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  1. I am not color blind, so I can read it right away But I fully support your case! Should not be too difficult to have some color sliders for design elements and even biomes as well.
  2. Taking the ability of trading Hydrazine out of the Game is taking half of the Sand out of the Sandbox. I don't like.
  3. 1st - why does everybody call the spore clouds "gas"? 2nd - no, the filters do not protect you from spores, they just expand your o2 time for a bit.
  4. I noticed I sometimes have to re-attach the small solar (and maybe other energy sources as well) to actually get power out of them.
  5. Guess it was only the vc++ stuff rolled out again.
  6. Very good point! Need to remember when that discussion comes up again. />
  7. Поздравляем Вас с днем рождения, Валентина Владимировна Терешкова!
  8. I hope they do not change the driving concept at all. Maybe some tweaking can be done, but I myself find it refreshing when something is done different than in all the other games. Just my 2.
  9. I like to keep my vehicles modular, so I use the found seats or built ones over the fixed ones. Not filed a bug yet, since I thought it was so obvious until I realized I don't know how to reproduce. Some more testing is needed. Maybe it started when I used the seat glitch, where you grab the seat at the very moment you enter it, just for the fun of it.
  10. I have just checked the save. Built a new seat and a new rover. put the seat onto the rover, enter it and get flipped out off it immediately ...
  11. [edit] for the plausibility of taking off in the seat: we are wearing a space suit. getting hit by a floating rock would most likely kill you, no matter if you are in a capsule or not.
  12. well, I am quite sure I have a save, where every seat is flipping. no matter if on a vehicle, storage or on the ground.
  13. So you say, only the looted ones are misbehaving when entered / exited? I think I made some that were also flipping vehicles when left.