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    Stop adding content and fix bugs/crashing please.

    One reason is cost. It will cost money to pay someone(s) to research and fix bugs. The cost of fixing said bugs is more expensive than the complaints SES is receiving. Game sales continue despite legacy bugs being present. So SES can absorb the negative posts they receive as long as it does not affect sales, which it apparently hasn't. SES knows full well the bugs are there. They are going to tackle the least expensive bugs in the least expensive manner. They do a cost/benefit analysis on every bug. If the complaints don't outweigh the cost to fix, they won't be fixed. Currently there is zero cost SES pays for allowing legacy bugs to be present. The game has sold and is selling despite those bugs. Did ya see all those awards SES won despite the bugs? "No fixes for you!" Soup Space Nazi shouts. Another reason, and I take no joy in stating this is, IMHO, questionable leadership decisions. A beach ball? Pneumatic tires? A splitter? A terrain analyzer? A soccer game? Purple hype to nowhere for apparently no other reason than a single unlock? The willingness to allow items introduced into the game to not only not work, but continue to not work years after touting their release. Next to zero communication (despite years of stating how it is such a top priority), no additional resources and no plans to add any, still? No DLC's? Look, I'm sick and tired of reading things can't happen because "SES is such a small studio" so nearly everything is out of their teeny tiny studio hands reach. Produce some DLC's, increase revenues, hire more staff and fix the bugs. The current "anti DLC position" decision IMHO, really needs to be discussed again. Another reason, IMHO, the sheer lack of a story. A story line. Or anything cohesive that makes any type of sense to pull this game together. "It is set 500 years into the future" SES states. Why don't we have all future tech? I'm placing canisters of fuel, outside of a spacecraft, adjacent to a rocket and that is still ok? What part of 500 years into the future does this fall under? An exploration game, with a soccer component? With a beach ball? Using vehicles that were not designed to play soccer? Wait, vehicles are going to be playing soccer in a SPACE EXPLORATION GAME? HUH? Or does this debacle fall under "questionable leadership decisions?" Oh well I digress, SES is always correct and I am of course always incorrect. Another reason, you and I post and read this forum. SES, does not. If they had we would not have the splitter. When the splitter was introduced I asked where this non-starter idea was generated as I did not see (or ever find) a single post about the need for a splitter on this forum. After some research, that was a discord idea. If they took their cues from this forum; additional resources would have already been introduced not a; super hyped, company resource intensive, one and done, trio of purple dead ends. Until the fanbois demand more content and quality I'm afraid all we are looking at receiving is more eye candy with little substance. Additional suits and visors are great for the kid in me however the adult in me wants more. I'm just not sure that SES is a company dedicated to increasing content. I look at it now more of an art project. I think the eye candy will increase but the content needed for some type of "future exploration" complexity/additions is very much a back burner issue for SES. Disclaimer: Some of what I posted is my opinion and as we all know, opinions are like butt holes in that we all have one.
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    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

    I don't know if that was the case for just pre-release or what platforms it works or doesn't work on. I saw it, and thought I would share just in case it helps someone.
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    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

    I watched a video (OLM) who stated he had to complete the tutorial (again) to unlock the suits and visors. I
  4. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

    Truer words have never been posted! +1
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    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

    I have no idea what this means however I can pull apart your post. #1 Most of the people who go out of their way to a forum is to b¡ch and moan.... this is not a fact just your opinion. As a matter of fact on this forum, the non-bich posts far outweigh the bich posts #2 im sure I speak for the 87.36% of the community.... Again, this number is not based on any facts and was just pulled out of something or somewhere. This is Trumpian #3 in a large room of sh¡tposts.... again, not based in fact. Posts that state the truth are difficult for anyone but fanbois to classify as sh!tposts #4 who probrobly dont even know the first thing about basic software and design.... again, if you spent more than 10 minutes reading more than one thread you would see that this is, once again, just your opinion and it is not based on any facts what-so-ever #5 All GOOD games have ups and downs.... not true at all. There are many games that improve over time, not get worse, not create more bugs, not take two steps backwards to gain one step forward. There are some games that only improve without having to take any steps backwards. Many people here can provide you a list #6 Trust me, soon enough, they'll all eat their words.... Dood, I've been waiting since December 2016 to enjoy that meal! I would be more than happy to eat my words but wouldn't the splitter have to work first? Or the terrain analyzer? Just to name two legacy bugs. Just two. I've got more than 1,500 hours into the game. I love the game, obviously. I love the devs and the entire team. I can however call out BS or make suggestions, provide facts etc. without hating anyone. For example just because I hate legacy bugs does not mean I hate anyone at SES. They are not mutually exclusive. It is not a zero sum game to me like it apparently is to you. Well, that is my opinion anyway.
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    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

    Opinions are like butt holes..... in that everybody has one! I however use facts....just facts.....facts
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    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

    I'm playing on a puter. I've been playing the same save game (500 hours +/-) since the game's release back in February. I'm getting about 40 FPS on my home base and I have thousands upon thousands upon thousands of items: resources (800+), storage(500+), research pods(786), gasses (300+), 500+ in scrap, literally thousands of items at my home base and I've not crashed and burned once. Through multiple updates. If your puter is halfway decent I'd say you may want to fire the game back up again. You may be pleased with all the progress that has been made If however your on another platform, I have no idea
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    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

    I appreciate the feedback. It was shocking to see, to be honest. My point was why not add one more thing that people have been clamouring for? I mean your 80% of the way to a garage which has been asked for, for well over a year if not longer. But you decided not to, instead a beach ball? The goal could have been made just larger, solid walls and a couple of additional items and, walla! Another item that has been begged for, forever, would have been completed and the suggestions and ideas forum would have been used. But we have sphere's to mess around with. We have three of them. A fourth will do exactly? A fourth adds? Also, I did state that 10 year olds are going to need shiny things to keep them happy. Just curious why a couple of new suits and visors was not enough eye candy for them? Plus they are getting horns soon in the wanderer update. Sorry, if it were me, and my team had some 'free' time to add something, a soccer game (in a space exploration game), whose customer request for said soccer; is less than 1% of 1%, I would have opted to add something that people have been requesting. Yes, another thing! Why would there be a limit in supplying the customer base another one of their requests? I'm not following that line of logic, sorry.
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    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

    Welcome to the dark side!
  10. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

    Why? Just why? There was obviously time to do "something" and this, this is what we get? Ok, ok I get it.....there are 10 and 12 year olds that play this game. And yes, from time to time those same children should have something shiny dangled in front of their faces. I get it, they are all about the shiny things that add to the surface but not the core game. Like for example, vehicle horns. Or more and more suits/visors etc. You know, just played out eye candy. But why not give us something that we've been asking for, for months if not years..... a vehicle garage (as just one simple example).....just to name one of oh so many things that have been begged for, for years now. Why were so many resources wasted on something so frivioulus? What part of exploration does this nonsense fall under? Again, I only call it nonsense in that the community has been begging for a very long time now for very simple improvements that could have easily been accomplished in the time it took to build this moronic recreational sphere and idiotic recreational canopy. Not one person thought to just take a look at the things the community has been asking for? This was a PERFECT example of a time when SES could have for once, looked at the suggestions and ideas thread and just picked one? Something the community wants? Or they did and thought all of those things are BS, let's give the community want they don't want a childish soccer game? Really? I'm sure that there are a dozen things that could have been made rather than this waste of time and effort, that would have checked off an item the community has been asking for. Seriously in the amount of time it took to construct this foolishness, a vehicle garage could not have been constructed? You give us flood lights, new platforms and there was just no way to tie all of that into a vehicle garage? Your like 2/3rds of the way there yet........we get a beach ball? This is going to be a blast to play in SP! Why for the love of Astroneer just why????????????????????????
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    April Update.....................

    Where you at? I watched OneLastMidnights vid on the you tube. Started to watch the vid but Joe uses the word "like" far too far too far too much for me to listen to. So I watched this video by OLM. Apparently this is the last week in April so the April patch has to come out this week. What have ya'll seen? Heard? What is in this patch/update? When is it going to be released? Go Bruins!
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    Research Pods

    @CopperyMarrow15 GENIUS! I've not found a new one in the last couple hundred hours of play so I've got nutin new to report. However, you have taken this to another level my friend! This is awesome! I wish someone at SES would give us a post with all the information about each pod, plant, seeds, research etc. Great work with the style, locations, pics it is all just perfect!
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    Research Pods

    I've got 30 unique research pods saved How many have you found? Post some pics of the ones you found! Which ones are your favs? Show me your pods! Expose your pods!
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    It is an absolutely terrible way to drive but it is all we have. There are no updates in sight for this mechanism
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    Is there anything that can easily be changed with splitters that would make them useful? Could they be easily transformed into auto-miners? I would love to use them and wish so badly that we had more equipment to use. Is there anything that can be done to make them worth even bothering to research let alone build and use?
  16. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Upgrading shuttle

    Do you have to? No You can just lift and move the small shuttle off the pad You can package the small shuttle You can also construct another landing pad You have options
  17. The Touch of Grey Gamer


    Since there has never been nor (sadly) is there currently any use for Astronium, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what Astronium could be used/good for? My thought is that since it is always found deep underground and thus being more difficult to mine/retrieve that it could be a substitute for any other resource. It could be used in place of; scrap, all resources, all refined resources, all gases etc. What would you like to see Astronium used for?
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    Dev Road Map

    Wanderer Update: There are three items listed: Encounters & Discoveries New Suit & Palettes Rollerblades I’m assuming that we will unlock the new suit when the Encounter & Discoveries has been completed? I hope the E&D have to do with one of the purple alien things otherwise, is that it for them? I see nothing on the DR that states anything about Alien/Purple is that it? Unlock and forget? Can't the story continue? Will the story continue? Or was that story just a one chapter romp? Rollerblades sound cool and all but using history as a guide; they are going to be bugged and most likely not ready for prime time in May. As for the new suit.... I don't know about ya'll but my suit closet is full. I use one. Adding more is not giving me a thrill. I don't view them as something to get excited about or a bonus/addition of any way shape or form. I have a feeling the market is going to get flooded with suits most of which we will never use. The Friend Sized Update: Dedicated Servers Cross play Steam/Xbox In-game server browsing… Server management… New development…. Horns for vehicles The top four are spot on, IMHO. Horns for vehicles? I looked on this forum, dozens upon dozens of posts, not once me see horns. Why couldn’t “save games” or “Cartography & Discovery Objects” (which is listed as “potential” updates which is odd as players have been asking/begging for this type of things since 2016?) been put in place of horns? Not one request for horns, hundreds for Cartography/compass/beacons yet………………..again we go unheard The Creative Update: Standalone Creative Mode New Terrain Brushes Creative Mode Suit True Flat Usability & accessibility…. On the page it lists in pink Creative Mode with Standalone, brushes, suit and true flat. Does this mean that we will only be able to use the brushes, suit and true flat in creative mode only? On the surface this sure seems like a teeny tiny update. Terrain Brushes will work? One Augment still don't. And if it does please someone show me how! Another suit? Yawn. Sorry but after a while not so exciting. Usability & accessibility.... no idea what that is. Just like "a very interesting new development".... Potential Future Updates: I’d rather see almost everything on this list implemented before almost everything listed above. Can there be a “turn horn noise off” button for the MP host? In SP obviously I will use them once to hear what they sound like and never again. Much like fireworks, splitters & extenders! Please, please have a legacy bug update. Please eliminate at least a dozen? 10? Some? A few? Please?
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    100% Steam achievements thread

    Me did! Me did! I saved doing the tutorial as my last achievement completed Next on your list of achievements: 1,000,000 bytes 1,000 diamonds 100 leopard, zebra or chess marbles You have your orders. Good luck Astroneer!
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    Loading things into the new Extra large shredder

    @marhuff55 +1
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    An Automation Idea

  22. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Loading things into the new Extra large shredder

    Thanks for the information/testing/sharing!
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    Steam is funny

    says Joe Tirado, head communications honcho for Astroneer Read this and it made me laugh!
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    In addition @nunya I don't recall I single post I've made that is a zero sum or mutually exclusive initiative. If you comprehend what I post they are all 'player choice' issues. A perfect example would be back when SES was at PacWest. Joe was showing a reporter some new features. Then night fell. Since showing the reporter the information at night was difficult to see & film, Joe used a little tool to change night to day! So my request has always been: it is already made, why can't we have it too? How does it hurt anyone on any level if we, the players, have this tool? I could absolutely see myself creating a weekly MP "DARK SIDE OF THE MOON" series (once servers are available) where we play in total darkness 100% of the time! I can see sometimes wanting to play in 100% daylight as well. So again, not zero sum not mutually exclusive. It hurts no one. It is player controlled. For the older player with bad eyesight. For those that like things exactly the way they are, for those that want maybe 25% more darkness or daylight etc. etc. etc. It would have zero effect in caves so again, how do we not have this? I'm asking for something that is already made. It would be a benefit to everyone that wanted to use it and to those that don't use it, it harms them in zero ways. Heck, I'd even be willing to pay for it! However, we still don't have access to it. Why? SES has a section on this here forum for suggestions: yet we get a splitter? The day/night tool is already made. It would be better for everyone who plays. There is absolutely zero downside. SES asks for suggestions.......... are you seeing how none of this adds up? I mean, I'm using SES's own formula and still nada? If I'm in charge, someone would have to have an extremely strong argument as to why my players don't have this tool. So go back and read my posts or better, comprehend what I'm saying. Nothing I post is about me. Everything I post is about the betterment of all players. I'm 100% about player choice. I strongly believe there is more than one way to enjoy this game in both SP & MP. SES's asks for suggestions. I'm playing 100% by their rules. Your upset that I'm lobbying for a better game for all players? In the natural world are there not planets that get zero sunlight? Some that receive much more? Some that have a dark side? Is what I'm asking for really out of the realm of possibilities? And let me be clear I don't care that we received a splitter. Could it just be made to work as designed? Work in some fashion? It has been how long since its introduction and still not a fix? Or a single statement by the person described as a "communications guru"? I want more and more things to build and use and extract etc. but is it really too much to ask that when we receive them that they work? Can't the splitter go back into some type of reconfigurment stage? Along with the drill gauge? You enjoy using those two things? Does anyone? Yes, I would love to dig with a drill on a vehicle as well as lay roads with it too! I think that will be amazing. Except with the current gauge system, it's not going to be "all that" now is it? I mean can't most of us see the future without actually being able to use it? Another perfect example is the jet packs. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them and want them so badly. they are currently configured. They have to be in the two flexable slots on the backpack which means, no lighting. Which in caves, terrible. Second they will require at least two fuel? That is now four slots taken from the 13 total. Now imagine you are flying around...need oxygen... so you either have a portable oxygenator or you fly exclusively along a tether line. So in one scenario another slot taken for the PO and one for organic fuel? Up to a possible 6 slots now depending on how one plays. The other option is flying without a PO, which means along a tether line which is, yawn. So I've always stated why not put the lights in the helmet like you know in real life which would save two backpack slots and we would always have lighting in caves even while flying! A win/win/win. How is lighting in a helmet a request only for me? How is anything I've ever requested only for me? So six slots are taken, I carry more things like a drill and a mod maybe an oxygen tank, tethers etc. When added all up, there are not many slots for carrying anything; resources, research, scrap etc. So yeah the jetpacks are awesome. But even before I put my hands on one I can see the issues. Can't those issues be addressed before release? The harm in fixing something before it is released is wrong because? Not doing so got us splitters and splitters are good? We want more splitter type items? Hasn't the terrain analyzer been proof enough? How long has that been in the game and that don't work as designed either. I don't care about being called names. Again, I'm about facts. 😜