging, building walls, weird looking stairways to heaven etc. I guess I'm really just a random player who is more interested in the mystery of a game than in the actual game.. seeking out aspects that weren't designed into the game or doing what really could be considered quite odd or insane. Like standing at the top of a mountain staring up into the sky just to watch planets fly past... And it is there that I find the most enjoyment. Playing the actual game.. not so much.
  3. Martin

    Extenders vs Splitter

    The splitters, I only ever make them for show really. Just a one off for the hell of it. Extenders I use quite alot as I often build bases on places like arid and exotic, with solar complexs on surface, with power leading down to caves below.
  4. Martin

    Only time will tell

    467 atm.. often want to play more but never find the time. Still not as bad as my current ark time which is nearly 3700 hrs and my civ 5 is around 4775 hours. But time will tell...
  5. Martin

    The sad truth about the game.

    On the one hand I kinda like the idea of devs holding back on content, on the other I remember other games, that dumped huge amounts of content in at release and essentially broke their own game, chasing off like 60-70% of the playbase, half of which never returned. All because they didn't want the content spoiled by well.. people spoiling it. So I understand why it'd be done, we all like surprises, but I'd rather see the content within the ea, so we can at least id any serious bugs and see them fixed before actual release. Than see the game release in such a way that just results in thousands of really bad reviews. Which may or may not recover over the years to come.
  6. Martin

    Need to way speed planet rotations

    I wonder if people like you complain to god about dying.. such a waste of time.
  7. Martin

    True or False

    probably maybe?
  8. Martin

    The sad truth about the game.

    That's ok, I'm sure on release they'll be happy to see us all pile into the discord channel to report the 1001 new bugs they've added because they wanted to surprise us.
  9. Martin

    game now impossible to do anything

    Push button on the pad thing. Inflate boxes Place medium fabricator on small table. Build up base, grab a table with some medium storages down into cave, get ammonia and magnesium ore. Smelt ore, combine to make rockets. Viola.. Goto planet with iron or tungsten and pick it up.. You can find iron and tungsten in wrecks, but it's fairly random. You should use the trader to bolster your resource income, not be the sole creator of it. Esp since it only trades scrap, so you'll need to get the shredder running first anyway.
  10. Martin

    The sad truth about the game.

    Well, if you just assume that every statement everyone ever makes is their opinion, you'll find life is alot easier. How a non english natural speaker writes something doesn't really reflect the core context of what he was trying to get across. What's more I think everyone would agree, that the game does actually need alot more content.. so my opinion, is that he is actually entirely correct, that "the" sad truth is, that with the current content, it does kinda suck.
  11. Martin

    The sad truth about the game.

    It's his truth, all opinons are our own truths. It isn't your truth or maybe mine, but it is his.
  12. Martin

    Shredder and trade platform

    I like collecting scrap and scrapping it. I bury all the stuff that can't be scrapped and make the area look all empty.. then sometimes I plant spikey mushrooms all over to brighten the place up abit. From time to time I also scrap items I made, to produce scrap to get that 1 extra iron I want. I don't have an issue with the process, it's just with the idea that it could be used extensively to bypass the main aim of the game, which is to explore.
  13. Martin

    Shredder and trade platform

    I agree. If you read all of my post, you'd see that.
  14. Martin

    Shredder and trade platform

    All games are a progression, bypassing that progression is exploitation. Some games do build in purposeful exploitation. But it is fairly rare. Sure you could look at the shredder as being a recycler.. so.. I make 100 tethers, I progress.. I don't need 100 tethers, so I recycle 90 of them. In this case, shredding made items makes sense. But to harvest resources to make items to shred to make scrap to buy resources you can't be bothered spending 5 minutes to go and get... People will do it.. but it shouldn't be supported, that attitude stinks. Whats really funny about people that do, do this, is they're actually wasting their own time.. because it's actually faster to fly to another planet, get the resources directly and fly back than it is to shred items to make enough scrap to buy the rare resources. Exploration is faster than standing still. Sounds odd, but true, you also access more research seeds as well and are likely to find better researchables by exploring other planets.
  15. Yeh but SES don't have those devs.. or that experience to make such a vehicle. And rocks can be remodeled to be rounder.. wind blasted.. and thus easier to drive over. Hopefully Terrain 2.0 will also see the end of cubes as rocks. I've seen in the videos new rocks that look like pebbles on a riverbed.. that's what we need ingame. All that new content is just waiting in the wings.
  16. There's alot of issues with having "hover" vehicles. Physics issues etc. We have enough issues atm with no handbrake.. imagine trying to park a hovertruck.. or even go in a straight line over a hill without sliding to the left or right. Wheels is fine.. just need brakes. Esp for the crane. Or allow crane to drive the truck.. and add a brake. As for inhibitor from start of game etc.. why? You can always unlock the tech later.. you don't have to dig on surface. You can go back later and flatten terrain in original colour if you want. To beautifie it (splet thta wornge) There is a game progression, in all games, starting off with what is essentially cheats.. is boring. imo. Most games start off hard and get easier.. few games get harder. Balance is everything and it happens later, they can add inhibitor if they want or not, it isn't vital to progression.
  17. Martin

    Oh it's daytime? Time for a storm.

    Sounds like netcode issues than the game in general. Or maybe console issues, I don't use consoles much, never liked using a low powered system with fiddly controls. Both xbox and ps controllers are tiny for me. The storms lasting longer or occuring more often, is a known mp bug though. So not game design and therefore not really important. If it happens in sp, I've never seen it on pc. There should be an Xbox general forum here. People complaining about the xbox ver v the pc ver v the windows ver is just silly anyhow. Esp if noone mentions which ver they're using.
  18. Martin


    Terrain 2.0 is expected soon.. so optimising not much point right now, though you're right those problems have existed for a long time, the devs have also been aware of exactly what the faults causing them are and without 2.0 cannot fix them. So again optimising for that specific reason, not really applicable. controls of vehicles was specifically changed, there's now 2 methods, switchable via menu, certainly both methods need additional work. As one doesn't even change default keyboard keys. The saving of menu issue, is due to you having a comma , instead of a fullstop . setup in your windows as a decimal seperator, a much discussed issue. Yeh it probably can be defaulted/sorted via the game as it's not a common issue with most games. but if you want to save the menu options right now, you will need to change your seperator to a . fullstop. Or it just won't work. So that's a workaround at least. Items dropping through map, is due to collisions not loading fast enough on slower computers. Work around buy a better pc or don't leave stuff lying around on the ground. Put it onto tables and lock those down. There is currently a number of other issues ingame, one of which is vehicles partially sinking into the ground and becoming immovable. Work around is to dig around the wheels. To free the vehicle.
  19. Martin

    Oh it's daytime? Time for a storm.

    You can already negate them. Build a wall/ceiling around your base. Build underground.
  20. Adam used to. Used to give me great pleasure to watch him suffocate as he would pause, talk about something, realise he was running out of air and never make it back to the base. Reilly also used to play with him. Think I spelt that last name wrong. Those were in the early days tho, before the death and office move. Since they, I agree, only Joe the Snail. And he doesn't really play as much as showcase.
  21. Martin

    Oh it's daytime? Time for a storm.

    I hope they continue to ignore the players on this aspect. I'm beginning to run out of cheese.
  22. Germans... Please don't ever change.
  23. Martin

    Nature's call

    Yep, you don't want it falling off. Low is good, Low is a sense of humour. High n mighty.. boring. No jokes for the high n mighty. Except those that go over the heads of everyone else.