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    Go back home with shuttle

    i will do! i have a new idea. I start the game and then my brother join the game. he starts at my first base, i think so far. so he can produce a new shuttle to rescue me we don't try this plan yet, but in the next few days we try it it's a little bit the same like the marsian movie, only that i can't produce some potatoes to survive
  2. Swiss-cow

    Go back home with shuttle

    Thank you for the answer. I can't remeber. I think i made the seat by the printer...i have no idea at the moment. ^^ i think i have a really challenge now, to finde some ressources on the new planet but thats cool and a good challenge. that's what the game makes me addicted
  3. Swiss-cow

    Go back home with shuttle

    Hi dears at first, i'm really sorry for my bad english Here my problem: i start with my shuttle off to a new planet. on my shuttle, i have a seat, a habitat, and a storageplatform with some things. now i land on a new planet and set the habitat. beacause i haven't enough reisin, i would like to go back to my first habitat, to bring more things to my new habitat. but now i have the problem, that i can't start with my shuttle. i have enough fuel and also a seat on the shuttle. i also can see the red button to launch, but when i click on the button nothing happen. why i can't fly off this planet? i really need the habitat to fly away even tought i have a seat on the shuttle? thanks in advance for your help Cheers Swiss-cow