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    Some ideas

    I was nitpicking , but I still feel that some level of consistency is important.
  2. migi0027

    Resource Transportation

    I honestly enjoy transporting that up with a rover or something.
  3. migi0027


    There are some settings behind the scenes that can be changed, but none officially. I'm assuming they'll come soon . IIRC, the .INI path is: xxx\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini
  4. migi0027

    Can you make Astroneer a game for Mac users.

    Well UE4 allows deployment for Macs, but there's usually a bunch of kinks to work out.
  5. migi0027

    split screen multiplayer

    Well it would definitely limit the stress on the engine. Given the limitations you set, and assuming the players will allow for a decent performance drop (Still playable), it's probably viable. But the same question remains: " does it take priority over the (IMHO) more pressing issues and features yet to be implemented? "
  6. Hi there, love your game! I feel that the lighting, whilst being beautiful already, can be further complimented with some form of a GI system. Of course I'm not talking full specular & diffuse propagation, it could even be a lighting occlusion system. And due the the voxel resolution I feel that this is a viable path, and relatively lightweight to compute over frames. I'm just guessing. Currently the lighting occlusion system seems be to be biome based (Height or some form of concavity detection) which works great for ambient lighting, but IMHO the transition feels unnatural and inconsistent, and I feel that the gi system I proposed would help prevent these issues. Thanks for reading, keep doing the awesome work!
  7. migi0027

    Resource Transportation

    Instead of a railway system as proposed, what about something a bit more sci-fi, such as a giant hose being dragged down into the caves. The hose would have a large suction, meaning that any items placed close to the tail would immediately be sucked into it and transported to the pump somewhere. I feel that this fits the atmosphere better than a railway, and has the dynamic and stylistic approach that the game has.
  8. migi0027

    Improved lights and/or rendering distance

    Increased render / lod distance would be great, although it seems that the terrain streaming & polygonization takes a toll which I why I assume the render distance is what it is for now. Looking at the lighting transition, I think their cave lighting system is biome (Height based or similar, perhaps even based on voxel concavity) based, which is why it can seem inconsistent at times, but that's all guesswork.
  9. migi0027

    Some ideas

    One issue, what is the atmosphere composed of, and will a helicopter be able to produce lift? (Currently no oxygen in atmosphere)
  10. migi0027

    split screen multiplayer

    Well UE4 has the tools for splitscreen like rendering, although it can easily be a challenge to implement it. There are several concerns too, performance wise: The rendering pipeline needs to be repeated, instant hit. Double streaming & processing? Imagine the players(2, 3?? [Even worse]) are on different corners of the world, or on another world! This would mean that the terrain streaming, deformation, polygonization would need to occur at twice the rate, that's a HUGE issue. And this is disregarding all the entities that would need to be simulated at twice the rate. In all, it's definitely possible, but the more important question is does it take priority over the (IMHO) more pressing issues and features yet to be implemented?
  11. migi0027

    Modular Vehicles

    Something I would like to see related to vehicles is different attachment types, such as: (Extending upon an idea you conveyed) Modules: Automated Driving, GPS, etc... (You get the idea, not "physical" components, rather logical) Placables: Oxygen Generator, Containers, etc... (Physical components). I would love to see more work related to the vehicles, and as a side note IMHO the steering feels a bit weird, that may be intentional though, not sure.