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  1. ammo77

    "200 - Hotfix" - August 19th, 2017

    Wow you came out with the fix fast, so awesome. We have not had any issues in MP so far keep up the great work.
  2. there is a new update have not seen any patch notes on it yet .
  3. ammo77

    Multiplayer Crash

    What version are you playing ? there is a new patch out for pc not sure if it is out for Xbox.
  4. ammo77

    "Patch 199" - August 17th, 2017

    Awesome thanks, My friends and I really like this game and enjoyed when MP was not an issue, Hope you find the solution and are able to fix it soon, Thanks for all the hard work.
  5. ammo77

    "Patch 199" - August 17th, 2017

    I have had around 6 MP crashes in the last hour as client we switch I am host friend is client same thing he crashed to desk top. I sent in A few crash reports to; hope this help's to crush the bugs that have been around since Build 196.
  6. ammo77

    "Patch 199" - August 17th, 2017

    MP crashes just like build 196,197, and now 199 3 builds same problem with MP. Seems like it happen mostly in the caves when the client tries to pick up research dug out under the smokers or other plants. New install new build verified files . windows 10 64. 32 GB ram 1080 Ti. 3690X processor 6 core 3.8 4.2 turbo. 1TB SSD 5TB hard drive.
  7. ammo77


    MP crashes just like build 196,197, and now 199 Seems like nothing got fixed for MP,
  8. ammo77

    "Patch 199" - August 17th, 2017

    Awesome thanks . the max resolution is only 1920 X 1200 or am I doing something wrong ?
  9. Any chance on seeing the SURVEY results ?
  10. ammo77

    FPS Crush when opening options menu

    Game locks up when going to the menus also will not except the setting changes , turn down the volume a bit and it turns off completely adjust the resolution the apply pops up but will not change to new settings. ( 2560 X 1440 )
  11. ammo77

    197 - Steam - MP Client Crash

    100% confirmed MP crashes as client host is fine. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: experimental 2 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 64 CPU: Intel 3960x GPU: 1080 ti RAM: 32gb Drive: ssd 1tb
  12. ammo77

    Multiplayer Crashing

    This is awesome any Idea when that will be ?
  13. ammo77

    Steam recent Status

    Hey all I just noticed that the rating on steam went from mostly positive to Mixed , This is one of my favorite games to play with friends we have lots of fun with it. I think the problem is Mp right now and hope when they get that fixed along with dedi servers the rating will go back up. Astroneer is a great game with lots of potential and just a lot of fun to play at least it was until patch 196/197. I know The Dev's are working hard to fix the MP bug that has most of us checking for A patch several times A day. My Rant for the day
  14. ammo77

    "197 - Hotfix" - July 28th, 2017

    I seem to crash a lot when I dig up unknowns but they are floating and I cant grab them but my friend can and as soon as he does, I crash
  15. ammo77

    "197 - Hotfix" - July 28th, 2017

    Not fixed it still crashes to desktop after the hot fix 197 clean install new game first crash after about 30 min second crash about 15 min later. gave up after that. Also research cant be picked up underground, have to walk away and come back for it then I can pick it up. does not happen all the time it is random. Yes sadly for us as well.