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  1. Martin

    Fun and interesting things to do

    I like him, the fat mexican.. he's right too.. eating fat is bad for you, but eating sugar is far worse. Pies is ok, Cakes is death for fat people.
  2. Wow that must be the day you do the lottery. To get a landing like that.
  3. Why not? Guessing is like hype.. it can go either way and it'd be cool if I guessed right. Dunno why people keep going on about the saves. Like my Diablo saves don't work in Civ.. The release version of Astroneer will be completely different game to current versions. So obviously saves cannot work.
  4. That's exactly what i said isn't it? Nov patch, the last patch will have only 1 T2 planet. Release will have all. Once all the system resources are in place.
  5. Yeh always makes me wonder when I see companies jumping into events like pax etc to "promote" the game, when it's so close to release.. instead of actually working on the game. Seen this with a few other game titles that on release were severely content late. I'd think, make game, release game, then promote game whilst adding content would be a better way to go. NMS was the same, bioware, blizzard etc.. all the same, like money talks more than actual work. Yet we have sayings like 'Action speaks louder then Words'. But they always keep on talkin.
  6. Martin

    Fun and interesting things to do

    They call this passive - aggression or something.. I build all my stuff underground.. just like the jedi.. so you'll need a deathstar if you want to kill my world.
  7. From the sound of what adam was saying, it sounds like they remade all the planets in t2, then just named them the same. But due to some resources not expected to be ready in time, it's likely we'll only see the moon in t2 until release, as I expect that's the only currently more or less complete t2 area there is. So I don't expect they'll be trying to remake current into t2 but actually completely rebuilding new planets in the t2 system, which sounds like alot of algorithim use, he talks about using "noise" alot, to generate new biomes, surface mass, caverns etc. It almost certainly requires a completely new world to be created. Then likely renamed to original names? Terran, Arid, Exotic, Radiated and Barren.. Oh and Tundra.. and maybe some new ones.. We could still have Desert, Swamp.. etc in the future.. Gasous planets.. full of swirly visual hazards..
  8. Martin

    The Merits of Early Access

    Well that's a thing for many people, but there's also exit state saving, ironman type 1 save only saving systems etc. So log out, log in, would just result in 'oh it's still a storm.. ' I'm not against circumvention of design, I look at it more as part & parcel of the immersion of the game, so I'll happily sit in my hab or seat during a storm, go make a cuppa, have a smoke or something. Alt tab and read forums.. then go back to the game when the storm passes. Or I'll dig down and hide and wait.. dep on circumstances. Yeh I was talking to some on steam chat about the purple thing, imo it looks like some artifact that's blown out of proportions.. but it could well be a mission giver, ai run base or something, maybe a giant hyper market for resources and techs.. maybe rare techs you can only buy with very rare resources etc.
  9. Martin

    The Merits of Early Access

    So it looks from vlog 32 like we'll get one more patch which should incl the new 2.0 moon, but the rest of the game will remain as is. Then they're planning on doing nothing until release of 1.0 which will be a complete makeover into 2.0 and new resource models, etc. Dunno what the etc aspect will materialise as, but from what I've seen, the clouds, trees, general flora looks good, new rocks, resources looks good. Will there be a story.. missions? No idea. That side seems very hush hush. Wishful thinking at this late stage maybe? I suspect 1.0 will literally be what we have now but at terrain 2.0 and alot of cosmetic changes, as per the dev roadmap. Which imho I think is a terrible shame, but I'm happy to wait and see. As for storms, I do hope they and weather will develope in the game, into a thing, I'd be all for various types of storms rather than just boxes ie hit damage, maybe we could get stamina draining storms, electrical storms that drain power, sandstorms that blind you, hurricanes and tornados, firestorms that literally force you indoors or underground etc. That depending on planet kill you outright or damage your base, destroy vehicles etc. That said I think the roadmap is seriously out of date or else someones idea of second half of 3rd quarter is in the 4th quarter period. Because almost none of it is ingame yet.
  10. Martin

    True or False

    I erm don't read discord chat, I only recently rejoined it, but don't actually pay much attention to it. Too many rooms, too much info most of which is pretty useless and not at all astroneer related.
  11. Martin

    Need to way speed planet rotations

    I think it's all about progression design, in the beginning.. there was darkness.. and god couldn't see bugger all.. he'd (she'd) walk around (maybe it is a trans.. who identifies as "them", I dunno) anyhow, stumbling around in the darkness must have gotten annoying, so god made light.. it's simple progression.. it is annoying having to wait for planets to get into range even in a game. What I think we need is more progressive technology, so medium shuttles, the fueled one, can maybe jump to 50% the radius of the system, big ships can jump anywhere, but the rocket shuttle can only jump planet to planet. That way as you progress, you aren't requiring a slider in menu to just cheat your way through the game by speeding everything up, planets and moons blurring past you in the sky, which btw would probably make you sick as a dog/skunk/it networking engineer. You would progress.. That's why we research is to progress, so we should actually progress logically.. not just build bigger but has same range.. which isn't progression it's more like standing still whilst being occupied. Can you imagine God just standing on Pluto, which isn't a planet apparently anymore.. freezing his/her/thems nuts off (?) just waiting for saturn to come into view so they could jump across? No.. not me either.. they'd research a better way.. of crossing space and time.
  12. Martin

    Only time will tell

    He plays so much he doesn't even have the time to visit the forums.. first post being his hours..
  13. Martin

    The Merits of Early Access

    I hope when they bring out t2.0 that they keep those semi lit caverns, which you can see in, deep underground. Always liked those big empty spaces loads of space to build in.. hehe. Also on the topic of endgame boredom, one of the reasons I'd like storms that bury or damage your base, is to keep us busy, repairing, replacing modules etc. Give us a reason to keep mining etc. Not just to keep building bigger and bigger.
  14. Martin

    The Merits of Early Access

    I got Astroneer because I wanted to see how games were made from the ground up, something which Adam actively took part in to begin with, but now we see almost nothing of, except the odd vlog which may or may not glimpse some background work. In this repect, buying into the Astroneer Ea has been almost completely pointless. However, as for gaming, I'm not really a finisher of games, I often find myself trying to reach a sort of perfect moment in the game, trying to complete missions flawlessly, swiftly etc. I can spend days, weeks even months perfecting an approach to a specific mission in a game. Sometimes I think I must have some form of ADHD. I spent some 4000 hours in Ark, just building bases, that's about all I ever did, plus tame some dinos. I never got engaged in pvp, never visited the caves or even killed more than one world boss, rarely went in the water cos sharks.. and stayed away from jungle/swamps cos snakes.. and big ass flies. Yet I managed to rack up 4k hours.. In Civ 5 and 6 I am over 3k hours and rarely finish the games, often quitting about 80% in, then restarting. I like the challenge of having nothing and making something out of it. Most games are much harder for those first 30minutes than they often are for the rest of the game, where you basically cakewalk over everything else. That I find boring. So in Astroneer, I don't research everything, I make do with small solars or only 1-2 solars or no trucks or using only the small shuttle. I make the game as hard as possible, like never using tethers on the moon, just using the filters. Maybe a tank or 2. I spend alot of time just randomly digging, building walls, weird looking stairways to heaven etc. I guess I'm really just a random player who is more interested in the mystery of a game than in the actual game.. seeking out aspects that weren't designed into the game or doing what really could be considered quite odd or insane. Like standing at the top of a mountain staring up into the sky just to watch planets fly past... And it is there that I find the most enjoyment. Playing the actual game.. not so much.
  15. Martin

    Extenders vs Splitter

    The splitters, I only ever make them for show really. Just a one off for the hell of it. Extenders I use quite alot as I often build bases on places like arid and exotic, with solar complexs on surface, with power leading down to caves below.