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  1. It should not be to hard to set up a control file for VoiceAttack which would allow (full) voice control for the game
  2. Yes, but when you play/download through Steam that is not the same as running it in the OS. You will need to reinstall windows using a 64bit installer image, you can't 'upgrade' between versions.
  3. Where have you found it is supported on Windows 7? On it clearly states Windows 10 .. It also needs to be downloaded through the store which is Windows 10 only
  4. I can run the game in full screen or the default windowed mode on Windows 10 but I am unable to resize the screen. I run a 4K monitor and really would like to stream the game but it's a pain (with obvious drawbacks) to run in full screen and not have access to anything else without it being visible on streem. Not looking for a free resize if that would be an issue, but at least offer to set the windowed mode to specific window sizes (such as 1920x1080)