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  1. Is it possible to add a option in the settings to toggle the rotation speed of the skybox? It used to be realistic in Early Access: how fast the planet rotates, how fast the sky rotates. I understand that due to motion sickness experienced on high-rotating planets, the rotation had to be tuned down in 1.0, but I REALLY like that but of realism. Is it possible to add an option to toggle between "Relaxing" and "Realistic"?
  2. SquiDark

    Automatic take off on Desolo

    They really should force modify the landing site like in Early Access
  3. I first landed on Desolo right in the crater, then I deformed the surrounding the take out my cargo I forgot something, so I went back to Sylva. But the second time I landed on the same spot, it immediately took off right after landing, I tried again but it's the same result, and it used up my thruster. I had to land on other spot on Desolo and is a bit stranded, I think I will eventually survive but it is very frustrating.
  4. SquiDark

    [Merged] Partial Nuggets Stuck/Immovable

    But there's no crafting option for smelter?