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  1. vvhorus

    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

    Still no dedicated servers?
  2. vvhorus


    I would suggest digging with your terrain tool and making ramps. Takes time, but it's easier than having to steadily maneuver a vehicle and a drill down in the caves. Easier to get in or out, plus you'll have a nice path to underground resources such as laterite, sphalerite, ammonium and research pods, which are abundant in caves...
  3. vvhorus


    I agree. 10 minutes would have been the sweet spot. 25 minutes, however, was too much...
  4. vvhorus


    I would have upvoted this post if the forums had that feature, but, alas...
  5. vvhorus

    Dev Road Map

    Sadly, this game has gone to the "whatever" list for me. The one feature I was most excited about for launch (dedicated servers) so I can play with friends and share a world with them was pushed back. Multiplayer is mostly unplayable, and playing with friends in a stable environment is very important to us. Having to curse at the game every 5 minutes for dropping the frame rate to 4-5 or respawning removed terrain is not fun for any of us. The lack of dev involvement in these forums is a symptom of an apparent bigger problem: knowledgeable manpower. I've been suggesting for over a year to add a "like/upvote" feature to these forums and the ability to edit our own posts beyond the 5-minute time limit, which are easy things to do in the Invision control panel, but here we are. Also it took them 3 months to edit out the "early access" phrase from the forum title. If they can't even do these simple changes to their own forum (which is packaged software, they don't need to code anything), I don't have much faith in them adding anything like cartography. I go to other game forums and I see how involved the devs are with their forum community on a daily basis, yet this team completely neglects it. These forums are a ghost town because of SES's own making.
  6. vvhorus

    Dev Road Map

    Must be a bad inside joke, because I didn't get it. Whoever goes to the trello site will see the word "rollerblades," and probably will expect that item to be added to the game. Nowhere says it's a joke... Instead of cryptic jokes in the trello site, how about brief but real descriptions of what's coming?
  7. vvhorus

    Dev Road Map

    Cartography would be something nice to have. Driving for hours when lost is not exactly my idea of a fun time. And yeah, SES "got some 'splainin' to do" with rollerblades...
  8. vvhorus

    Dev Road Map

    Because creating a horn sound and applying it to an in-game button takes months of research, preparation, development and testing, whereas cartography is a 30-minute thing that any of their devs can do in their lunch break... 😎
  9. vvhorus

    Update 1.1.2 - May 10, 2019

    Supposedly Microsoft rejected the update on Xbox because of a bug. We're still waiting...
  10. vvhorus

    Update 1.1.2 - May 10, 2019

    Wow, what a bad, bad analogy. You are not obligated to play this game. You don't owe SES nothing. @Clo33's point of view is quite right, if you ask me. You can either play something else while they fix stuff, or play the game in whatever state it is right now, your choice. But if you do and it aggravates you, it's on you, because you can choose to play something else... As for me, I'm going to play for a while to test the new stuff when the update finally comes out, then back to something else until they release dedicated servers, no worries. I don't dedicate my life to playing games. I play for fun only. If it's not fun, why do it? Go chill with something else and let SES do their thing. The game's not going anywhere. "Shikata ga nai..."
  11. vvhorus

    Wanderer Update

    "EXO Dynamics Personal Mobility Object -- aka Rollerblades"? Dedicated servers...
  12. vvhorus

    April Update.....................

    Fellow Mass hole? I'm just waiting for dedicated servers. Never was a fan of the shredder mechanic, but that extra large platform looks promising...
  13. vvhorus

    Research Pods

    Really? "Prickly Pairs"? Is that the best you can do?? 😎
  14. vvhorus

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    To any mod/dev that may be reading this: Fix the sub-forum title. It still reads "Astroneer Early Access + Game Preview". Doesn't take a whole minute to do so...
  15. vvhorus

    Portable Oxygenator

    I built one, used it for less than 5 minutes, and it's currently sitting in a medium storage somewhere. It consumes too much power to be of any real utility. You need a constant power source to use it. Wind turbines are unreliable. Solar panels are useless in caves. Small generators require organic. All these use up a valuable backpack slot, two or more in the case of a small generator + organic. Plus if you're using mods and drills for your terrain tool, then you're just out of luck. Where's the portable RTG?