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  1. Was actually thinking of a workaround to having the mech, just allow energy nuggets to supercharge the deformer. Allowing you to mine faster and further away.
  2. Workaround is not logging out in an unsecured habitat It would be very exploitable to be able to just carry it around with you and save anywhere you wanted.
  3. Pressing F6 is cause, not F5.
  4. Yeh the vanishing below ground issue is caused by leaving the immiediate area of the truck then returning, sometimes the truck loads before the ground does and it falls through the map. Usually if there's a cave close by underneath, it will fall into the cave. Otherwise it can fall right through the planet to the exact opposite side. Which happened to me, I somehow managed to get into crane as the truck was falling and ended up exactly on other side of planet from my base.
  5. Steam Ver 2.125 Selecting the resources on the trader, hitting the points to change the selection etc is abit off, finding it very difficult to select the nodes to place resources or remove them, have to keep moving around the trader to access it. Also when the trader is initially built it is facing the wrong way, it usually sits X on the platform, but when first built it sits + on it. It changes to the X position after being launched.
  6. Steam Ver, 2.125. If you press the F5 key when mouse pointer icon is flashing, the game locks up, the mouseclick no longer allows the game to proceed. I hit F5 by accident and had to use windows key to get to desktop and close game window manually.
  7. Check you have allowed firewall exception on installing the game.
  8. I refer you to your other post. This is a known issue and on bug list.
  9. Do trucks vanish whilst actually driving them? Or is it when you go near a base with a vehicle in it, landing on a planet or loading a saved game that you notice vehicles vanish? If whilst driving, that's a new bug.. if latter, it's a known issue.
  10. Check both you and your friend has setup firewall permissions on installing the game, if you don't remember doing this, uninstall and reinstall the game, should get a firewall permissions popup, click yes to allow firewall exception, otherwise this is a fairly known issue, it could also be issue between internet service providers, can you usually play with your friend in mp games? are those games peer to peer setups? if yes to latter, likely just a firewall exception issue if no find new friends
  11. Game Saves everytime you use a seat or habitat unit. Part of the adventure is remembering to save your game every so often. As for the crashing, make a report in bug forum with details, must be something causing this issue, maybe it can be fixed.
  12. The problem with tracking to a line of beacons, is that the planets aren't nice and smooth. You can travel west or east for 30mins+ and find nice and smooth, then find mountains, ravines etc like the grand canyon for miles in every direction. Sure you can tunnel or bridge your way, but that's slow work. What you need is a map you can look at, so you can work out the easy path instead of just wasting time doing everything the hard way.
  13. Need a mining mole contraption with a conveyor belt system (like a spiders web) behind it as it mines away. To hell with manual mining.. I want to lie on the beach whilst machines work for me.
  14. Time will tell, there is a road map for development kicking around the forum, which lists current expected development.