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  1. Yuni_Hermit

    "154" - April 26, 2017

    I'm going to agree with missing1eyebrow from the previous update notes. I don't completely like that hydrazine is now totally untradeable. (I only now found that patch notes when this steam notification popped up for this one). Yes, trading hydrazine was so brokenly overpowered that there was little to no point to leave my base, but.... well. I really don't like the constant knowledge that all non-rocketship-fuel resources are now completely limited, combined with the fact that trading stations trade for half value. While you can still use this to turn aluminum and copper into the unrefined version of the other, then refine them, it seems... bit of a ripoff and never worth using other than that ONE function now. Knowing that I am permanently reducing the amount of resources in the game world on that file will make me never want to use the trading station aside from that one conversion. This takes the game from completely unbalanced to functional, but it still needs tweaks. Now the trading station is next to worthless for 95% of the things you can trade for unless you are -desperate- for a resource. Overall good work, thanks for the terrain tool upgrades, thanks for the progression, the reason to explore more. :3 Overall it looks fun, we'll see what I do with it. On a side note, I do realize that the trading station is still very much a Work In Progress and you are experimenting with just about everything. Last I checked there were like 12 spawnable resources in game neither used for anything nor findable outside of direct spawning. Astronium, Ice, etc. Who knows? Maybe the balance solution for the trading station is to make a 'trading fodder' resource that, while technically limited, is SO abundant on some planet types that it would be mathematically infeisable for the player to run out? Or just a specific resource that trades at high value for trading while NOT being used to build something crucial? Gold? (meme warning) Diamonds? Unobtainium? I'd adore there to be a reason for jewels/gems to be in the game. Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, etc. Maybe go the slime rancher route and have the whole reason that these astronauts are exploring this segment of space to be for profit? That would also add a scoring or objective system to the game. I'm just spit-balling ideas. Making this game is hard work for you, thanks for all your hard hours, devs.
  2. Yuni_Hermit

    "131" - March 17th, 2017

    Thanks for all the hard work, Sugars. <3 Watching your game patiently for when it's done. All these GPU and network optimization are greatly appreciated. I bought a copy for my friend Cael, but she can't play it with me because her computer is a potato. She wanted to refund it, but I told her "Just wait... it's a Beta. They will otpimize it. The best computer in the world can't run a simple program if it's poorly optimized." I'm a software engineer in training at college... :3 So I've been waiting for some helpful optimizations. You guys are great. <3 Thanks for the updates.
  3. Yuni_Hermit

    Urchin plants growing in my outpost

    This is caused by the fact that the Urchin Seeds are basically the hazard trying to regrow. Unlike most Hazards, Spikers (Urchins) grow back after being dug up, in the form of seeds. The only present way to get rid of a seed is to drop it in a worm on Radiated, which will delete it. Otherwise, they're landmines waiting to regrow into TWO hazards where there used to be one. Horrible Note: They will also sprout IN YOUR BACKPACK if left there for too long. This may only occur after dropping them, then picking them back up, however. If you pick them up or move them once, the next time they touch ground or pack, they take root after 30 seconds. If a spiker sprouts in your backpack, it will be un-removable, and grow with you carrying it until it murders you as an adult spiker. Lovely.
  4. I can confirm this bug. Action: Shift-Click to pick up a tether. Result 1 (Tether pack with an open peg in the upper left slot of backpack): Tether gets put in backpack. Result 2 (Any other circumstance, such as a full tether pack or having it located elsewhere): Tether is deleted instead of being put in backpack. Same goes for manually dragging the grounded tether to your pack, or picking it up with a click and pressing tab to auto-store it.
  5. Step 1: Have remnants of windstorm moving away, so your astroneer is walking somewhat slow (but not minimum speed). Step 2: Get in shuttle, 1-seat constructed by Vehicle Bay used in my example. Step 3: Lift off. Step 4: Land on another planet and exit Shuttle. Result: Astroneer is now permanently walking slow as if it is very windy, even with no windstorm, until another windstorm arrives to fix the problem. Sidenote: Putting a Wind Turbine on the Shuttle's Large Attachment Point causes it to spin when orbiting Radiated (the planet I used for this). Winnnd, innnnn, spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace! My idea as to possible cause: My GUESS is that this is caused by the fact that the windstorm the Astroneer was slowed down by never 'ends' because they leave the planet in the middle of it, instead of waiting for it to properly pass by. I haven't seen the code, but that's where I'd start...
  6. Thank you! How nice for someone with real life experience on the subject to chime in on my thread! You're much better at putting this stuff into words than I am, I'm just some random compsci student. I like many of the solutions proposed in this thread, I'm so happy I could start a real discussion. I'm sure I don't have the only good idea, and I'm sure this devs will do something lovely with their power sources. This game is so early on, but I'm happy to be a part of its upbringing.
  7. Since it's too late to edit, I'll just add that it would be a wonderful use for one of the minerals not yet used, or the under-utilized Titanium.
  8. Nothing's as frustrating as going hoofing it on foot into a cave on your tether chain to find loot, only to QUICKLY run out of space for anything to carry up to the surface because your backpack has space taken up by 1-2 tanks and 1-2 batteries. Only to have your carrying capacity filled to the brim with Power stacks because you keep having to dig up farting plants and spiky ones to carve your path. Your backpack is full before you even get down into the second tunnel, and it feels -wasteful- to just leave all that power lying there when your base has power problems regularly. So why not add a 'Backpack Storage' craftable item? There's a 'Vehicle Storage' and a 'Base Storage' module, why not for backpack? More slots would be wondrous. As it is, I literally end up carrying a Base Storage module all the way down and back into the cave when I'm harvesting coal, just so I can carry 8 small items using my arms.
  9. I suppose my largest concern is mostly the fact that it gets -wasted- so easily, just like a normal generator. The only reason you'd need more than 50 bars of power is printing hydrazine for trading, really. But I'm always super hesitant to try and burn coal when I know such a large part of it is wasted. If all you have to use is a few researches or stuff like that, you don't want to waste 50 bars to fuel your base only a little.... especially when Coal is hard to find outside of places like Radiated. But alpha is alpha. I'm sure they have some kind of plan for everything.
  10. Yeah, that's another good point. You MUST stick around to make sure the power isn't wasted instead of exploring, baby sitting it, because it's using up a consumable.
  11. I was going to correct my math in a second post, but then I realized it was right. Ignore this second post. Just that it takes 8 hydrazine and I acidentally said 16 in the second part of the math, when 16 is the number of bars of power it takes to make one Hydrazine. You get the idea.
  12. I think the game's thermodynamic understanding of Coal is a little off, from playing it. Coal produces power at a rate identical to 1 solar panel from 1 generator, 50 bars over 100 seconds, 1 bar every 2 seconds. Given that many cities are powered ENTIRELY by one or two coal plants in the real world, I believe Coal should produce power faster than Solar does. Coal is a primary power source for the developed world, and is a consumable, yet relatively hard to find (at least on Terran). It is expensive to trade for, and generally not worth burning unless you are desperate for power, where as cities rely on constant power production from it in real life. 1 Coal has 8 units of Trade value in the Trade Station. Just like Titanium. It takes 8 tanks of Hydrazine (16 points of value) to trade for ONE coal. It takes 128 bars of power (16 * 8) to produce that 16 Hydrazine to trade for ONE Coal. Which will produce only 50 bars of power. If the player trades for coal, it produces a net power loss of 78 bars of power, assuming 100% efficiency (no lag in pressing the 'make Hydrazine' button). That means unless you dig it up, it's generally worthless. I suggest either drastically increase the duration of coal power, increase the RATE of power production (both increase total power generated), or make it much cheaper to trade for. As of now, I have never found myself burning Coal for fuel after several times through the game, ever. It's usually easier to farm for Organic and just use a small generator instead, when I'm desperate for power. The large generator seems worthless to me. Sorry for lengthy math/data. That's all.
  13. Varying by planet, taking my client players (friends) to new planets causes connection issues where they can't see the new base. Step 1: Have a friend connected in multiplayer. Step 2: Get in Spacecraft. We use habitats for seats and cover the ship in Storage. Step 3: Fly to Arid, Tundra, or Radiated. Step 4: Remove a Habitat from the ship and use the 'place habitat' button on top to create a new base. Step 5: Use Resin to extend the base out from the Habitat. Result: Client players can see and interact with the Habitat, but NOT any other resin-extension structures produced off of this habitat. My friends tell me they are fully invisible, and I can see them walk straight through for some reason. Side Note: The one time I created a base on Exotic with a friend, it worked fine. Go figure. Feedback: I LOVE your game. I watched MattShea play your game on Youtube, and bought it the day it came out because of Matt. In fact, within ONE HOUR of you opening your product on Steam, I owned it. I just wish it played nicer with my friends, BUT... thank you -very- much for including Multiplayer from day one, and building around it. The game is more pleasant as a whole. ... I just wish my friends spawned at whatever base I was at, instead of back on Terran... though I think that's like, balance or something.