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  1. Too many times i have lost where the cursor it because of the white colour, it easily becomes hard to follow against the white base and white clouds. I would like a option to change the colour to something that contrasts more as it would make the game a lot easier to play and would be fairly easy to implement
  2. SireEcho

    An idea on storage.

    Maybe another option would be a auto sort function so all items that are the same type group up which would make sorting easier.
  3. SireEcho

    An idea on storage.

    I think that having one large platform will cause problems with finding and picking up the item you want so I think the items going into a storage container of sorts where you collect the selected item from an output would be much easier to use.
  4. SireEcho

    An idea on storage.

    I like Nich's idea however I think that if it fed the printer and other buildings it should be able to collect unused items from those buildings which would make it easier to keep your items organised and stop you from running around to put items away or finding the storage module with the items you need.
  5. SireEcho

    An idea on storage.

    I would like to see a way to store large ammounts of items without making a hole in the ground and using that. My suggestion is a building similar in shape to the fuel condenser with a connector as a 'in' side and a connector as a 'out' side, if you put a item into the in side it would go into the machine and you could select the item from a menu similar to the trade platform then collect it from the out side. I would suggest the storage space to be about 150 items.