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  1. My friend is joining my game but does not see the base or tunnels I created. I have attached two views . One from me , the host, and one from the friend who does not see the base.
  2. Twiebie

    Multiplayer (re)spawn

    Hei, when I play in multiplayer and a friend is joining my session, he always spawns on the start planet . Sometimes his landing shuttle flies to the other planet ( where I - the host ) am , but then turns around and goes straight back to the starter planet.
  3. Twiebie

    Solar Collector on Moon not working

    Hei , Yes all 3 solar panels are attached properly on different base stations ( one directly on the printer ) one building has power ( but not fully loaded - which was done by a generator ) I thought the rest will be done via solar energy, but this does not work proper.
  4. Twiebie

    Solar Collector on Moon not working

  5. Hei, I noticed that the solarcollectors on a moon are not working. I played this game in co-op and tried out later alone ( started a new session ) . The solarcollectors are directed to the sun ( see screenshots ), but are not collecting energy from it. * the energy i harvested is from a generator *