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  1. vvhorus

    true flat

    Something that I think should be added is the ability to not only do true flat, but true angular terrain modification, for example, make perfect 90º, 60º, 45º, etc. angles. It would be awesome to build perfect square/rectangular walls, or hexagonal/octagonal structures that look planned or futuristic and not like someone threw mud in a pile...
  2. Thanks dude, but I knew that, and I think it's great that they are taking the time to address these lingering issues before dropping any new content. I even asked the question on stream the other day and Joe said there will be another stream to talk about what's next. I meant mechanics-wise. What new things will our Astroneers learn next? I'm hoping to see more activities (not involving fetching anything, please!) that introduce new game mechanics, possibly lore and some form of interaction with Exo Dynamics giving us missions, even if it's audio only.
  3. Hey all, My sincerest congratulations to SES for the apparent success of the holiday event. There were pretty impressive numbers from some of us in the community! Having said that, I wish to express my concerns for future events and updates. I've noticed a pattern of updates introduced by SES as being "fetch" type of events: you go somewhere, "fetch" an object and come back to base. Besides the goal of helping out for charity, I personally found the event pretty unsatisfying, and event at some point it just became plain torture to drive through Glacio for hours and hours on end just looking for toys, mining graphite and making packages. Obviously we saw a few people with numbers in the hundreds of thousands, and that's great, but what does your telemetry tell you about the majority? I wonder how many players just did enough to unlock the cosmetics and did not bother to continue. Would you have achieved the goal without that 2X points weekend? Astroneer already is one big "fetch" game with us looking for resources to bring back to base. I know you guys are creative. Please don't make "fetch" events a trend. Food for thought...
  4. vvhorus

    Research chamber cancel button - IM UPSET

    Yes, many of us don't understand the reasoning for it being like this. I've been known to be overzealous with my mouse and clicked one too many times, and there goes my 8k research. Hope this gets changed in the future to "pause research" instead of "delete."
  5. vvhorus


    First of all, welcome to the game and to the forums, fellow Astroneer! To answer some of your questions: 1. I play on PC, but Xbox issues seem to be a recurrent thing. Maybe someone else might fill you in. I streamed co-op with a friend for the first time in months this past weekend (again, PC), and we weren't experiencing any lag or other issues that plagued us for a long time. SES have been hard at work on these. 2. "True Flat" is something that the community had for a while, but it went away with the introduction of Terrain 2.0. SES is working on re-incorporating it in the near future. 3. We usually get monthly updates. SES has said that the next set of updates will focus on addressing persistent performance/QoL issues instead of adding new content. 4. Since all current multiplayer sessions are peer-to-peer, only the host gets to keep his/her tools. One way I get around this is I ask guests to place their stuff in a medium storage before logging off. Hopefully when dedicated servers are introduced, this would become a non-issue. 5. Merch is something that's been asked before. You can get licensed items on fangamer, and some unofficial stuff on Amazon/ebay. 6. Late 40s guy here, and I say it's never too late to fulfill your dreams...
  6. vvhorus

    The Holiday Update - December 16th, 2019

    Since the Astronium nerf a while back, it's become practically useless. There are now faster and more efficient ways to get bytes than to amass Astronium and wait 25 minutes for research to finish... Or build a couple of research stations and research them then and there. But, like I said, there are faster ways, if you don't mind radiation...
  7. vvhorus

    Happy Holidays!

    To all my fellow Astroneers and the people who made it possible, my sincerest wishes for a happy holiday season. So, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, Happy St. Nicholas Day, Happy St. Lucia Day, Happy Boxing Day, and Happy Yule! And, if you don't celebrate anything, just do like the people in Japan and get a bucket of KFC... Enjoy!
  8. vvhorus

    Stellar Object

    Check the patch notes for all the info about the holiday update. The Stellar Object is one of the items you need to send in the recovery rocket for the event...
  9. vvhorus

    Holiday tethers??

    Check the patch notes for all the info on the holiday update...
  10. vvhorus

    The Holiday Update - December 16th, 2019

    And if the community doesn't reach the goal, then what? Will they then not donate the full amount to the charity and blame us for it? I'm too old to fall for those marketing tactics...
  11. vvhorus

    The Holiday Update - December 16th, 2019

    Loaded my game and my large rocket was in another planet. Found it in Vesania, and the base looked like a mudslide engulfed it. The little toy figures look cool, but I don't know if I'm interesed in "playing fetch" more than I need to...
  12. vvhorus

    Hardcore Mode

    Maybe we could have a "hardcore mode" game option where all resources and bytes one gathers are reduced by half as the normal mode. Also, craftable items such as oxygen tanks, batteries, canisters, all power devices and all resource-producing machines would only yield half of what they would normally produce. For example, a smelter would produce only one aluminum per 2 laterites. There could be a "hardcore" achievement after one completes the story in this mode...
  13. How about setting up in-game double XXXXX weekend events? It could be bytes, resources, scrap metal, Astronium, gases, etc...
  14. So you're up for only policing the forums for free. Got it. I'm already on the Discord, but can't access it while at work as I can with the forums, and I'm sure others are in the same boat. It doesn't hurt (nor takes that much time, especially if it's someone's job) to update both Discord and the forums simultaneously. But, I guess the second-class treatment of the forums will continue as long as the devs allow it. Then people wonder why the forums are dead...