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  1. Bragging is playing with only 1 or no fuel condensers at all.
  2. 1/ Close eyes when landing. 2/ Go underground asap. That's how I deal with it.
  3. 1 item to note, the starting world is alot easier to smooth walls etc, the other planets not so much. The tool reacts to angles differently and it takes alot more practice to get it right. So if you're on any other planet and it seems alot more hectic.. that's why.
  4. Yes. Mainly, you can carry much more than twice as much. a rover effectively has 1 seat and 4 slots, or 1 seat + power gen/small storage. (8 slots) a towed rover can carry 2 research items or 16 resources (2x small storage) A truck can carry 1 seat, 1 power gen, 1 large storage which can carry 4 research items or 32 resources. (4xsmall storage) a towed truck can carry 8 research items or 64 resources. So a 3 section rover can move say Seat+SS(2 small power gens)=6 resource slots, then either max of 4 research items or 38 resources or a mix. 3 section truck, Seat+Large Power Gen (or a SS with 2-8 small power gens) 20 research items or 160 resources.
  5. Would be nice to have a system clock, knowing at which time of the day or night or month/year etc you'd be able to pass from which planet to another. Instead of randomly jumping around and then sitting in orbit for 15mins waiting for your world to arrive.
  6. My Astroneer Bucket List: 1/ Mine a resource from center of every planet. 2/ Build a full size base on every planet. Both above and below ground, complete with walled perimeter and ceiling. 3/ Build a racetrack. 4/ Build a proper motorway around an entire planet. 5/ Build some giant statues. 6/ Dig my name into the ground so it's viewed from space.
  7. Most intelligent way to resolve this would be to not need to move them much at all. But to allow research module to be placed on a vehicle and move that to the location of the pods.
  8. That's an awesome start spot. Couple of walls and a ceiling and storms can't touch you, build a ramp up to get to surface, some small bases up and put solars on the ledge.. a veh bay and research and you're sorted.
  9. Usually I'll take a rover into a cave, drive slowly down until i find a ledge, park rover, then run tethers into the cave, build ramps up or down as needed. Scout out resources, kill any pumpers, then mine and smelt. Or just explore, but be careful to leave markers or use alot of tethers so you dont get lost. Default dig is down, there's an additonal button for up and another for leveling/smoothing. Look for them in controls, I think defaults are ctl and shift keys, press F5 ingame for controls. I remap all my keys to the numberpad, as I'm left handed.
  10. Yeh this is due to a lack of "weight" in the vehicle, a rover should really move at a crawl, but noone would find that fun. A crawl like a golf cart type of speed. ie 10-15mph max. Then there's the issues with lower gravity.. like racing on the moon or worse on can't think of the name of it now, the frozen outer planet.
  11. I think any challenge that employs dying is pointless. You can walk out to 25% oxy and sprint back usually. And yeh without digging resin and compound you won't really find enough to survive for long. You could just limit yourself to resin and compound digging. And then use a buggy to scout crashed ships only. Oh and don't build a trade, printer, smelter or fuel condensor.. you don't need those.
  12. Never let that gas near me to find this useful tidbit out.. I use them in emergencies when I'm in bottom of a tunnel exploring without tethers, keep 2-3 compound on you and a couple of tanks of extra oxy and you're fit to run for miles, add in oxy crystals you can stay alive almost indefinately.
  13. The gas pumpers/belchers you kill by holding the gun out at max range, it'll go red, then move it towards you until its green, that's you max effective range, now move slowly towards them tapping the mouse button/xbox btn move over the gas pods one at a time, usually 3 of them in clusters. You'll hear a pop and they're dead, if you see a gas cloud, just run around in circles until it disperses. On harder planets the damn things are on the ceiling as well and some are even on the surface.. then they can be a real surprise. Also a good tip, make a small storage on printer as priority, you can carry this around with you in mines, gives you 8 more carry slots essentially, then just carry it back to base, with backpack thats 16 resources. So long as your top two have wind gens in them or a wind & a fuel gen.
  14. Used to be if you attached 6-7 rovers in a circle, the game would drop to 1 fps.. so you did well and so have the devs in killing the lagouts. Personally I stick to 3 in a link now. Same with trucks.
  15. This is the main reason I don't visit the moon or the planet next to the sun very often. I also get motion sickness, although usually only playing shooters or being a passenger.. I prefer to drive. Unfortunately motion sickness, sea sickness etc is a common issue, caused either by inexperience or in most cases, by bad circumstances in ones life, it gets worse it if leads to fear of heights, open spaces, deep water.. etc.. I got all of those as well. Some you can fight and try to ignore, but motion sickness, it overcomes you eventually, headaches, nausea, migraines, vomiting etc.. And my personal favourite, tunnel vision.