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    Rover (large)

    Do you have a work light attached to your rover? If so, remove it...
  2. vvhorus

    Quests? RPG Elements?

    So what type of game is this to you, then? IMO, this is basically a survival RPG without any character progression at the moment. You play the role of a space colonist gathering resources to expand your base. Narrative is coming with 1.0 per the roadmap. What type of narrative, only time will tell, but we'll be getting a purpose, not just a mindless grind for resources to build a purposeless base. Those were suggestions for the developers, anyways. Treat them as such...
  3. vvhorus

    Exploits don't harm Astroneer

    I think there should be a feature to make a saved game private, and as a session admin, block/kick players from it. Maybe this will come when the dedicated servers are implemented later in this quarter?
  4. Title. I was playing on Arid on Saturday night, saved my game and went to bed. When I opened my saved game on Sunday, I noticed that some underground ramps that I built were covered with lots of debris, some research pods had moved, and some gas pods/spike trees regenerated. If this is normal, I never noticed before...
  5. Hey all! What if we had quests/mini quests in the game? I know narrative is coming in 1.0, but I have a few ideas that might be good to add: A. Use the zebra balls as ancient pods that would contain archaeological relics/relic fragments, or map fragments, or lore messages/items, depending on which type of ball we find (I've seen striped, checkered and dotted balls so far). Contents would be RNG, and the only way to open the pods would be through the research bay. Archaeological relics/fragments should be unique to each planet, and they could be tradeable for materials, technologies, or other relics/fragments. Also, they could be part of a game achievement (collect all relics from X planet). Map fragments would be collected to unlock a random planetary location in which an ancient city ruin would be located, with a chance to find relics, harvested materials and other goodies. There could be one or multiple locations per planet. (Perhaps also stellar coordinates to a hidden planet?) Lore messages could contain the history of the planet you are exploring, like holograms of its people, ancient texts, seeds, DNA blueprints, and the like. B. Have interaction with other races which could give you errands in exchange for technologies, items, materials, relics, etc. Interaction can be through a comm device in your suit (maybe another tab in your computer) or a panel that you open in your habitat. C. RPG elements in Astroneer, maybe? Character progression, character stats, etc. The higher your stats, more technologies and planets available to unlock for you. Evolve and integrate the current "bytes" system into a "tech" stat for your character. It can increase from visiting other planets and gathering more diverse tech from those, opening research pods, or from quest rewards.
  6. vvhorus

    Sleep system?

    I would go the other direction. I would just remove storms altogether. They serve no real purpose in the game other than to slow you down and force you into your habitat/vehicle or underground while it passes. Heck, they don't even make the wind turbines move most of the time! If the devs got rid of the flying debris that kill you and make the wind only slow down players/vehicles and hinder visibility (totally agree with you on that), storms would be ok. But as they are, they're just an annoyance more than a feature. I played a lot this weekend, and I found that building underground is the way to go. Did Arid on Saturday and Tundra on Sunday. One large platform D with wind turbines, solar panels and a couple of large batteries is all you need outside. No storms to worry about, plenty of resources, and the terrain is way better for rovers. You have to do a lot of digging, but the augments will make the chore go quicker. Need a coffee break? No need to enter anything, just stand close to a platform. No rolling spike balls, no flying rocks. Total tranquility... On topic: if in the future the devs added RPG elements to the characters, like stamina, vitality, etc., with day/night cycles being longer, and would only be for single player, then maybe a sleep mechanic would be good to have...
  7. vvhorus

    My Rover Ideas

    Hello! Once again, thanks for such a great game! It has brought me and my friends many hours of silliness and enjoyment! Having said that, the rover needs some love. Here are my ideas: Create a rover mod or attachment that could flatten the ground, so it could make roads. Give the single seat the capability to rotate and swivel to face forward when attached to the front/back of the rovers, so we don't have to drive or sit sideways. Allow the triple seat to detach and be placed on the front/back of the large rover, again, with the capability to swivel so we sit parallel to the ground and not facing down. Allow the storage attachments to detach from rovers and be placed on platforms or other rovers. When chaining multiple rovers, allow all rovers to contribute to the train's movement, not just rely on the power from the leading rover, for better traction/speed/flow. Add floodlights to the top bars of the rover seats by default, or give us the option to unlock/craft/place them (besides the currently-existing work lights).
  8. vvhorus

    Create a Recycler

    Maybe not get rid of the dynamite, but the recycler idea, absolutely. +1
  9. vvhorus

    What a beautiful and powerful tool!

    I agree that rovers need a little extra attention, since they're such an important aspect of gameplay. Maybe have a rover mod or attachment that could flatten the ground to create roads?
  10. vvhorus

    Pesky Tree

    Awesome! I don't mind re-gathering my platforms, as long as that tree is permanently gone. So, hydrazine and dynamite, huh? Hmmm... Might have to experiment... Thanks!
  11. vvhorus

    6.8 Changes

    I started a new game last night and did notice that minerals were more abundant within the spot where they were found. Also, I only found two research pods in about 3 hours of gameplay. I even found that mini computer easter egg before finding a research pod...
  12. vvhorus

    Pesky Tree

    Hey all! I dropped a seed between two adjacent large platform A's and went to quickly pick up something I left behind. By the time I got back, the seed grew into a tree between the two platforms, rendering the storage slots useless. Can't disconnect the platforms because the cable connectors are right there within the tree's space, preventing me from clicking on them. Can't dig out the tree because it's on the black bedrock surface. Has this ever happened to anyone? Can I just blow it up with dynamite? Will the blast affect my platforms or habitat? I'll try blasting it when I play tonight and post my results...
  13. vvhorus

    Sleep system?

    I will only say that this is one of the worst ideas I have ever read in any forums for any game. The only thing this will force you to do is to stop playing the game...
  14. vvhorus

    Dedicated Server Question

  15. vvhorus

    Exploits don't harm Astroneer

    You are all taking this game WAAAAY too seriously!! My recommendation: take deep breaths, and look at how you guys play individually. If you find an exploit and it bothers you to your core, just don't do it. If you find an exploit and it gives you the LOLs, by all means, keep doing it! We all play games to enjoy ourselves, to leave stress behind. Who cares what we all do with our individual worlds? For those who are a bit stuck up by rules and argue that exploits affect multiplayer, here's a recommendation based on personal experience: play either solo or with friends that you trust. Don't join games or allow players you don't trust to join yours. That way, you can play the way you want, always. I play this game mostly (around 90%, I would say) in multiplayer with personal close friends. Anything goes with us! We only have one rule: if you make a hole, cover it up after you're done. The laughs and silliness are unreal. Too bad we missed the habitat "exploit" (I quoted the word because I don't think it was one; everything in a video game needs to be programmed, and I think that was deliberately done so), as it would have been hysterical. This is just a video game, and on Alpha early release to boot. Enjoy it for what it's worth!