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  1. Can you guys imagine how cool it would be to have fluid dynamics inside the game??? we could shape the planets as we please, making waterways, lakes and all kinds of crazy things just by making cannals and holes so the water could follow! Also, it would be a great start for living things to be implemented to the game... exotic planets would be full of underground rivers and water reserrves so the green ecosystem above could grow. And we would have a great survival item, making it one of the priorities when exploring.
  2. Hello all, while exploring my first moon, i found a very very very deep cave (almost 2h exploring) with this ive read about zebra balls being dev tools so i wasnt so shocked to find one of these hanging around, but right next to it in the same room, i found some satellite debris and a sputnik 1 glued to the ceiling it was making a very strange noise almost like a very bad radio transmission and had some red lights to it... ill try to bring it back to base with a crane but its going to be a lot of work and digging to pass a truck through the tunnels >.<
  3. I was exploring a very deep cave when this terrain glitch showed up. The first time the glitch appears to be caused by a that undistructable rock that contains titanium, one side of it was hollow and was making the cave walls also hollow, you can see all the minerals under and above ground, and even the surface ground at a distance and then, this bug was getting more and more common underground the last picture is concerning, because this cave led me to another cave that i already had explored and was completely disfigured by this bug ah, and if i walk on these gaps, i f
  4. Yes! i fell into a really deep cave, and immediately remember of worms armagedon and the ninja rope to be added to astroneer, it would be fun to climb mountains with it
  5. Nice! maybe in the future when more ppl could join the coop, taking the monorail together might be a more fun and fast way to go from one place to another. Also its better so you dont get lost
  6. Well, i went to 2 planets so far and the caves always follows some sort of pattern of colours starts with brown where you can find only poison cloud plants, hydrazine, copper and aluminum. then it gets bright green for a few meters deep and then gets pale green and spike plants start showing up and you can find satellite and spaceship wrecks, dead astronauts lots of all the minerals and coal if you get lucky.. After reaching the end of the pale green caves, the ground doesnt change its color anymore and nothing new shows up...39 tethers deep and i cant find nothing, just more and more
  7. Ah sure, maybe having different exos for different tasks should be better
  8. Hi! after playing for a while, i kep finding hydrazine pretty easily and it comes ready to fuel the spaceship, so if its a "endgame" thing, why is it so common?? Other thing i was thinking is a planetary scan (optional equipment for spaceships) that can show you what types of mineral are there in %, so you might know where to go to get some minerals that you need the most. Making minerals harder to find and caves moore deeper, you can extend the gameplay and make it a sort of a "quest" to find specific minerals.
  9. Hello fellow astroneers! I play as dr. oj, and i really like to take my quad and explore the world driving around seeing the sun go up and down and live free... But i do realize that astroneer is much more than that, its about crafting an building. So i was thinking on 2 ideas to make the building more immersive and fun. EXOSKELETONS and a COMMAND CENTER! I feel like the astronauts needs to do let go of the psychic power and start to do some heavylifting to get things done! like really carry things with your hands and building your base old school style. For the "light" items such a
  10. HolySoul

    How do I...?

    Awwww... now after reading your story i feel like a jerk for asking this, so nvm... I want to help this game grow with ideas and bug reporting! already talking to my friends about this game cya (please delete these comments...)
  11. HolySoul

    How do I...?

    How do i get this game for free? =P i saw some reviews on steam from ppl who got it as a gift and i want one too >.< just saw this game on MxR plays and just fell in love for astroneer, great mechanics, beautiful artwork and cool building system.