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  1. I had an issue with my Truck/Rover on the Xbox One. Had a good size base, decided to expand, loaded up and blasted to the exotic planet to set up shop. Realized Resin/Composite not very common there so jumped home to collect more (plan was to wonder with my Truck since I had exhausted local reserves). Truck was attached to base with power line, setup with large solar panel, large storage, one seater, winch, 2 rovers attached as trailers with a regular storage on one with a few resources. But as I landed and the terrain shifted from low poly to high poly the truck was gone. Thought the game had eaten them, but then I could hear the truck motors going for a short time after landing. Thought it was just buried but shallow digging revealed nothing. I used a glitch where if you bury yourself you can pop behind the terrain. Floating in the void there you can see a lot of the nearby cave system and I saw my truck. Then took an hour and a half of digging, driving, dying, and exploring to get the thing back to surface. I was annoyed at the glitch, but it was a fun/goofy little adventure retrieving the darn thing. I was relieved to find the truck, it easily could have sunk to center of the planet if it hadn't hit the caves. Then I'd be reporting the thing just disappearing not sinking through the terrain. To speculate on the cause: the way the truck or the terrain reloaded must have put the truck in or under the terrain enough to fall through. Maybe caused by the way the terrain shifts from lower to higher polygons when landing and taking off. I like the visual effect of the terrain shifting as you take off and land or travel across the planet, but it does seem to cause breaks in the terrain.