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    Answer please!!

    I can't fly back to terra!!! Why not? It's out of orbit how do I get it back in orbit
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    Answer please!!

    Hi Geniuses at Systemera! I know it's a Pre- Alpha version but you guys did exceptionally well on this game. Here are a few problems In the Xbox one version:Using the add tool directly below you makes you fall into the floor.Sometimes when vehicle is crashed and one presses X to reorient it the ships shoots off and flys away. The save feature is not terribly reliable. No lookup table for trades in trading table. Natural Coal? I found it once by Research that was it Multiplayer is coming soon right? Local Please Sometimes large items won't fall when excavated. Are beacons suppose to work underground? Because they don't. Setting for toggle first/third person. Thank you so much for making an incredible game! I love it and I can't wait to see it grow.