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  1. Martin

    Terrain 2.0 Confirmed to be at Pax

    Probably a new base mod to fill in the big map generation slash marks. Will include it's own wheelbarrow. If you find a rip in the fabric of time, you just scoop up some "effort" into it and chuck it in.
  2. Martin

    Update 0.9.2 - August 6th 2018

    People seem to have forgotten that this is a pre release. Not a released game, not official software. Still in progress.. your saves mean nothing. Life changes move on. You can't save life, you only get one. That's Hardcore playing. Everytime I open this forum, all I see is complaining. Whining, moaning. Oh my save game doesn't work, oh the devs they're just useless.. Game is in process of design. Terrain 2.0 will ruin everything for all you moaners. Because you will have to start a new game then. As for the devs.. Keep up the good work.
  3. Martin

    Shredder review

    I agree that it "enriches" gameplay. But personally, not alot. I've also played for a long time though, since release. So my opinion on what a brand new player would find enjoyable is moot. All I can say is that it is a damn sight less than expected for a 9.0 patch. The ability to turn random items into a quarter of a nugget of titanium.. utterly pointless. I can get alot more mining it & in less time, but it's at least something I can do if I wanted to. It might have been more useful if you could front mount it on a large rover and drive it into the big wrecks & turn them into resources, even random ones.. this would have been better, than going the massive timesink route. As it is, just isn't worth my time or effort using it.
  4. Martin

    8 is live!

    A terrain 2.0 fix hopefully.
  5. Martin

    Is it just me?

    Given that the scout vehicle is pretty easy to access having moving o2 supply is pretty easy to get. Even the 2nd vehicle is easy to get and allows hauling of research fairly easy. The table can simply be disabled as an o2 provider unless it's connected to other tables etc ie in a base. As for the free o2/power on the ground, maybe they could add meteor strikes that deposit those on the ground. As for the resource nodes, I refer to my earlier post.
  6. Martin

    Attention Moderators

    Indeed. Or it will be in 44 seconds... 28 seconds... 17 seconds... Time is very slow on this forum.
  7. Martin

    Barren is not so barren...

    I prefer the Moon. Always wanted to live on a Moon.
  8. Martin

    Tutorial Item

    The organics you can't but there are little flower things on smaller bushes that can be researched. The organics are probably just to make the use of the generators a bit easier for the sake of the tutorial.
  9. Martin

    8 is live!

    Not sure if it's my isp or if the forum is slow today. I like the new tutorial, it showcases new ideas. Hopefully, we'll see more of what is seen in the tutorial in the released gameplay version. That said, I did see some flowers, new signage and other neat changes in the game. Overall very impressed with version 8. Keep up the great work.
  10. Martin

    Update 0.8.0 - June 14th, 2018

    Tutorial could do with more instruction, esp near the red chamber section, to fully power the research capsule, you should be instructed to pickup a generator and take it below with you. You should also be able to turn off/on all generators once you've read the F1 Power Tutorials.
  11. Then kindly do it in your own thread. This one was made by me.
  12. I think people are incapable of understanding what early access actually means. Until the game is released, any comments on it's overall playability are pointless. Since it isn't complete. You never bought a complete game, you bought into a developing game. Stop demanding what you've never been sold.
  13. We need to get out of this endless rut of not reading, not understanding, overruling each others' opinions, making just silly comments and learn to discuss. Myself incl. There's alot of very valid points being made on this thread. Just try to keep it sane please. Stick to the facts, either as your or someone elses opinion and stay out of the ruts.
  14. In a Crate!! Awesome idea.. Can stick it on a ship, fly to planet, unfold into buggy, slap on a battery and solar.. off you go exploring!! Or stick a magnet on it's roof, drive next to large spaceship, with a similar magnet on the side of it, jump out, push a button on ship, buggy is magnetised to the ship and on planet.. push button off and explore.. Yeh.. I could go for that! Course.. that would require some work from SeSnails.. And I was kidding about nerfing it.. really..
  15. Martin

    build a golden gate bridge

    No tea breaks eh.. Very well done.