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  1. Would love to reply, but I might hurt your feelies and then people would get all hot under the collar and life would just turn into a right mess.. fyi.. i don't care.
  2. The whole game is rng.. really, random landing spot.. random landmass.. might get desert or forest.. might get caves full of puffers or only the exploding cactus.. might have lots of spaceship wrecks.. usually they're all about 400m or so around you tho, in a big circle and outwards.. On other planets, resin and compound all in caves or just below the surface.. there's still loads of researchables to find, in trees, under plants, under rocks, laying around in caves on surface, near wrecks.. Everything is rng. The real issue is people... Not really the game. It's too hard.. I have to think.. omg I actually need to get out of my habitat now.. oh noes.. 50 hours in a game and only 6-7 techs.. seriously.. I'd have restarted it after an hour lol. I usually get a dozen in the first hour.. getting the rest.. well, don't need everything.
  3. These threads are really beginning to annoy me. You lot.. try thinking.. you know rubbing those grey cells together.. No Storage?? Use ROVERS. No Batteries?? Use ROVERS. Can't work at night?? Yeh you guessed it.. use rovers.. only 4 compound each, charge them up during day, they act as personal batteries for you at night and provide oxygen on the go. You have everything you need at the start and already you're complaining. Wind vanes, small gens.. all luxuries you don't actually need.. mine power, mine oxy.. there's tons of it in the caves and around the surface, unlimited power for all the time most of you even bother to play. If you need bigger storage.. dig a hole.. is that really that hard to do?? Can't sort stuff out in a hole?? Dig several holes and put the same items in each one.. omg.. BRAIN STORM..
  4. A small spoiler for spike balls on arid.
  5. Do you know what you go it from? I've played 4 games of 155 and got either shuttle or ship within 2-3 hours. Not alot to draw on, but it's still a fairly good avg. How quickly did you goto explore caves? Did you land near a forest? Or Caves.. Did you kill/dig plants or ignore them?
  6. One of the reasons I like to use the small buggy, is because you have a handy savepoint, in case the game does crash. Given it's ea..crashes are kind of expected. As for small organic and wind vane. Don't have an issue with either being researched. Never use the small organic. Mainly because there's none in caves. And the shuttle/spaceship, you tend to get after a few hours. Also plenty to do at night, go caving. Plenty power down there to harvest and use directly. As for dying more.. try not dying at all. Think I've died once in the last 30 hours of gameplay and that was because of a storm. And that I'd chosen to go running freestyle without tethers.
  7. Yeh seen a few posts mentioning this, I also got shuttle from a green one of those and later a spaceship from the red one, kept finding all kinds of weird researchables under plants, puffers and exploding cactus like ones but not hairy seeds.
  8. IF you get the Powercells research, you should be able to then open backpack and craft them with compound. If you can't. Then it's a bug. There's no need to restart, save, exit, stand on head etc.
  9. Noticed that the vehicles are slightly rubberbanding off each other, and only "ping" off the astroneer, if you exit too quickly. If you wait for them to stop, it's usually fine.
  10. I thought that was just the weird flight path of the spaceship, after all you aren't always lifting off from the top/north side of the planet.
  11. Just made 3 hour video of new patch. Some things I noticed. Research is actually truely rng, even from pods I'd already researched. On several occasions I received multiple research from the exact same pod. Powercells are now working, researchable, craftable and can be found as rewards. Same as Filters. On leaving Terran I was only missing a few research items. Small Battery, Air Tank, Wide Mode, Inhibitor, Terrain Analyser, Crane and Spaceship. I was fortunate to start near a forest. Video available here:
  12. Eeup.. Time for a new Game and a New Video..
  13. You can move those solar panels with just your astroneer. Not that they really help with power generation, given they only face one direction.
  14. In simple terms.. w..t..h.. are you talking about? Wouldn't it be better to have them doing their own thing?
  15. On the assumption that they didn't end up reinstalling the game because they deleted the wrong thing or ever got the research they wanted? Better to play the "game" for 2-3 hours and report that it's boring. Than to try to find bogus ways around the reasons you find it boring. That's why people are hacking games and using cheat engines, because they get bored.. then they find themselves bored anyway, because they cheated.. loose - loose.. But it's your "game" play how you choose, just remember, there's people like me who think that cheating isn't an acceptable form of playing. We have opinions too. But of course, you won't think it's cheating.