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  1. Experimental build. The good, the bad, and the iffy

    You'll get used to it. I like both ways of a tethering equally. This way I can always argue with myself. Ps Welcome to the forums, can't remember when I had 2 posts.
  2. :( Only 4.. :(

    It is intended as a humourous interjection of only having 4 trucks in a train now. A limitation introduced in the last patch. Not a bug. So not in bug reports. Not a request, so not in suggestions. Just a post. My train, which I made 5 vehicles for, 4 only to be used.. 5th has to stay at home. Rejected and alone. All on his own.. Maybe I'll make a 6th, just to keep him company...
  3. :( Only 4.. :(

    Only 4 together? You can get more astroneers in a game now than you can trucks in a line.. My train is in pieces...
  4. Arid planets no Resin on them?

    Well now you know that in future, prepare well.. and take at least one of everything with you.. then you can use the reclaimer to get anything else. And alot of dirt.. oh you'll need at least 4 resin + 3 compound if you do it this way. 3 resin + 2 comp for the reclaimer, and one of each to act as patterns. And bring plenty of canisters..
  5. Astroneer & OBS issue

    So initially, obs and pc were crashing, but now you can't load the game at all? Without it crashing? If you've tried uninstall, delete astrofolder, reinstall. And this doesn't happen with other games, at all. Hmm.. unless there's something really icky with your system.. something added or updated last days since playing or have you just started playing astro? You could try refreshing win10, only takes about 20mins. Just in case it's something non astro related.
  6. Arid planets no Resin on them?

    I usually just build a short ramp down from base, into the ground, then pick a random direction, make a long tunnel, then facing one side of it, drill bore holes into the wall at intervals. Nearly always get plenty of resin and compound like that. It is usually "near surface" but under the first layer or so. So finding it in the walls or ceiling of caverns is quite common. From what I've seen of other's playstyles, it seems many people just forget that you can just build a ramp right from where you start, you don't need to go and look for a cave.. just build your way down and mine everything.
  7. Astroneer & OBS issue

    Way more.. we'll hold you to that Obs studio or original? I'm not having problems running obs studio, maybe try reinstalling it? Only issue I've had of late with obs is the games not resizing to the window, have to manually set it and sound also never seems to stay setup, otherwise it's worked fine for civ, astroneer and a dozen other games.
  8. "Patch 221" - November 13th, 2017

    Note on "hard" connections, it is much harder to drive buggies with trailers on out of holes. The inflexibility of the connection makes the vehicle very rear heavy and I usually had to disconnect all sections and drive each out in turn, even up a ramp.
  9. "Patch 221" - November 13th, 2017

    No more petrol stations
  10. Coal the missing link?

    Coal is fairly rare on terran, kinda lucky to find it. On Exotic you can usually find it about 3-4 layers down. On Arid, Radiated on the surface quite often. On Barren 2-4 layers down.
  11. Does anyone use the Medium Generator?

    Just can't trade hydrazine on trader. And it is still created in a bugged way. ie initially the rocket sits at the wrong angle, but once used it sits correctly on its platform. The Extractor and Trader are really just there to get base resources abit eaiser or to exchange something you have for something you don't. People shouldn't be using either for farming resources, you are faster getting bulk resources by mining for them than using either method, the extractor and trader are really just for a odd item or if you suddenly feel the urge to build 100 resin modules or 100 rovers or storages or canisters.. etc, it gives you quite good access then and it saves you driving for 15-20 minutes to find another patch of resin on the map. Otherwise, largely useless. As for wind in storms.. for the most part, it's usually windy upto the storm and for say 10% into it.. then the wind drops off. Wether that's a bug or not, I think it works well enough. Alot of the stuff we have access to is circumstantial, used at specific locations.. wind gens are only really useful if you keep moving them around or for powergen on a truck, when you can stop when you see it spinning. In a base, you can place a wind gen once in a windy place and never see it spin again, other times it can spin continously. Much in the same way a solar is only useful during the day.
  12. #SpaceSnails community contributions

    To a Thrush or a Blackbird it's probably a Feast of Snails.. or a frenchman.. too low?? Not intention to offend the french. I love your women..
  13. That sounds like a bug to me, I am sure they used to charge via nuggets, if mounted on trucks etc.