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  1. I share the same sentiment. Unfortunately, there is nothing that I see (at least to me) that indicates that anything is going to change. Astroneer is what it is. SES might add an extra planet or two down the road, but the dynamic will most likely remain the same: you land, you look for resources, you build a base, you unlock a portal, you dig and unlock the core, then you do whatever you want after that: play planetary maintenance and pick up scrap, unleash your artistic vision in creative mode, or build stadiums to play buggy soccer. I do not see SES adding any No-Man's-Sky-esque quests in th
  2. I could be abrasive or "combatant" and point out all the excuses for the self-sabotage which is stopping the growth of their own forum platform, but at this point I see it's all wasted energy. Instead, I'm just going to respectfully suggest that if SES is in such a tight spot money-wise that they can't afford something as cheap as forum mods or another theme that allows more functionality, then I think the best course of action would be to take the No Man's Sky approach: close the forums and permanently move to Reddit. It's a more "hip" platform that many players use on a daily basis, and
  3. Somebody has to. Like you said:
  4. There are other employees within SES that are directly responsible for the forums...
  5. It is not my intention to be combatant, but the frustration sometimes gets to me. This forum, like the game, has so much potential, but the lack of interest from the devs, especially the ones in charge of the forums, is eye-opening. It sends the wrong message. New players come to the forums looking for answers, and their questions might not be answered for days, potentially, because the system is set up to funnel everyone towards Discord...
  6. You should join more forums, then. Perhaps the forums for the games you play are not as lively. Go to GTAForums, or Warframe's, even Ubisoft's, just to mention a few. That feeling will change very quickly. If the devs do share your feeling (which I hope they don't), then they should just shut this forum down for lack of interest and player participation, so they can concentrate their efforts (LOLOL!!) on Discord/twitter. No more forums, no more people complaining that it's dead.
  7. But then it becomes a private chat between two people instead of a public discussion where the entire community can participate. Big difference. Like I said, Discord has its audience and it's great for mundane day-to-day chat, but for lasting public discussions, a community forum is the right tool.
  8. Hence, the magnet idea. SES could also make a "magnetic beam" mod for the terrain tool so we don't have to pick up every tiny individual scrap piece, but, since the small/medium shredders can only do one piece at a time (2 with the big shredder), this magnet mod idea might be a waste of development time unless we get something to dump the pieces in. So many possibilities. I agree, the whole scrap collection mechanic sucks, for lack of a better word. That's why I don't even bother with it. I like your scrap cube idea very much. It's very elegant. The laser cutter seems like a good id
  9. I partly disagree. As an example: if you play Warframe, go to their forums. They're running the same engine as here. Users and community managers there are pretty active. I'm also member of other game forums and they're pretty active as well. Twitter, Discord and Reddit have their audiences, but not everyone likes or has the time to create multiple accounts on multiple social sites just to get a piece of info or look for answers. Besides, this is the official SES forum. If anything needs to be shared or announced pertaining the game, one would figure it would be here first...
  10. Take the opportunity and make a full outpost from scratch. A smelter and a soil centrifuge will give you everything you need to return...
  11. Bravo, @TMarcher74! Let's not sugar-coat the issue: the forums are "dead" because of crass neglect, plain and simple. SES has focused on channeling all communications through Discord and twitter (the easy lazy smartphone way), when the forums should be as important a medium. Other members don't even come to the forums any more because they realized that posting here is like waiting for grass to grow. Discord has its audience and appeal, but trying to have a lasting conversation on Discord with someone is like talking to the wind. Sure, you can scroll through dozens of irrelevant comm
  12. We need some sort of dump trailer, and either a magnet or a claw attachment for the crane.
  13. If the devs haven't done anything to add storms by now, there must be a reason for it. Maybe it's not feasible to incorporate the old code for storms with the newer Terrain 2.0 code, like you mentioned. Not compatible, perhaps, so they'll have to create new code from scratch? Time will tell. One thing I hope is that if they add them in the future, they should come with an option to disable and tweak their intensity...
  14. Something that I think should be added is the ability to not only do true flat, but true angular terrain modification, for example, make perfect 90º, 60º, 45º, etc. angles. It would be awesome to build perfect square/rectangular walls, or hexagonal/octagonal structures that look planned or futuristic and not like someone threw mud in a pile...