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  1. Playing on an Alienware 17 laptop with keyboard and mouse. Basically I was getting very low FPS and couldn't figure out why. I have a lot of tethers all over my planet. I was trying to place enough down to cover the circumference of the planet, also I have a bunch in the underground caves. I noticed as I was putting more down my fps was getting lower and lower. Once I disconnected the long line of tethers I had my fps was fixed. So I don't know how much memory the tethers take up in the server (or palnet) but it seems to me the more you build the lower fps you will have, which makes sense, but I didn't think tethers would eat away at memory that bad. Another bug, which probably has been stated, is when you are under ground and make a tunnel, if you fill the tunnel in when you are in it you fall into the map and start falling up towards the surface. Another bug I found is for fall damage. I dug a hole very close to the center of the planet and gravity gets lower and lower. The problem is when I float with no gravity and then land I will die. If the gravity is low I don't think you should receive fall damage. This is all for now.