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  1. Then kindly do it in your own thread. This one was made by me.
  2. I think people are incapable of understanding what early access actually means. Until the game is released, any comments on it's overall playability are pointless. Since it isn't complete. You never bought a complete game, you bought into a developing game. Stop demanding what you've never been sold.
  3. We need to get out of this endless rut of not reading, not understanding, overruling each others' opinions, making just silly comments and learn to discuss. Myself incl. There's alot of very valid points being made on this thread. Just try to keep it sane please. Stick to the facts, either as your or someone elses opinion and stay out of the ruts.
  4. In a Crate!! Awesome idea.. Can stick it on a ship, fly to planet, unfold into buggy, slap on a battery and solar.. off you go exploring!! Or stick a magnet on it's roof, drive next to large spaceship, with a similar magnet on the side of it, jump out, push a button on ship, buggy is magnetised to the ship and on planet.. push button off and explore.. Yeh.. I could go for that! Course.. that would require some work from SeSnails.. And I was kidding about nerfing it.. really..
  5. Martin

    build a golden gate bridge

    No tea breaks eh.. Very well done.
  6. Yeh i think it's pretty obvious that the medium rover is bugged. I doubt it's intended to be that bad.
  7. Martin

    Is it just me?

    I agree with op. Whilst I rarely used them, they were useful from time to time. They added a little extra to the landscape one more thing you could harvest, it might be that making them rare or only from one planet might be a better way to go. But it seems like a loss to the design of the gameplay to just remove them. Perhaps in the future with fauna and flora contents, they might mix in some aspects of rejuvenating resources, where perhaps a particular fauna will generate new resources around it. Much like you might find that the exploding plants might regenerate those little energy seeds around them and the spikers, which can be hoovered up to form energy nuggets.
  8. Martin

    The Rover Update - May 8th, 2018

    Yeh I'd agree with this. There comes a point when, the frustration of playing a game simply equates to, play someone elses game. And Astroneer is gonna go this route if they do this on purpose here on out. Game balance is one thing, but removing fun to extend timesinks.. is pointless. As it stands a small battery+a small solar is enough to run the medium rover and a solar panel is enough for the big rover. But if they were to continue to say remove batteries completely from the rover.. well, they'd be short one customer at least.
  9. Martin

    when is the next update due?

    Yeh it would be of help if at some point joe or others just said "look patches might not come out every month on the dot, they might be 5-6 weeks or maybe even every 2 months". Instead of misleading people to expect at least 1 content patch per month. Whilst it is true that people "readinto" alot of what is posted, it is possible to post stuff, that cannot be read into. Because you cover all your bases. I don't expect a patch exactly every month, but I would like to see one or two. I'd like to see more interaction, more reposted info across more locations. Twitter should be advertising the discord, forums and steam forums for comments on a regular basis and those locations should be also advertising all the common info hotspots. That way we can maximise information and keep everyone as uptodate as possible. Also lets do away with this idea of "leaking" future releases and just start being honest. We're working on this, this and this, we expect to release it here, then and when it's ready.
  10. Martin

    Update 7.0 is out?!

    Find it quite funny that Xbox users complain they get patched late, when the game is now clearly favouring xbox controls over pc controls. Hell, it's so obvious that the complete lack of controller testing on the new patch that the pc version is now largely being ignored, entirely in favour of the xbone. Which is just a console afterall.
  11. When a seat is placed on to the large rover, it faces off to one side.
  12. Martin

    Research pods

    Item 28 is now 700 up from 649 Item 27 up from 357 to 450 Amount differences aren't significant. But it seems nearly all items are different outputs.
  13. Martin

    Research pods

    Item 25 Up from 952 to 998
  14. Martin

    Research pods

    Item 32 Up from 252 bytes to 399. Several others are different as well.
  15. Martin

    Research Items List