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    Don't Open Inventory too close to Vehicles

    Also, here is an example.
  2. Chronolimbo

    We need a map

    I don't think that there should be a corner mini map, but rather a digital screen device item that you can build and open up if need be.
  3. Chronolimbo

    Infrastructure Items

    Can you add new building features that allow for construction of infrastructure. For example, roads, bridges, tunnels, etc. I know you can just terra form, but I would like to see some human made features that don't alter the landscape as much (Not including tunnels) if possible.
  4. Chronolimbo


    Can you please implement a new UI that allows players to invite others who have the game and are in the client instead of having to use Steam to do it. Moreover, can we please have a way to password protect our worlds so other users cannot access it whenever they want or we want to lock out someone.
  5. Chronolimbo

    Falling Through the Ground

    I know there have been some other topics related to this but it has been happening to the original creators of the maps. My situation is a little different as this hasn't happened to me directly, however it does happen to my friend whenever she is playing on the same map as me. We get frustrated because she keeps losing research items or the items in her inventory that she has mined and can't retrieve it because the death occurred in a glitch.
  6. Every time I have opened up my backpack inventory and I was in a relatively close proximity to a vehicle, it would either cause the vehicle to teleport or get launched somewhere very far away. At one point it ended up really far but I could still see the icons so I decided to try to use my resources to recover it. However when I got there the vehicle and everything in it just fell through the ground and was lost.