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  1. So after jetting around the solar system a bit, I came back to my base on the moon and found that my buggy and carriage were missing. Odd, but then I noticed them floating above with a whole constellation of research items. And by constellation, I mean it - there were hundreds of the things. When I went to investigate and got closer, physics seemed to kick in, and a couple of the items dropped out of the sky. I was able to do the same with the buggy+carriage after building a tower up close to them (they were pretty far up). The research items were all the red and green 'hairy' ones - none of the other types (eg. the brick or rock ones) seemed to move, and they seem spread around in a rough ring about the equator. I also did a bit of exploring underground, and the research items not on the surface were still there, so it's probably just the ones on the surface that were floating up. Oh, and just remembered that I had a bunch of resources stored in a couple of depressions near my base. That was all missing when I got back, too. (Steam, mouse+keyboard, latest version)
  2. AnthonyB

    Someone found Hubble!

    The two satellites in that thread - first one is Voyager 2, the second is the New Horizons probe (Pluto)
  3. Seems to be working for me so far! Woohoo!
  4. Looks like @SES_Zabir is on it?
  5. AnthonyB

    Game doesn't starts!

    Hi @SES_Adam, I'm getting hit pretty hard by the freezing bug (game locks hard after 2 seconds - 15 minutes, sound continues) even with -nosound on an ASUS laptop with an Intel HD4400, so AFAIK no AMD hardware involved. Just thought I'd mention this, since it might stop you going off down a debugging rabbit hole?
  6. Another update: I just froze while driving the buggy around, so I don't think it's something to do with digging or running.
  7. Right, so put that in your reply to the initial bug post, you don't need to create another thread. Otherwise you'll get 20 posts all on the same thing, which is much harder to read.
  8. Two things that I think you missed: If someone else has the same bug, post in that thread, don't create a new one for the same bug. Don't post bugs in this thread
  9. Same here. I've run into a few other bugs, but this is by far the most annoying, since you have to force quit and wait for the game to restart and you have to keep running back to base to save your progress. Mining the same patch of copper gets a bit old on the fourth or fifth try I'm on an ASUS laptop, also with integrated graphics (i7, 8GB RAM, HD4400), so maybe there's a common factor there? When the game's running it seems ok, though I have to crank the settings well down to make it playable. There doesn't seem to be any specific trigger to the freeze that I can see. It often happens when mining, but then that's what I'm doing most of the time, and I have had a few when just running around. There aren't any log files, since it's a freeze, not a crash, so that might make it hard to track down - Task Manager has a "Create Dump file" option, but that might be 1.5GB of data... The process is only 1.5GB when it freezes, so I don't know that it's a memory leak, although there might be a hard 1.5GB limit on it's memory somehow? The time also varies - sometimes I'll have a good half hour between freezes, other times it'll only be a couple of minutes after load. That's all that springs to mind now. I'll update further if I notice any other patterns. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help test or troubleshoot further (I'm a developer, though not on Windows, so could install a debug version or something?)