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  1. Can confirm. I tried. So far Battery pack can be equipped on the top slot backpack I got O2 tank and Battery pack from fallen astroneer. So i dont think any research needed to be put on top of backpack. If battery works. then why not O2? (pstt research always give me unnecessary things)
  2. Went to get unlimited energy to grind research Research gave compound, Al, Cu.
  3. There is no way clicking on the exploding button. However, I tried save and restart. It works. It exploded. The first try didnt tho
  4. Hi. First of all. Just installed back since format and busy a bit. New update was good. Good job keep it up! <3 Was eager to try out the dynamite and this happen. Probably cause i put it on top of the Supply drop pod? Platform : Steam How to Reproduce bug: 1. Take a dynamite 2. Put it on top of the Supply pod or (insert any name here) 3. There you go
  5. Hi. Nice job on the update tho. Really love the features (Been busy and just watched the new update video) Can you like sell the music in the video too as another DLC? Or include it into one. (oh include Friends DLC too. So i can buy friends to play with). Thanks for the wonderful time and your hardwork!
  6. Hi. Great game. Bought it. But kinda lost. Went on forums. Is there any tutorials? If there is. i think should pinned so newbies like me can see