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  1. TitanOfGaming

    Footprints, and Tire Tracks

    Good idea, I am not sure how important it is to add, but it's a good idea.
  2. TitanOfGaming

    Screw this Game

    YASSSSS but what if i bought it on XB1...
  3. Here is a video I made to make a Power Generator. Its pretty simple, but VERY helpful, all it takes is a rover or truck and some solar panels or wind vanes.
  4. TitanOfGaming


    I've experienced the same bug.
  5. TitanOfGaming

    What is the crane used for?

    Ive never seen a crane or a drill... can I be sent a video?
  6. TitanOfGaming

    I've been lost for days map pleasee

    The waypoint to home goes away when you are too far away. Hope you find your way back ^ _ ^
  7. TitanOfGaming

    Shuttle fuel substitution?

    By researching unknown items you can unlock the structure "Fuel Compactor" which transfers power to hydrazine. Hope I Helped
  8. TitanOfGaming

    Space Travel Glitch/Bug (XB1)

    Well, I have bad luck, i glitched through the ground multiple times while sculpting land... ;-;
  9. TitanOfGaming

    Space Travel Glitch/Bug (XB1)

    I know, I was surprised too.
  10. TitanOfGaming

    Space Travel Glitch/Bug (XB1)

    I found this bug while traveling across planets, and I suffocated, (obviously) and lost all of my stuff. Now I had to create a new save and start over. This glitch is game breaking, and now I am scared too travel to other planets. Please patch this glitch ASAP. Youtube Video Link (If this fourm doesn't use preview) -Thanks, Titan