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  1. {SideExplorer}

    making platforms

    well I am still currently stuck on a planet with only a (shuttle with no fuel), a seat, and some resources but I don't have any fuel and cannot find any but I heard I could make a platform from my shuttle. if this is true how do I do it? I need to make a fuel condenser.
  2. {SideExplorer}

    Screw this Game

  3. {SideExplorer}

    Shuttle fuel substitution?

    Hi! I am pretty new to Astroneer myself but I got to the point where I want to get off my starting planet so I made a shuttle. after I made my shuttle I got as much fuel I thought I needed and a seat then I went into orbit and flew to a couple of planets (my mistake) after a couple of planets I ran out of fuel and now I am on a planet that does not have any hydrazine (which is the fuel) so my question is: is there any substitute for fuel for the shuttle? and if not is there any way I could get back to my home planet?