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    Automatic take off on Desolo

    Had this same issue on Atrox just now, seems an issue with terrain changes and shuttle landing, very annoying yes.
  2. SpaceTom

    [PC WINDOWS 7 64-BIT] Problem

    I assume that closing it and relaunching didn't work. Never seen that pop-up before, is it definitely genuine? Check your video drivers are up to date to start with and that windows recognizes your video card properly.
  3. Firstly, can I say well done to the whole team at System Era, you have created a real gem of a game. Right from the off it has been great fun and certainly has wide appeal, I think it fills the gap a lot of other developers have tried to for a while. Also, very encouraging seeing you take real interest in our thoughts and ideas this early on. Brilliant work can't wait to continue exploring. 10/10 Game makes you feel like Matt Damon Some initial ideas: General Customisable aesthetics for players, vehicles and bases would be great. I've seen some alternative models for vehicles and bases not sure if they could be implemented in future. Choice is key I think. I really like the lack of a 2D HUD it really works well absolutely continue this.!.! · Ability to recycle/destroy built items and modules · More accurate orbital landing sites perhaps and a more detailed orbit system i.e. low, medium and high orbits. · Enhanced weather system perhaps different types levels of storms/tornadoes/ types of rain/snow or fog depending on planet’s climate Base/Module Ideas Dedicated Storage Module/ Facility - Ideal for bulk storing of items. Interior/Home Module - Further reinforce the survival aspects of the game by creating a space that changes as you progress and feels lived in. Tools/Equipment/Vehicles Mech suits are an almost must have! Some defense items and modules against weather perhaps or other things. Still unsure on the whole aliens or npc’s thing. These are just some initial ideas will add to this list as and when I play. PS: Some of my first screenshots game is very photogenic.