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  1. Gage Groff

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Playing on Xbox One. Have a truck with large storage and one small storage on top. When in my seat car makes strange noises and the things above the wheels (not sure what it's called) clip almost entirely into the wheels. Truck is undriveable and when getting out of seat truck does a flip.
  2. When they say multiplayer do they mean like pvp/pvpve/pve or like you can search for people to play with or there are modes that you can play with random people?
  3. Gage Groff

    "119" - January 21st, 2017

    Still problems with vehicle dissapearence even when frames are not low. Found one of my moon trucks flying in the sky. Spent hour trying to get it with no luck. Maybe a vehicle recall feature could be implemented?
  4. Gage Groff

    New update

    But what did the update do
  5. Gage Groff

    New update

    Yeah does anyone know what it does
  6. Gage Groff

    New update

    What's the update do tho
  7. Gage Groff

    New update

    Just got a new update as of 1/20/17 can anyone tell me what it is
  8. Gage Groff

    Beacon writing

    Beacons that when you press a button you can write text for.
  9. Don't quite agree with the pvp but I like the building stuff and the NPCs
  10. Gage Groff

    Fps Lag on Xbox One

    Yeah I have the same problem plus with all the lag now every time I come on my vehicles are either underground somewhere or high in the clouds. I think I will stop playing until a patch to fix it comes out because there is no point to building vehicles if they will always keep glitching away from me
  11. Gage Groff

    We need a map

    Great! Maybe it should only work if you have already been there or if you have a satellite up in space
  12. These are my top 10 features and suggestions. Most of which I did not see on the astroneer website. 1.Fix for the vehicles ending up in clouds or in the ground 2.More liquids than just water (which should be implemented). Ex. Acid rain/puddles that can make holes in the crust and damage your base 3.More weather effects individual to each planet like hail/snow storms for Tundra or acid rain for an acid planet 4.Very little or no power for wind vanes on Barren since it is so small it would probably not have any atmosphere. Also it would create an interesting obstacle for building a base there 5.More diversity for planets in general and new planets with new variations including differences in rotation and orbit. Also new planet biomes including lava, acid and different gas levels causing your oxygen to go down slower or faster 6.More elements including iron (but not iron ore) 7. More precise terraforming for better building + deforming 8. Randomly generated comets + asteroids that are landable, respectively very small, and have different elements 9. A rare but still possible chance of meteor showers 10. Spacesuits that protect from things like acid allowing the player to travel safer on planets where acid is everywhere. There could be other spacesuits that protect against lava or help the player to travel underwater better