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  1. This forum tool is horrible, see trying to select above or below the hidden box area.. preplaning a thread.. limited timer on editing. The above post is my opinion and doesn't represent or pretend to do so, the opinion of anyone else.
  2. Yep. On a Laptop.. claiming it's a decent pc.. omg..
  3. Not possible. Suffer with everyone else Just take your time, check under and in everything, Rome wasn't built in a day.
  4. Or get a decent anti virus.
  5. Oxygen and researched blank are just bugs. Storage, will either be large storage for buggy, truck, spaceship from vehicle bay, which can only be built onto the vehical after it's built and still in the bay or small storage from printer. Both are buildable when you get the tech.
  6. Likely the store version hasnt been updated to 153 equivilent yet. As for everyone else, keep looking, esp in caves.. check under plants, in trees, under rocks.. when you get veh bay, build ship and sail to the stars, most of the techs aren't even on terran.
  7. It isn't stuck, it just appears to be, when you get in spaceship and take off, the conduit will stretch then disconnect.
  8. Patches in games are always nearly never backwards compatible. Simply put, you update something, you can't have something older trying to overwrite the newer version item. So if there's a single item in a previous save.. then you have to make sure either the save doesn't work outright or to block/remove items when the save loads. Thus.. new patch, delete all your old saves, start again. When the game is released.. expect, nay, demand backwards compatibility.. but until then. New game..
  9. Whilst I agree with this, I think alot of people are forgetting that there's likely a whole bunch of items still to be added into the game, we're only really playing with like lv 1-10 of items that may have a game upto level 100. (i know there's no actual levels, just making the point) The original research system, did make the game too easy.. but the problem with making research come from groups of objects, is that if you have 5 objects but only 1 research tech, you're wasting peoples time making them check the other 4 items.. and given the first few times around, until people learn which items belong to which groups.. that's alot of lost time and lost time equals frustration. It isn't the right way to go. It would be better imho, to keep to the original system, just remove the bulk of the researchables. Make it so 1 in 100 plants has a seed, that seed contains an rng item the item will tend towards a tech if your overal amount of techs is low. If you have alot of techs, then you'll tend to get an item or resource. Then make it so that research is unlocked in a way that it is useable, ie printer, solar panel, small gen, small wind gen, small storage, filters, powercells, shuttle, truck, crane and so on.. It only serves to frustrate people to get Drill, Crane, shuttle, 3 seat, large storage... and after 10-15 hours + they get printer, veh bay, truck, spaceship.. That said.. in my current game, I got printer, solar, vehical bay and then habitat in first 4 items researched.. Got spaceship an hour or so later and I then left terran and went to moon, then exotic and got around another 6-8 unique unlocks within about 2 hours of play. But even after 8 hours I was still missing trader and truck & drill. Crane isn't much use to me without the latter two. If more content is added and it's just thrown into the mixing bowl.. it'll just make matters worse. It will create games where people get an easier game, like my current one. But it'll also generate alot of angry threads from people who don't have 8 hours a day to play games.
  10. Basically, went to exotic from barren, when I returned, buggy was missing, looked up and it was floating several hundred m above the surface. Then as the moon completed it's orbit, the car fell back to the surface, landing in exactly the location it was originally in. Even though when it had floated off it was miles away.
  11. Dug a shallow hole on moon/barren, dropped 2 nuggest of compound into it, went back to terran, to pick up some resin, when I returned was unable to pickup the nuggets of compound, was unable to select or grab them. Single Player Game. Typical for steam to crash/maintenance when i want to post a pic.. but i'm sure the text is enough.
  12. Now about 8 hours later.. I'm still missing trader and truck. Just got small storage, have everything else. Had to visit moon and exotic to get other stuff. And thanks Wyv for moving thread.
  13. Yeh i guess people do get bored after abit, but I only watch gaming videos on youtube that are over 20mins. Such are the filters, usually I'll watch gameplay upto 1-2 hours long. As it gives more insight to the game itself, if videos are 20-30mins there isn't usually enough info in them to be useful, outside of what the narrator says.. you don't really get to "see" the game. So everything sounds abit biased because you're just listening to opinion and not seeing the game as it really is. Including all the long boring bits. I post videos usually 2-3 hours long, I know people don't watch all of them but they do watch alot and they skip through them, because they've left comments about things that happened in the middle and near the end. So whilst I understand the viewpoint, from my perspective, short videos are really not useful, for me personally. Everyone has their preferences and yes, if you're trying to support multiple games, it makes sence to try to make multiple videos and thus, time is of the essence.
  14. And posted all of this in wrong forum.. bleh.. @Wyvyrias