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  1. Mineral Extractors fill from crane?

    Same thing happens with catalyser, the empties for filling with fuel are filled with soil.
  2. 6.5 Fatal - Non Crash.

    Suiciding doesn't fix the issue. Unable to interact with anything, unable to select, pickup objects etc. It's like the cursor has vanished.
  3. When this happens the game is unplayable. Somehow I stored a small generator, when backpack was full, as a consequence, I lost my cursor. At this point I could not interact with anything. Reloading did not fix the issue.
  4. 4,189. It turns out, it was back where I found it, like it teleported back to where it was, like I'd never moved it.
  5. Hauled up a tech pod from miles away, put it on research module, clicked the console which popped out showing nothing connected. Looked up at the module, pod had vanished. Don't know if it dropped through the ground or was slightly misaligned on top but one moment it was there, the next it was gone. I didn't delete it, I didn't even get to start researching it. So I couldn't have deleted it. Tech item was the round one, with the 2 connectors on bottom, I'll see if i can grab a scrn of next one, incase it's a specific item issue.
  6. spacecraft failures as puzzles?

    It does, but I doubt they'd make an enclosed seat for spaceship flight, so you could use freebie seats found in crashed ships. I suspect, that we'll start to see new ship/veh models coming in, where only the applicable seat will be usable. I certainly hope this is the case. When something works in an alpha game, it doesn't mean it's supposed to work.
  7. First Person View

    Isn't there a bumper key or stick depress that gives you a more direct fov for drilling? I'm sure this was mentioned several times in dev streams for xbox users.
  8. First Person View

    Yeh I think for first person driving, navigation of tight and narrow tunnels, a first person mode is going to become an absolute must. The way the camera zooms and pops, your backpack getting stuck inside the mapping, plants and modules popping between your los and the backpack itself.. all of this needs a good look and redo. As it currently works, it works.. but there's just so much improvement that could be done, to make it just remove all the frustration of not being able to control the camera. One of my biggest issues is the "apparent" favourtism over xbox version, where apparently, the players get a on drill camera for zooming into drilling holes on the crane/drill. We need this for the pc version. yesterday. The single most hated camera issue for me, is when you line up the camera to peer into a hole to mine out resources and the camera slowly slides back away from the pit, forcing you to stop, realign, start over.. stop.. and so on. It's soo annoying. Please it must be fixed.
  9. March Update Info

    I just happened to log into discord the other night and someone posted a link to the stream, someone was saying theres, no mods, someone is spamming.. then I clicked the link.. there were mods and noone was spamming lol.. and i watched it from then to completion, mostly joe trying not to suffocate whilst trying to extend down a tunnel.. that snail has no planning.. I'd have made a line of tethers, flattened the tunnel, reset the tethers, then done the extenders.. but fortunately, it seems eonix has learned not to suffocate and was on hand to help him. Obviously.. any opinionated stuff in my post is in my opinion.. snail_lovers_beware_# I thought he sounded surprised at the numbers.. but yeh i'd missed alot of it already.
  10. Yeh, played with a guy on my friends list, using just 1 extractor, 2 research modules, he's researched everything, has 900kb of extra data, has a full 4 bench with LS/MS full of each resource, except titanium and half one of lithium. He says he only collected like 1-3 of each resource initally. That said, I was getting like 8fps in his base. So not really fun. So basically he hand mined out all that in soil and used the extractor. Now if that's your thing.. go for it, but it doesn't make the extractor op, it just means there's alot of fanatics who'll spend insane amounts of time just sucking up dirt. There's no reason for it to be nerfed to improve gameplay for people, who likely will just find another reason to complain and will never be happy, whilst those of us who are, get our game ruined. That said your post does list some interesting "improvements" which could make the game better, without ruining it.
  11. Bug leads to new gameplay

    Yeh one of the major issues with astroneer is getting lost, but with the ability to make a new backpack fabricator, which in turn makes a new bench, then bigger benches etc, with a little help from surface oxygen and resources, you can now just build a new base in the middle of nowhere. So long as you've unlocked the research to do so. So there is now a viable way of getting unlost.. you can just build a new vehicle bay, build a shuttle and then fly back to your original base, something you just couldn't do before and it opens up a whole new aspect to exploration within the game.
  12. Bug Database

    Tracking bugs is an awful part of QA, even inhouse, you can have a database of thousands, then you're supposed to search for each issue you find, verify if it's in the db, update it etc. Hell of a waste of man hours. But it would be nice to see a sort of read only version via a website, for people to search to see if the issues they're having is a known issue or not. It's well known in QA that updates can simply remove bugs from existance, without intent to fix them, but by simply removing the mechanics that caused them by updating new systems. So removing "known" issues can be a real issue when systems are improved. One of the many pitfalls of using a db system to track bugs. Esp if there's alot of feedback and looking at these forums and the steam forums, there's now thousands of duplicate bug results. Must be a nightmare to try to sort through them for the devs, let alone for any player trying to report a new issue. I don't envy the moderators job of trying to clean up forums either. The number of duplicate threads on the same issues is out of hand as well.
  13. Watched the Mixer stream. Feedback below.

    Yeh we need independant landing zones, landing "inside" the hab is not very immersive when you get to see the camera popping through it. The camera needs to be looked at tho, when joe was trying to setup the extenders in the passage down to the vehicles, it was clear there's more than just a few camera issues trying to setup the extenders, as well as extender issues. So hopefully those wrinkles will be ironed out in the future.
  14. March Update Info

    Joe seemed very surprised by the numbers of people watching the stream, I wonder if they didn't want so much attention to it. So it wasn't advertised, he kept asking how people knew he was streaming. Were 600 online last night. Never seen more than like 130 on twitch watching astroneer.
  15. Best glitch ever

    That's the Mr Universe challenge for astroneer?