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  1. I noticed this issue on xbox just recently. What I've hypothesized is that using the flatten tool was for some reason or another effecting more terrain than it should have and I was walking on the effected terrain. I also think the camera angle might have something to do with it, as I remember standing perfectly still while flattening and falling, as well as walking while flattening and falling. Not too sure, but that's what I've come up with so far. Also, for me, it was more like a free fall that I could move in. The first fall I died. The second I floated back to the surface. And the t
  2. So here's what's up. Moving things in the inventory is how this is effected. For some reason or another, tethers will only place themselves in the top-left-most slot of the 4x2 grid. You can place and use the tethers from any slot, including the two on the sides, but they will not return to those slots after being moved. Below for my method... For reference, I'm going to number the slots in order:(left side: 1)(right side: 2)(top-left - bottom-left in order: 3, 4, 5, 6)(top-right - bottom-right in order: 7, 8, 9, 10) First, I made two sets of tethers and an oganic material (just
  3. Prelim. testing, I have found that placing tethers in either of the side slots DOES NOT effect this. Will continue to play around and post as I find new things.
  4. Just found this issue on xbox. Crafted a few sets then picked up my existing set, and it's gone. My OCD made me pick up the rest to delete them so that I had an even set. Personally, not that big of a problem, but it probably shouldn't happen.
  5. I figured this much for xbox as well. That's fine and all; I figure for building freedom, adding the ability to manipulate the angle of the cursor itself would just be a nice addition.
  6. Esentially, the idea is only to change/add the capabilities of the gun. As it stands, I'm not sure how pc players find the cursor they use to be, but for xbox, it's hard to determine what surface you are actually manipulating when hou are flattening terrain. So, my idea is to add the ability to manipulate the plane of the cursor using the d-pad to change the control scheme in cursor mode to be able to angle it the way way you want to by using the right stick (for xbox. Not too sure how I would make it work for pc, as I haven't had a pc to play on in a very long time). If this
  7. First and foremost, the controls for xbox are extremely weird. That my opinion and Im sticking to it. As soon as I built the Truck, it was extremely awkward. The driving was just odd, though I understand that this is prealpha, so the fact that it works was amazing enough. While driving, however, I accidentally ran over one of my tethers, and the game decided to freeze and crash. The moment I touched the tether it crashed. Obviously a problem, but this would be one of those "you did it yourself, so no complaints" situation. Either way, there's the issue, so that you devs know.