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  1. There's nothing dumb about it, the system is good. And you're probably right, I don't do ESP.
  2. Need to make planets wobble in orbit, make it impossible for any one spot (without lengthy terraforming) to be open to the sun all the time. That said, radiated moves so fast.. you can build almost anywhere and you're nearly always in the sun.
  3. Until these bugs are fixed.
  4. Or use them as they were designed.. instead of because it's easy.
  5. A Calc for the obvious.. whatever next.
  6. Agree. Only tethers should connect here, people should be blocked from putting anything else here. It isn't a cargo point.
  7. All in due time..
  8. Recipes can be balanced later.. wouldn't be that hard to add another 4 or even 16 recipe spots onto veh bay etc to make recipes more complicated. Could make it 20 mixed resources.. not 4 easy ones. Or could make copper much harder to find.
  9. In progress of building 2 pc's. Everytime I go to buy something the price goes up... gettin annoying, wish the proper xmas sale prices would jump in, make it worthwhile.
  10. “It’s the dumbest thing that the backpack flies up into your face,” says Liechty with a laugh. “It felt really dumb in the beginning, like why is it floating in front of your face? Who’s holding it? Narratively it makes zero sense. But you get used to it, and it works great.” It does work great.
  11. Bwahhahahaa!! So "he" knows.. does he.. hahahha!!
  12. We used to say this about American made cars. heheh. No racism intended, we love americans. They make us look smart.
  13. grats. How many tethers in total and whats ur fps after putting them all down?
  14. Dunno we use mousewheel to scroll out.