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    Suggestion: Larger Storage Module

    I would prefer a silo where the elements are hidden and the total amount is shown as a number or in lights lit up. Stick element on it to put it in and press a button and one comes out. A lot less polys and items that way.
  2. nokaoii

    Xbox1 achievements

    Achievements are a requirement for publishing games on the platform. They'll be there when the game is done.
  3. nokaoii

    Doodling on the Wall

    Great idea!!!
  4. nokaoii

    Real Rovers

    I think it'd be a neat addition to the game to be able to print a rover as we understand them nowadays. The guys patrolling around on Mars and such. Rename the small "car" from rover to "buggy". Then allow the construction of a few different types of rovers. Small Rover Only a spot for a small solar panel or turbine. Only one battery cell. It drives off in a random direction and searches for resources exposed on the ground and marks them with a beacon or on a mini map. It will totally die after X number of day cycles (maybe more on harsher planets). It can be attached to a vehicle using 2 storage spots. Medium Rover Like the small rover, but has two slots for power. Two or three battery cells. Essentially does the same thing, just lasts longer and is tougher. Large Rover Like the medium rover, but has room to attach a Storage item to it. When it finds a specific material (that the player sets it to), it will mine that material until full and then return to the base. It would also have a bit more battery and last a bit longer than a medium rover, but not indefinitely. Balancing would be required to not have this usurp the natural means of exploration. That and automated pathing seems like it would be a nightmare. They would also need to understand to not drive off cliff edges or go too deep into caves. Or maybe not and you just get what you get, like some sort of rogue Roomba. Going and finding a rover who is stuck somewhere crazy and damaged in need of repair sounds cool too. Bring some Resin and Repair Tool! It would be great to build a space ship, a couple of rovers and then go to another planet and drop them off and leave. Then come back after awhile and see what they've found. Maybe even combine this with the satellite concept of how current rovers (IRL) work. You could launch a satellite to another planet that would drop a rover and then communicate back findings to your home base.
  5. nokaoii

    Conveyor Belts.

    I would be down for this. Great suggestion!
  6. nokaoii

    Hole Fill Foam

    There's a problem in the Australian outback with open holes from mining that people and animals can fall into. In an effort to combat this problem, they send out people with small cans of a two part expanding foam product. Dump solution A into solution B and toss into the hole and walk away. In a day or so a hole is full of foam. They do pretty large holes too, like 8 feet by 8 feet. If you havent already guessed it already, my suggestion is to allow this as a craftable item in the game. There is nothing worse than digging up resources near your base and end up with all these big holes in the landscape. They're ugly and take forever to try to smooth back over. That and the game speed penalty from the system keeping track of all that extra geometry of the hole or hidden hole. Craft it, sit it down like dynamite in a hole and set it off. It would then figure out where the edges of the hole is and smooth that over "flat" and then all the interior of the hole would just return back to combined geometry.
  7. nokaoii

    Storage silo for resources

    Love this idea. The game wouldnt have to worry about rendering all the internal pieces as well. Once they go in the silo, the model is gone. I used to make 10 small pits around my base and dump resources in them and let them pile up. Not great for performance or item management in general. It would be fantastic to have big storage silos.
  8. nokaoii

    How many of you guys watched The Martian?

    I like to think that the devs got some inspiration from The Martian. I actually played a few weeks ago while listening to The Martian audiobook. It was nice.
  9. When placing beacons, it would be handy if we could pick from a list of icons to define the reason the beacon exists instead of them all just showing a blue symbol with dots. If I'm out in a remote area and find a bunch of deposits, but my storage is full, I will drop a beacon so I can come back to it. If I've traveled too far from home to get to that spot, I may even drop beacons along the way making a "road". The difficulty is when trying to discern which beacon in the distance to aim for when you've got a lot of them lying about. So maybe some basic icon changes for the beacons or at the very least a color shift the background. Dots: default beacon marker icon. Shovel: Could help manage places you want to mine for resources Binoculars: Explore this area later. Road: (two solid lines on a shifted perspective with a dashed line down the middle) Use this for marking major roads that you travel. Pick Ax: Could help mark a cave for later digging. Skull: Danger Will Robinson! Asterisks: Something special here. Letters A-Z: For whatever you want. Drop 8 beacons in a row to spell out "Pizzeria" if you happen to stumble over some good pizza in a random cave somewhere. Then have like 5 to 7 different background colors so people can mix and match their own setups. Use black and the Road icon for all their major highways and blue and the road icons for expeditions off the beaten path, etc.
  10. nokaoii


    The final game, really does need a map. I wouldn't even care if it didnt detect all sorts of options and just the terrain (and maybe beacons). I quite like the "fog of war" option as well. No need to show me all the details of the map until I've traveled thru that area. Black out the rest. That could really help with knowing if you've kept track of seeing an entire planet.
  11. nokaoii

    Recycling build mistakes.

    That would be very handy!