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  1. Astronium worth 5000 bytes!

    Not going to get jealous.. not, not at all, not even a little bit, not a tiny einy meany miney moany bit..patch will come tomorrow.. spacesnail said so.
  2. "Patch 0.5.1" - January 18th, 2018

    Primarily the difference is just cosmetic, ingame there's different emotes for each astroneer.
  3. One colorful request

    When we get dedicated servers with maybe 4+ players, this would be a huge advantage to change up colouring, whilst keep the same astroneer.. I prefer the dude in orange.. the russonaut..but I'd play him in Pink as well.
  4. Astronium worth 5000 bytes!

    Or some HATE for steam users.. got a point to make for joe? lol. #Spacesnails Well at least it explains the absolutely horrible graphics in the screenshot..if that was a pc shot.. i'd be in tears.
  5. What is the use of space exploration?

    Only thing that will stop me playing astroneer, is if it stops loading.
  6. Mineral Extractor far too OP?

    Usually if someone refers to the OP they're referring to the "Original Post" if they refer to a thing being too "OP" then they're referring to a thing being too overpowered. So really it depends on what the reference is to, not clarification of what OP means.
  7. Megabyte Challenge

    The real issue to me, shown by these screenshots, is the length a single player will go, if you multiply this up for 4 players, then extend it outwards, to encompass smelting, extraction, trading, research, veh building etc. On release people are going to be building some pretty massive complex bases, if you by that time have goals and missions etc, without some pretty serious nerfing and balancing issues, people are going to be completing alot of the gameplay in a few hours then complaining of a lack of content. So it's likely or maybe hopeful, that by pre release, we'll see some serious rebalancing of the gameplay, to maybe set limits, ie you'll need 1 medium solar just to run 1 research station, you'll be limited to 3 research stations to say a 1000x1000x1000 area... otherwise, gameplay will become "too easy" for those that grind out big bases.. Or maybe 1 research might need the combined power output of 4-6 medium solars.. to run etc.. goals might include gathering several hundred resources multiplied up for mp games etc.
  8. Megabyte Challenge

    Have around 80k or so bytes in my current game, after researching all, seems to be a pretty poor landing spot, few seeds, caves are empty, no sats, no wrecks so no tech pods etc.. base is lagging so much, my vehicles keep drifting off hehe. I always start a new game with patches, delete all my old ones etc. I do agree that with a server or even a 4 player coop, some organisation, you could probably nail all the research within 3-4 hours, at release.. but that's the same really for any game, mmo etc.. except maybe stuff like Eve.. which is more nerdsville. Or SimMmo. An organised tribe/guild can get much more done in much shorter timescales, so really it's just down to how you prefer your fun.. rushed or slow.. I don't think balancing the game for 4 player groups at the cost of enjoyment for solo players would be the way to go though, so unless there's a way to say cut seed spawns by 50% for every player for example in a game, I'd say leave it how it is and you know, if you have mates, you have to accept you'll get stuff done quicker.
  9. A patch to stop overthinking.. now there's a suggestion.
  10. Adopted an orphan baby monkey

    It's really nice of you to look after the little monkey. Can only hope that more people would watch out for the plight of others, animal or vegetable. Perhaps one day in astroneer you'll be able to adopt little space monkeys as well.
  11. Megabyte Challenge

    Just think when the content patch releases, you'll be able to get everything without any effort now, so long as the saves are compatible. Since you've done all the work already.
  12. Megabyte Challenge

    Reloading the save clears alot of the fps drops. Just don't build too many big bases.
  13. Either that or you've discovered a bug noone else did..
  14. Research pods

    Can't find scrn shot tho.. maybe I should have gone to spec savers..