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  1. OmahaSteve

    Alpha Build Discount

    I am enjoying the Pre Alpha build of the game. I really hope when the full retail version is released those that paid for the pre alpha build at least get a discount when buying the final version. Even 5-$10 off would be a great way to show you appreciated the support of those that bought the Alpha builds. I know I would be more likely to buy it. -Thanks
  2. Another suggestion is to change how the player and camera acts when carrying an unknown/research item. I saw a video and it works ok for PC players, but it is a big pain for Xbox One players. We just can't control the camera as well on XO. My suggestion is to have the player carry the item in his hands so we can't use our tool or anything else. But make the camera and movement the same as it is while not carrying. So the camera is still focused on the player instead of the unknown item. Keep up the good work, enjoying the game.
  3. OmahaSteve

    Xbox One Controls

    Really enjoy the game guys, great job so far! My biggest suggestion is to update the UI for the Xbox One version. The current system is obviously for a mouse setup. Just simply by putting button icons on things as you get close to them (push to activate) would help a bunch! Any time you can avoid having to move the pointer with the left stick would be great. For example, to push the button to activate the smelter "B" should show up next to the button when everything is in place. Any time you can streamline it and make it button activated would be great.