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  1. Is it possible to add a option in the settings to toggle the rotation speed of the skybox? It used to be realistic in Early Access: how fast the planet rotates, how fast the sky rotates. I understand that due to motion sickness experienced on high-rotating planets, the rotation had to be tuned down in 1.0, but I REALLY like that but of realism. Is it possible to add an option to toggle between "Relaxing" and "Realistic"?
  2. I first landed on Desolo right in the crater, then I deformed the surrounding the take out my cargo I forgot something, so I went back to Sylva. But the second time I landed on the same spot, it immediately took off right after landing, I tried again but it's the same result, and it used up my thruster. I had to land on other spot on Desolo and is a bit stranded, I think I will eventually survive but it is very frustrating.
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    Automatic take off on Desolo

    They really should force modify the landing site like in Early Access
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    [Merged] Partial Nuggets Stuck/Immovable

    But there's no crafting option for smelter?