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  1. That's right @Cefeiko Matt Damon sure knows how to grow a potato That's actually quite a good idea though! It would make having a pet quite useful, besides the fact that pets are just great in general
  2. Hey @Mr. Badger Haha That would be funny. You come back to your base and scratch your head like "Dang it! I'm sure I... left it... right over here...". *Paw comes into frame and nabs some compound
  3. Hi @Aeron Yes indeed. Pets are a great idea! I'm sure System Era could create some really cute creatures in this awesome style they've created! Pet poop is definitely "organic material" so you could perhaps use it as fuel for your personal generator. You might need to craft a Pooper Scooper though
  4. Absolutely @Katzio System Era has already announced they will be adding creatures so you can definitely look forward to bumping into a few
  5. Oh I see @Cefeiko Haha Yes, maybe your character can craft some kind of Troll repellant
  6. I hope so @Fly Boy I see what you're saying though. So in order to prevent constant deaths from tether gnawing critters you would have to build some sort of deterrent to keep them away, or you could just risk it and not be away from your base for too long if you like to live dangerously. I guess that's what Early Access is all about. If something like that were to become too annoying, they could nerf it so it happens less frequently of just turf it altogether if the community felt that way. We do live in a marvelous age
  7. Hi @Cefeiko I don't speak Russian, but from the translation I can make out that you are suggesting Gremlins (great movie, well at least the first one ) appear occasionally and chew through your tethers. Oh my. That would be most frustrating. I'm not sure I like that idea as you already have to deal with other troll gamers disconnecting your tethers while you're wandering about deep inside a cave. I guess if you just didn't feed them after midnight it would be ok
  8. @Sidegamer those are some excellent points. I think having some animals passive (unless provoked or maybe a rare few are just plain friendly) and others more aggressive would add to the gameplay and excitement of discovering new creatures. Not knowing if it's going to charge or flee would be part of the fun. Although I feel like harvesting their skins or fur doesn't quite fit with the space faring theme. Perhaps you could freeze an animal (with the stasis field) and scan it to learn how it survives on that particular planet. Say you find a giant yeti creature on the cold Tundra planet, you could scan it to upgrade your suit with better thermal lining for example (I know they're thinking of adding in environmental hazards such as extreme heat/cold/radiation). But maybe it's fairly difficult because the stasis field only lasts for a few seconds. But come to think of it, running over a creature in your vehicle is bound to happen at some point and it would be strange if it was fairly small and didn't die. Just shrugs it off like it's a boss So maybe it is possible, but quite difficult. @Lithium absolutely. The creatures should become more dangerous the further you get from your base, deeper you go underground or around rare minerals!
  9. Oh, that's right @Fly Boy You are correct sir. Maybe the sandworms in Astroneer are like grumpy old men who don't like loud noises. "You dang kids with your music!" and then they sort of, move off
  10. I love the idea of not using weapons to deal with dangerous creatures. The scientific, sort of Star Trek philosophy of doing no harm seems to fit well with this game. Here are some ideas for dealing with dangerous creatures: - Your flashlight could scare away creatures lurking in the deeper parts of cave systems - You could throw a lure to distract it or lead it somewhere - You could build "Thumpers" around your base to scare away sandworms (yes, sandworms please!) - Perhaps a gun or a trap that emits a stasis field freezing the creature for a few seconds I also like the idea of having to deal with specific creatures in specific ways. Perhaps one type of creature is sensitive to sound, but not to light for example, but you have to figure it out as you go along. I'm sure there's some even better ideas around this, but these are just a few of my thought starters
  11. That is high praise @Mr. Badger thank you
  12. Thanks so much @Beylix. That would be pretty cool! This is such a great game, I really hope they get the support they deserve so they can develope it into something truly special. And maybe add in something to make smoothing a little easier
  13. Thanks @Beylix. The Deform Tool is just so much fun
  14. Pics of the inside. So much room for activities!
  15. Oh Jeez! I'll have to clear my schedule for the next year or so
  16. Haha. Awesome! I haven't found a zebra ball yet But I'll be sure to make a display like yours when I do!
  17. Yes me too! Somehow pyramids and ziggurats seem to fit with the space theme. Kinda like when they thought they found pyramids on Mars. It really stimulates the imagination! I would love to suddenly come across a huge alien structure that you could explore containing traps and hidden doors and epic loot of course
  18. Oh no! A rhomboid! Haha. I really hope that doesn't happen. Plus there's always the chance of losing your save games with the next update. Oh well, will have to try make a ziggurat if that happens
  19. I'm not entirely sure to be honest. You just kind of have to play around, flatten, raise, lower until you see a relatively smooth patch. Then click and hold and start spreading that smooth patch around. Eventually you'll see a perfectly flat surface about the size of your deform tool's green circle. Once you have that it's very easy to spread it around. I've noticed though that if you're flattening (holding click) and the green deform circle passes in front of your character and breaks your line of sight it completely bugs out and goes haywire, messing up your nice flat surface. So try and keep the deform circle away from you character. Hope this helps
  20. Great idea! I've already started leveling out the inside. Pics to follow...
  21. Hmm. A riddle. I like riddles! I know they supposedly use the "Golden Ratio" - the beautiful number, 1.618 although I'm not sure I would be able to replicate it exactly as there's no way to measure angles in the game. That would be great though. Hint hint devs
  22. Thanks so much! It's a gorgeous looking game so I can't take all the credit!
  23. Haha. No Hebrews were harmed, just some local flora