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  1. What he so eloquently said. @SES_Adam: Personally, I used to play a lot back when the game was Early Access, but all these latest updates have not inspired me one bit to play the game. Like TTOGG said, to me it's all gimmicks to attempt to catch our attention until the next gimmicky update comes out. I'd rather wait two months for a substantially proper update with lore, missions, new mechanics and new survival items than get a monthly gimmicky one with chess and beach balls. At its core, Astroneer is supposed to be a (first and foremost) space exploration survival game. Where are my exploration tools? What is being done to follow the core concept of the game, or did you guys run out of exploration-and-survival-related ideas that all we're getting is miscellanea and distraction activities? Sorry to say, but with every new update, I feel Astroneer is turning into the equivalent of a Happy Meal toy. A kid will play with it for a few minutes while eating his/her nuggets, but will get lost among other better toys once the kid brings it home. This game has the potential to be great and stand out from the "big boys" in the industry, "so what'cha gonna do?" "Taking constructive criticism from others is required to get to the next level." – Wendy Starland
  2. vvhorus

    Soil centrifuge constantly breaking

    Is it the device used in medical labs that spins a lot and separates red blood cells from plasma?
  3. vvhorus

    Bugfixes please!

    Unfortunately, the devs have said that there will not be public dedicated servers anytime soon, so multiplayer gameplay will still be peer-to-peer for most of us unless you rent (at a monthly cost) your own server through a provider, or you join a "good samaritan"'s free server. With an influx of new players from the PS4 looming in the horizon, SES will have to do something to fix this issue, and soon.
  4. vvhorus

    About the new in game camera.

    Unfortunately, no. You have to either press the F12 key (Steam) or use the Windows Snipping Tool to capture the screen shot...
  5. vvhorus

    Overhyped Wanderer update

    It's hard to argue with what @Astrobeam, @The Touch of Grey Gamer and @mystikrohave said. A space exploration game in which you attempt to play soccer and chess with others, but multiplayer is unplayable. Really? Who approves these things? I would love to be a fly in the wall in the meeting room where these decisions are made so I can understand the logic... I play other sandbox exploration games where the devs have focused on adding tools to make exploration exciting and meaningful, or have added more lore to an already lore-rich game. I don't want to play chess or soccer in Astroneer. I want to explore. I want to know where the technology for the purple teleporters and the planet cores came from (hide alien containers across all planets with lore in them, in the form of "explorer notes" from previous Astroneers or from the aliens themselves). I want to know the stories behind the dead Astroneers I run across (put a personal log file in the backpack with their findings, discoveries, personal notes, or coordinates to places of interest), or what happened in the abandoned bases I encounter (make it so the habitat's computer is operational–or fixable–so I can access the logs). Those things will make me come back for more adventures. Chess, not so much. I can play a better (and proper) chess game with either my son in my living room or online with friends through a phone app. The devs have lost focus of what the game is about, and are just going on weird tangents with every new update. It's as if they don't like or believe in the game they created, and are trying to make it something else. Evolution without focus or direction is what we're getting. Can this game make me feel that I'm actually exploring an alien world, or are we getting UNO cards in the next update?
  6. vvhorus

    Are you missing suits?

    Tomorrow Wanderer Update, in October we're finally getting the road builder (mystery "groundwork" device) and some secret Halloween event, and in November we're getting creative mode and dedicated server tests (finally!). If you want to get into the nitty-gritty and skip the fluff, fast forward to around 39:30... How hard was it to share this video here in the forums, you ask? Well, it took me about a minute... I wish someone had posted here in the forums about the stream...
  7. vvhorus

    Are you missing suits?

    Again with the laziness? What's up with not updating the forums concurrently?
  8. Make a hole on the ground, drop it in, and never use it again...
  9. vvhorus

    The devs do care about us.

    Hey Marc! Welcome! Glad to see you here... Maybe you can find out for us the reasons why there's a 5-minute timer on post edits, or why reactions to posts haven't been added. It would be great to know the logic behind these decisions that, in my opinion, do not make sense. I'm a member of other forums driven by Invision Community where both those features (editing posts with no time limits/post reactions) are not only present, but they are such an integral part of the user experience...
  10. vvhorus

    The Exploration Update - September 4th, 2019

    I hate to bring Ark up again (no, I don't), but from the very second you spawn, you can press M and the character pulls a blank map out of his/her underwear with your exact position in it. You can even set a marker in it to mark the location of your home base, for example, or other places of interest, based on latitude and longitude. There are no developer-created soccer balls. Recreational stuff comes in the form of (lots and lots of) user-created mods via Steam Workshop. Studio Wildcard has focused their development on giving Survivors the tools they need to explore and survive in the harsh world that is Ark, and have given their community the tools and the freedom to add entertainment to that experience. Both Ark and Astroneer run on the Unreal Engine. I wish someday SES would consider releasing a developers toolkit to let players create mods for Astroneer. That would be really cool... One thing I like about Ark is how they've incorporated humanity's different technology eras, with more advanced technology achievable only by learning previous tech, but everything kept within the survival/dino-based theme. SES, take notes...
  11. vvhorus

    The Exploration Update - September 4th, 2019

    Didn't you get the memo? Beach balls and hoops are now standard space explorer gear. You are absolutely right. With every new update the game is deviating from its roots, as you so eloquently expressed it. Instead of a cartography system we have space buggy soccer. It seems like Exo Dynamics cares more about recreational activities than actual space exploration and the well-being of its Astroneers...
  12. vvhorus

    The Exploration Update - September 4th, 2019

    This fix needs to be THE top priority, especially with a PS4 launch looming in the horizon. And I concur with @The Touch of Grey Gameron the one-and-done items in the game, and the weird and impractical choices for game additions, especially with a sub-forum full of suggestions and ideas. Crafting stuff to see them once and never use them or to do the same thing over and over (like different shaped storage units or the so-called "recreational items") is kind of pointless. Give us new mechanics, new goals, new activities, new missions, new things to look forward to. A hoop is not one of them. And for G*d's sake, fix the da*n terrain desync already!
  13. vvhorus

    The Exploration Update - September 4th, 2019

    There might be something wrong with the Playstation Store...
  14. vvhorus

    Update today?

    This has nothing to do with you, Gina, or any of the moderators who volunteer their time to do so, who have my total respect, but I've come to the conclusion that Joe and everyone in the communications department are just lazy. My mother was a communications officer for many years, until the day she retired. I remember being in her office waiting for her, seeing her run like a mad woman trying to finish last-minute press releases and sending them to every major and minor news outlet in the region before going home. I also remember her sometimes getting out of the house at 4:00-5:00 in the morning to be on time at 8:00 am somewhere to give a talk about the company's products and services, and she always had a smile on her face. She did not just call one person to do her work, she made sure that everyone who needed to know the info for the release got it, and she did not go home until that happened. It's so easy now to write a 4-word sentence and post it on Discord, and let the unpaid "minions" do his work for him. Announcements should be prepared beforehand, and released on each of the company's communications channels simultaneously. Copy-paste on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, here, and elsewhere, all at the same time. Nobody can be on Discord 24-7, so posting on Discord first and exclusively is just laziness, not to mention a bad practice. It's Joe's job to let me, you, and everyone who bought the game (whether that customer uses Discord or not) know when an update is coming, or when SES needs to announce something. Where's the official vlog posting here on the forums, or the official PS4/Gearbox partnership announcement? It's been 5 days since those were released on Discord. See what I mean?