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  1. vvhorus

    Research Pods

    Really? "Prickly Pairs"? Is that the best you can do?? 😎
  2. vvhorus

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    To any mod/dev that may be reading this: Fix the sub-forum title. It still reads "Astroneer Early Access + Game Preview". Doesn't take a whole minute to do so...
  3. vvhorus

    Portable Oxygenator

    I built one, used it for less than 5 minutes, and it's currently sitting in a medium storage somewhere. It consumes too much power to be of any real utility. You need a constant power source to use it. Wind turbines are unreliable. Solar panels are useless in caves. Small generators require organic. All these use up a valuable backpack slot, two or more in the case of a small generator + organic. Plus if you're using mods and drills for your terrain tool, then you're just out of luck. Where's the portable RTG?
  4. vvhorus

    Research objects: too good?

    If people have no self-control, that's another issue entirely. I don't go buying everything I see just because it's on sale, nor click on every spam email I get, etc...
  5. vvhorus

    Research objects: too good?

    Everyone can play the game however they want. If you choose to do this and it ruins your experience afterwards, it's your own fault...
  6. vvhorus

    Patch 1.0.7 - February 21, 2019

    This is a legacy bug. I assure you, no plant causes it...
  7. vvhorus

    Storage module for tractor trailer

    Two words: medium rover...
  8. The easiest way to go Sylva's core and back for me is to unlock the boost mod (1 zinc), wide mod (1 zinc) and the first drill mod (1 ceramic), and plenty of tethers. Make a hole near your base at about 45º down or steeper, and keep digging down and flattening the ramp until you reach the third cave layer. Then, dig another 45º ramp down facing the opposite direction for three more layers, and repeat until you reach the last cave layer with the purple nodes. Make a hole straight down against the purple node and you're in the core. Just waltz in dropping tethers, and don't forget to bring your quartz (or three). With this approach you will dig up plenty of malachite, laterite, sphalerite, ammonium and ASTRONIUM (1,000 bytes per bundle every 2.5 minutes can't be beat, except for a stroll inside Atrox caves, where the little research nuggets give over 400 bytes apiece, but I digress) along the way, and you will make the path to the core an easier one. You can surf your way down or bring a buggy... Same approach for the rest of the planets, except use a better drill mod for the harder planets...
  9. vvhorus

    Is this a joke?

  10. vvhorus


  11. Tell me about it. Devs don't even come here to their own forums except to post an announcement once in a blue moon, then completely disappear. Heck, look at the breadcrumbs line, the sub-forum still reads "Astroneer - Early Access + Game Preview"!
  12. vvhorus

    Changing Default Monitor

  13. vvhorus

    Activated the core. BUT

    Restart the game...
  14. vvhorus

    stuck at Desolo

    Build an outpost while you're there...