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  1. Hey Folks, I have only started just 7 days ago and have live streamed all my playtime on YouTube. First off, this game is freaking awesome. I have spent quite a number of hours exploring just 2 planets so far! Love to find new things in this game and the funny bugs like trucks floating into the air when you attached the possessed winch. Now to the main topic. 1. First person view - I like the 3rd person view just fine, but I would love to see the planet through the astronomer helmet, don't you think it'll give it an even better feel to the game? Think of Alien: Isolation but less scary and more enjoyable! This also helps with looking up resources above you in a cave without having to pan the camera down onto the ground(probably just me). 2. Habitat Upgrades - Instead of just a drop pod with one seat, how about adding possible upgrades to turn it into a proper sized Habitat with room to walk around in? Kinda like building structures that can house 4 players with a bed to rest(save game) and allow us to put a smelter indoors? 3. Backpack extension - This was a tough one to express, as I find that the current backpack has adequate inventory space thus far, but I was tossing around the idea when I saw a kid with a pull trolley the other day and wonder if that can be some sort of an expansion as oppose to driving a truck/rover? Think about it, having the extra 4 or 6 slots that you can pull around with you Anyway end of ideas(for now) Wanna say to the devs for the wonderful world of Astroneers that they created and bless all those who supported the game thus far. See you Space Junkies out there!