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    Storage module for tractor trailer

    Two words: medium rover...
  2. The easiest way to go Sylva's core and back for me is to unlock the boost mod (1 zinc), wide mod (1 zinc) and the first drill mod (1 ceramic), and plenty of tethers. Make a hole near your base at about 45º down or steeper, and keep digging down and flattening the ramp until you reach the third cave layer. Then, dig another 45º ramp down facing the opposite direction for three more layers, and repeat until you reach the last cave layer with the purple nodes. Make a hole straight down against the purple node and you're in the core. Just waltz in dropping tethers, and don't forget to bring your quartz (or three). With this approach you will dig up plenty of malachite, laterite, sphalerite, ammonium and ASTRONIUM (1,000 bytes per bundle every 2.5 minutes can't be beat, except for a stroll inside Atrox caves, where the little research nuggets give over 400 bytes apiece, but I digress) along the way, and you will make the path to the core an easier one. You can surf your way down or bring a buggy... Same approach for the rest of the planets, except use a better drill mod for the harder planets...
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    Is this a joke?

  4. vvhorus


  5. Tell me about it. Devs don't even come here to their own forums except to post an announcement once in a blue moon, then completely disappear. Heck, look at the breadcrumbs line, the sub-forum still reads "Astroneer - Early Access + Game Preview"!
  6. Does anyone know how to do change the game's default monitor? It keeps opening in my secondary monitor, and I have to move it to my primary every time. Steam, Windows 10...
  7. The starting planet is the only one in which we can't choose where we land. I think giving us that option when we start new games can be a good thing. The game could transition from the habitat launching animation to orbiting the planet so we can choose a landing location...
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    Activated the core. BUT

    Restart the game...
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    stuck at Desolo

    Build an outpost while you're there...
  10. You can put rover seats on all cargo compartments (including the one for the oxygenator) and launch with other players...
  11. I was wondering the same thing last night. You just need to quit and restart the game. The game should unlock them automatically without having to quit and restart...
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    Can’t find any copper

    Keep digging down. Plenty on the caves below...
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    You might also try Sylva's moon, Desolo. Plenty in the first cave layer...
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    Portal Machine

    Plug a small generator and see what happens... 🙂
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    Removing modules from platforms

    This is a better solution than repacking, especially if you only want to move a module from one platform to another. Spending resources just to move things around? Hmmm... too much.
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    Dedicated Servers and Future Updates

    As much as I would love to have the dedicated servers be online ASAP, I think SES should devote their full attention for now in addressing the "storm" of bugs and performance/stability issues that currently plague 1.0. If dedicated servers come with the same multiplayer issues which makes it almost unplayable, then what's the point?
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    With all sincerity, I'd rather have my base in the open under sunny days and clear skies than gray walls or dark caves, now more than ever with Terrain 2.0. Caves, crevices and hostile flora offer plenty of challenge now. Storms as they were in early release were not challenging at all, just obnoxious and irritating. Even more so was having storms affect player movement inside caves. They need a rework, so at least for the time being, I'm glad they're gone...
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    Is this a joke?

    Many of the current issues are legacy bugs that SES had the opportunity to address more than 5 months ago when they made the decision not to release any more updates for early access to concentrate on 1.0. Multiplayer stability, clippings, sinking items, players launched into the air: these are not new bugs, they've been in the game for a long time. It seems like all hands on deck were focused on making the game look good, but no one worked on stability, performance, or bugs. We're not in early access anymore. No one can use that as an excuse any longer...
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    Thunder Storms and the Shield idea

    Hater or not, those who can't or choose not to speak can't be heard. Bigger storms attached to an option to disable them, sure...
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    Extenders not working. Pls help

    There are HUGE malachite and laterite deposits if you dig deep on Sylva. Keep going down until you see the mushroom kingdom, you'll hit the deposits for sure while on the way. I have so much laterite and malachite I can give it away and still have plenty. There's some malachite in mountain regions on the surface if you need a quick copper or two, but if you want to hit the jackpot, you need to go deep. You don't need to go to another planet for malachite. Plenty on Sylva. Just need to know where to look... And, no need to be in orbit to know a planet's resources. Just go to the Astropedia in your menu and go to Planets. Every planet will have a list of their resources...
  21. I was playing with a friend last night, and while on "Exotic" (can't think of the planet's name at the moment) we were ready to depart on our shuttles, and he was launched into space without the shuttle...
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    Research Aid

    Totally agree. I'm ignoring those altogether. Not worth the hassle. Why lock them when other kinds of research are so much plentiful and easily accessible? On Novus, those lockers contain the round tech research pods, but they're worth only 2500 bytes, and they take more than half an hour to research. Astronium, on the other hand, is 1,000 bytes every 2 and a half minutes per bunch. Unlocked the RTG in a couple of trips to the core...