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  1. Really? Are we censoring posts now? Unbelievable...
  2. vvhorus

    Fun and interesting things to do

    That reminded me when comedian Gabriel Iglesias yells his friend's name in his jokes!! 😂
  3. All that should have been done months ago if they planned to release the game in December. Now they're scrambling to meet the deadline. We were supposed to get T2.0 last month, but got delayed because it wan't ready. I don't know, that December date seems a bit unrealistic to me if they want to make sure that what they release is relatively playable. Rushing out content for the sake of keeping a deadline may end up biting them in the butt...
  4. vvhorus

    Extenders vs Splitter

    I'm one of those who doesn't "think it all" when it comes to base design. I usually go with the flow of the terrain in which I land, and if I find an abandoned base with a landing platform, forget about it. I have a few "design" (if you can call them that) templates that I have used fairly often because they work for me: an "A" shape with the habitat being at the top, a snowflake pattern, platforms in a straight/curved row, two parallel rows with platforms backing each other, or in a square/rectangular shape.
  5. vvhorus

    The Merits of Early Access

    I would not be against that. At least it would give storms a real reason for being, and not just to force you to wait it out doing nothing or to hide in a cave...
  6. Other devs do weekly/bi-weekly streams to talk about the current state of their games, any upcoming content, or to address any concerns from the community. Some even stream themselves playing their own games just for the fun of it...
  7. vvhorus

    The Merits of Early Access

    Those are some serious numbers! I just hit my 1.5k hour mark in Warframe this past Monday and I still can't believe it. I used to play a few games over and over back in my teens, but back then there was no way to track your game time like Steam and other services and games currently do. One of my friends bought Ark and is bugging me to get it as well. Also, I own a few Civ games which I acquired through Humble Bundles, but still haven't tried them yet. I used to play Age of Empires and similar games quite a lot, so I might give Civ a try... I agree. Warframe being case in point. At the beginning you don't have much power to finish some missions. Now, 23 mastery rank levels (out of 25) later, I have a selection of what OP frame/weapon loadout to bring. As for Astroneer, the first couple of hours is where it's at: those initial moments when you desperately need to gather resources and research pods to make your base and get to the next step of building a transport. I usually do three different save games and go as far as unlocking everything in the catalog, then I stop: 1) I can't bring myself to start over a fourth time, and 2) the save game will be broken on the next patch, so I don't bother spending much time doing anything too grandiose. I make a point to visit every planet at least one time, but once that last bit of tech is unlocked (usually either the dynamite or fireworks), I'm gone. I do research everything, not because I need everything, but because I get so much bytes that I just go to town in the catalog. I usually don't build shredders nor trade platforms. I can easily get any resource I need by hopping into the small shuttle, or the large one if I ever build it. I usually spend a lot of my play time making one huge smooth ramp down a hole into the caves below on every planet that I make a base. For me, caves are the life line of the game. Exploring those is where I find my most enjoyment.
  8. vvhorus

    Extenders vs Splitter

    I disagree. There's nothing wrong with how platforms currently distribute power. Plus, I don't think that won't really change much the way players build their bases right now. You could still spam platforms everywhere as long as you have a centralized power area...
  9. vvhorus

    The Merits of Early Access

    I like exploring and discovering stuff as well. What's holding me back from spending another 300 hours in the game is that replayability value. I started three games in this last patch, each one pretty unique, I would say. I unlocked my catalog three times already, so starting over and doing the same thing a fourth time was kind of unappealing to me. Since I have little experience playing early access games, I don't know if other games like to use the "early access" label to excuse a lack of anything. Content-wise, based on the game's development roadmap, I personally don't expect anything major until release. Terrain 2.0 is just aesthetic, and dedicated servers is a functionality update. Hopefully we will get something more than just a couple of new recipes or a few new materials...
  10. vvhorus

    Extenders vs Splitter

    I've found splitters to be kind of worthless in my games. A platform can split whatever input from power sources, and they're bi-directional. Never felt the need to regulate power, either. Extenders, however, have been pretty useful...
  11. Hey all! This thread was inspired by @The Touch of Grey Gamer's thread "Only time will tell." Thought of posting this there but I did not want to hijack his thread, so I decided to create a new one instead. This was the first game that I ever bought in early access status. Most likely it will be the last. I did not come to this decision because the game in its past/current state wasn't fun (I've devoted entire weekends to it), but because I've come to the realization that I'm ruining the experience of playing the final product when it finally releases. I've played close to 300 hours since I bought the game back in December 2016. This might sound a lot (it does to me considering that I don't devote too much of my free time to gaming), but it's nothing compared to other players I've seen, nor the amount of hours I've put into other games. In @The Touch of Grey Gamer's thread I've seen players have double, even more than triple the amount of hours as me already. These past few updates I've only played about a week after the update releases, then it's off to do something else. This has been due to me losing interest fairly quickly. I'm not the kind of player who forces myself to play a game just for the sake of playing that game. You won't see me building grand palaces, Mario Kart race tracks, giant "pajamas" statues, nor cutting planets in half just for the sake of playing Astroneer. Although those are great things to accomplish in the game, they are not required game objectives. Those are just side activities to "artificially force" oneself to come back and finish those. I'm a big fan of story missions and lore in games. They don't necessarily need to be linear. The game could be open-ended enough to complete requirements in any order, but have enough cohesiveness to allow you to make sense of what you are doing. Astroneer currently lacks this element. You're basically done once you unlock everything in your catalog, then it's off to either start a new game, sight see, make something big just to pass the time, or play something else. SES has created these awesome open environments that lack structure and lore. The game has its fair share of other issues, but I digress. I understand that some of the reasons players buy early access games are out of curiosity, low price point, to play it before anyone else (even though anyone can buy the game in its current state), and to support the developers. Discovering a game in its early access stage can be fun and exciting. Astroneer has certainly been that way for me, at least in the beginning. However, I also think that early access games might create kind of unfavorable reactions due to bugs, lack of content, etc., and those could potentially prevent the game from growing. Word of mouth in gaming communities spread like wildfire, and displeased gamers are more likely to share their experiences with others than happy players. It's surely a double-edged sword. When I bought the game, 4 friends of mine also bought copies at the same time. Out of us 5, I'm the only one who "still" plays, even though I haven't touched the game in about a month or so. A couple of them are already looking at Osiris as a possible Astroneer replacement (it's included in one of the latest humble bundles). When I asked them why, they replied that Astroneer, although fun, was too repetitive and multiplayer was unplayable. The current state of multiplayer was a big turn-off for them. They also stated that they will wait until final release to give the game another opportunity. To all of you I ask: what are your thoughts about getting Astroneer as early access? Do you feel you're potentially spoiling the experience of a released product? Do you think you will devote another 1,000 hours to it once it releases, knowing that at its core it's the same game you've already spent xxx or 1,xxx amount of hours? What other experiences have any of you had with other early access games? What are your thoughts about early access games in general?
  12. vvhorus

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    Amen! This is my #1 deterrent for coming back and starting yet another game. It is way more efficient to make multiple interplanetary trips to get hematite and wolframite than to go driving around to find stuff to scrap. Amen #2!
  13. vvhorus

    True or False

    I'm going to risk answering "false" on this one...
  14. vvhorus

    Stuck on barren without any resources

    Build an outpost while you're in Barren. Plenty of materials and research pods, plus zinc and lithium for batteries...
  15. vvhorus

    The sad truth about the game.

    A whole lot, like "Ermahgerd"... 😂 What irks me is that at only two short months of supposed release, the devs are planning on holding untested surprise content for then. Bless their tenacity...