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    Robotics Bay

    Well without automation you are penalized for traveling to a new planet, because you cannot manage the production back home. Which means that there has to be an incentive for traveling to a new planet that outweighs the negative aspects of leaving home. With multiple planets and more to come, it will require exponentially more development time to create new content for each planet.
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    Robotics Bay

    Sure go ahead, these are just some rough late-game. Right now the game is fun, but without any late-game goals, it can become stale rather fast.
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    Robotics Bay

    Yeah I think that's very reasonable. I don't think you should even be able to move while having the map up. I think you're right about the oxygen satellites, every planned should require a different number of satellites to fully oxidize them, possibly scaling with planet size.
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    Robotics Bay

    Robotics Bay Late-game structure allowing you to create automated units. Why? Creating late-game goals Automation to replace repetitiveness Use of late-game resources The idea Structure (2 titanium) - Robotics Bay Drones: Drone base - 4 titanium Drone upgrades: Companion drone (follows you, can be interacted with to view the map, carries up to 4 items) - 4 lithium Scouting drone (maps the uncharted area, pin-pointing resources, rares and points of interest) - 4 aluminum Mining Drone (slowly gathers/generates materials that are present on the planet, even when player isn't on that planet) - 4 titanium Satellites: Satellite base - 8 titanium Satellite solar array - 8 compound Satellite battery - 8 lithium Satellite upgrades: Energy satellite (doubles astroneer's energy recharge rate when on the same planet) - 8 lithium Satellite station (allows travel to planets that are further away, allows you to dock onto it) - 8 compound Oxygen satellite (Slowly, Oxidizes the planet it's orbiting, decreasing the rate at which oxygen is consumed on that planet) - 8 organic