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  1. vvhorus

    Ping: Art Department

    For that, my friend, you will probably have to go to Discord. Forum folk, like us, only get what other kind Astroneers share from there, as the devs either seem to refuse or find it being too much hard work to do the same here...
  2. vvhorus

    The Creative Update - November 15th, 2019

    We shall delve. In Astroneer, we all need oxygen to survive. That might give you a clue as to what kind of game Astroneer is...
  3. vvhorus

    The Creative Update - November 15th, 2019

    I think a revision of that summary is in order...
  4. vvhorus


    You and me both... +1! This should have been part of the game already when they introduced the purple structures...
  5. vvhorus

    Anual Rare Events

    The word "pride," whether used in a "good or bad" context (including what you wrote), implies that there is either internal or external judgement based on ownership of something, an accomplishment, or a set of behaviors. If you feel that you need a feeling of worth or self satisfaction in owning something that others don't, especially a bunch of code that displays a group of useless pixels, well, good for you. I just happen to think it's silly. I don't feel extra special for buying the game on day 1. It's a good game, but I have better things to feel good in my life than owning a cosmetic item in a game. If you want my retro suit, you can have it, my friend. I think I used it for maybe half an hour. Now it's just sitting there as another unused option on the list. In your reply to TTOGG, you wrote: It reads as if you made a decision not to buy the game early based on a negative feeling, and now you are left with more negative feelings of regret and jealousy, hence my earlier comment. That decision also might be interpreted as you not falling for the usual marketing tactic of instilling feelings of lack to pressure players into dishing out their hard earned cash. If that was the case, I applaud you. My friends and I bought the game first day because I thought (I actually made my friends buy the game) it would be fun to play as a group, and it was. But I don't feel I did anything worthy of any feelings of "pride and accomplishment," as that now infamous reddit quote from an EA executive says. Again, if there is a way for the retro suit to come back and you being able to get it, awesome sauce. If I could, I would give you mine. For what it's worth, you're not really missing out on anything spectacular. If I might be a little philosophical here, you're not really missing out, period. I have spoken...
  6. vvhorus

    1 Million Bytes!

    Set up a research complex in Atrox. While the research chambers are doing their thing, take a stroll through the deep caves and scan the little pods that grow from the rocks. You'll get to a million in no time...
  7. vvhorus

    Anual Rare Events

    Pride in owning something others can't have is such a foolish sentiment. If someone who just bought the game gets the same retro suit I have, good for them. It makes no difference to me, nor it impacts my experience. Never liked exclusivity. It just promotes lack and envy...
  8. vvhorus

    Today's Challenge

    Dude, after seeing your junk yard thread, here's a challenge for yourself: new update be damned, no Astroneer for an entire week for you, play (an)other game(s)!
  9. Nah. Personally, they can stay where they are, out of the game. However, I know some players liked them. I'm not opposed to them coming back if there was an option in the menus to either remove them or tweak their intensity... I think this is the biggest hurdle the devs need to jump: game replayability. Like I said somewhere else, the game shines in the early through mid game, but once you research al the basic techs to efficiently move from planet to planet and dig down to the cores, the game becomes stale and repetitive: go to a planet, land next to a portal, make a quick outpost, assemble your rover with drill and paver, dig down to core, rinse & repeat. There are no real reasons to stick around in planets. Sure, you can go for a stroll and find wrecks in the surface, but that gets old pretty quick. There is currently nothing in the game that would personally make me jump in a rover and go explore planets. I would love to have a reason, but neither scrap, chess pieces, current wrecks nor wanderer stuff do it for me... I miss those pre-terrain-2.0 cathedral caves a lot. You could drive for hours down there looking for resources or research pods. If Adam is reading, please take a look at this. It's Starflight's Cluebook (it's a short read, promise). Might help give you guys some inspiration... https://archive.org/stream/Starflight_Cluebook/Starflight_Cluebook_djvu.txt
  10. vvhorus

    habitats, what are they good for?

    Totally agree. I think they need more functionality, not just a place to save your game. I can achieve the same results as a habitat with a rover seat, and much cheaper, too.
  11. vvhorus

    habitats, what are they good for?

    😉 They're good for a quick resupply or storage outpost anywhere. But, then again, you can save by jumping into your vehicle, so I can see how it can be found redundant... This just proves that the devs have never seen anything related to Star Trek. I'm convinced that this "500 years" figure (was it 450 years?) was thrown in the game synopsis as a random number for the sake of having a "futuristic" timeline and not much thought was put into it before or afterwards. Having said that, this apparent lack of technology also might be interpreted as the game taking place in an alternate parallel universe where that tech doesn't exist...
  12. I play a lot of Ark: Survival Evolved. SES can learn a thing or two there. Back in the 80s (and sometimes in the present) I used to play a space exploration game called Starflight. Look it up. Not a modern "sandbox" survival game, but you did need to gather resources to upgrade your ship or your crew's abilities. It had planetary exploration and mining, alien race interactions, ancient/modern ruins, etc. Excellent game to get inspiration from...
  13. That's the only thing they have in common, their game engine. No one is denying that Fortnite is a good looking game. But in my opinion, a space exploration survival game getting inspiration from a game not in its same category is odd to me. What can they get inspiration for, emotes? Certainly it's not game mechanics, nor survival elements... If they're trying to emulate Fortnite's marketing department, I think they're failing...
  14. I find it odd that for a game that its mantra is "no weapons" and it's about space exploration, the devs say they get inspiration from Fortnite, of all games. There are much better sources of inspiration out there...