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  1. Crashing on load or just crashing randomly ingame? There's a difference. And are you using 1.0.13? Steam or Xbox etc?
  2. Looks like it's fixed, ram holding steady in main menu screen at 1,562-1563mb cpu at 12% gpu at 98%.. Looks like some work needed on gpu but it looks like version 1.0.13 has fixed this issue. So far.
  3. Start astro, leave it to run, after a few mins I get error in task manager "not responding" and it just increases in ram usage until the pc locks up. Typical ram use at startup is 1.5mbs as you can see in screenshot it's at nearly 20gb which is 71% of my total ram.. I have to manually exit the program to stop it crashing/locking up the pc.
  4. If I want to get upset about something.. that's my choice mate. Although really at the time I was just frustrated at the lack of ability to exit the game, because if I'd saved at that time, it would have broken my savegame. Which I think, people should get upset about.. esp as there's only a single save file. Start a New Game.. delete old save. [auto merging posts - excellent]
  5. Before I uninstalled astro, I used to load the game, exit to desktop, then reload the save and it always seemed to work alot better. Like there's files being kept in memory that allow the game to work properly. However, I've lately reinstalled my o/s and steam, I won't be rushing anytime soon to reinstall astroneer.
  6. [AS-6124] - Fixed a bug that caused foliage to shrink in place when harvesting with the Terrain Tool at maximum range Was that a bug? I thought it looked really cool.. like it was shrinking as you sucked it dry of organic.
  7. Congrats, you've now doubled all the objects you don't need in your game. Just remember not to complain when you start to lag out.
  8. Usually i get in trouble to making those sorts of thoughts.. glad i'm not to blame this time around.
  9. Oh i completely agree. On the bangers and mash front.. no seriously, I'd prefer not to have "kill storms" but I could see their viability.. that said, wind storms can kill you as can fog etc.. the speed I drive at in astroneer.. i am often shooting off into very deep holes in the fog on exotic moon.
  10. Whilst I understand that this is likely ment as a sarcastic joke, it isn't as funny as you might think. Nor something you should with thought, be suggesting, even as a joke. And yes, I could just report the post and complain, but I feel a softer approach is preferred. Skin Cancer is no laughing matter.
  11. Storms needed to be reworked. The standard boxes in ur face is fine for an ea, but it was just tedious after awhile. And yeh, you can just ignore them by going underground or even in most cases just standing behind something to block the ups boxes. Ideally we need storms that can kill you outright, slow you down a little sometimes or just act as a visual impairment. The weather ideas ses are working on sounds like the right route. Maybe with something harsher tossed in randomly. But to demand that everyone pays the price of a few who liked having the storms is just as ignorant a demand as from all those who objected to them. Although I do agree that a switch in menu could be a nice direction to go in as well. in my general opinion, weather and storms, even seasons in games, should be a must for games in this day n age. Esp in these genres.
  12. Yep terrain 2.0 is definitly broken in places. There's missing terrain textures, splits in the terrain allow you to see floating resources etc. The general terran surface terrain can be abit random, I've had games with endless plains, with almost no mtns at all, others just put mountains and great holes everywhere. I completely agree with the op. Terrain 1.0 on Terran was a much nicer generation, but I'd also agree that the other planets are generally quite nice generations as well, except maybe terrans moon which I don't really like at all.
  13. I think it's hilarious that people actually think we'd all just exploit it to save loosing stuff in a death.. like get a grip. Are you really going to run around for an hour.. fall in a hole and die, then exit without saving to loose an hours gameplay.. rather than run out to your corpse, pick up your stuff and carry on? You can already alt tab and exit manually or even, if you only have astroneer running just hit Alt F4 and quit without saving. So why not have a process in the menu to do it safely? To have the software quit safely without possible corruptions? From what I can see of the possible objections.. there aren't any. Just accusations that anyone who did this is a cheater.. not someone who's gotten stuck in the game and is unable to get unstuck. If anything this should be under suggestions.. I wasn't reporting the crashes as bugs. Although I have now made seperate bug reports for the crashes and getting stuck.
  14. So you actually think people should save, just incase the game crashes? What is that, some kind of new world order, lets wear a crash helmit in bed incase someone throws a brick through my window attitude? I should be able to play a released game for 10-12 hours without saving and not expect it to crash. As it was.. I had 2 crashes in the first 30 seconds of gameplay. And not saving the game, shows the addictiveness of the gameplay.. so really, it's a good thing. If you think about it. Not that I expect you to. As for the rest of ya who also can't read or think.. get knotted. I'd like a quit without saving option. I can alt f4 and I can alt tab and manually exit, so there is no valid argument for not having it in menu options. Although alt f4 can be abit buggy if you have multi apps running. I uninstalled Ea astro, deleted all the appdata files etc. Rebooted my pc, fresh installed astro. Got a fancy eula popup.. okdayed that. got ingame.. crashed. Boom.. nothing like a ctd to say hello. Restarted pc, thinking.. just installed the game, maybe some detail not finalised etc.. started game. Roaming around for maybe 2 hours or so.. saw purple thing.. walked upto it.. Boom.. ctd. Reloaded game.. ahahha.. yeh.. i'd not saved.. not once.. hey a new start.. this time, I made a rover seat and carried it around with me.. put it on ground to manually save every 15 mins or so.. found the purple thing.. no crash.. in fact other some some minor weird bugs, nothing serious.. then I got stuck inside the platform.. if I had wanted to save the game then.. it would have ruined the savefile.. thus.. I would like to see a non save exit function in menu.. in most cases, after a non crashing session with no obvious bugs I'd save and exit.. but when I encounter a bug or crash or fatal.. yes, I don't thunk it too much to ask for a simple, quit now option. Seems to make sense to me.. obviously not so much for some others. Who seem to think making nonsense replies using extra large fonts and swearing at me like a fanbois.. and btw.. I am a fanbois of astroneer, I thunk the game is awesome!! Yeah!! boi.. but I also unfortunately.. have a brain and it works and I think for myself and if I see bugs n flaws I point em out.. I'd think my 1700 odd posts in this forum would show I am a fan of astroneer.. as opposed to someones minor 500 or so. Not that I'm suggesting grey isn't a fan either. I know he is.. and he's old n me.. Bullet points.. only bullet points I know of.. come out of the wrong end of a gun. Sorry I missed you.. Not a Troll? If I fell down a deep hole.. I'd just die and respawn.. why would I save and exit? Or not save and exit, then reload an hour earlier and loose all my last hours work? I only request this to bypass loosing my entire save file due to a bug in the game. Yes, that last part was screamed. But I can't be bothered using a bigger font.