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  1. 1.0 has been great, but it hasn't been without bugs and glitches. Some of which include "rifts" in the planets, in which you can fall into and in return get flung into the sky, items losing their ability to be picked up, and whatever that was in the second part. I did not have enough room to attach the files directly, but I put a link to Dropbox for each glitch. *Disclaimer* This was all done as the SECOND PLAYER 1. There's a glitch in the terrain which didn't appear in the host's perspective until much later on in the game. (V Rifts Bug.mp4?dl=0 2. I had just entered a personal spaceship on Calidor and was flung into wherever I was. I really don't know what happened in this instance. You may notice, that upon death, I respawned on Sylvia, much to my surprise. I lost all items and we could not find the body in outer space, Sylvia, or Calidor. (V Space Flung Bug.mp4?dl=0 3. I do not have a video for the unusable items as of now, but to summarize, some items turned invisible and could only be detected by a marker, and when attempted to be picked up or moved, there was no compliance. You could not put more items on the slots they occupied. Some items were visible, yet would not have the functionality to be picked up either. (V