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    Let me present to you one of the very first leeks for the next update

    Horns, because I already hate them. Yeah, I prejudged. What of it? Will it come back to bite me? Maybe. That has happened before. Horns level 2 When attached to a vehicle the atmosphere that passes through the horn while the vehicle is in motion unlocks new songs that can only be played with a horn & vehicle Horns level 3 When attached to a spaceship produces different real rocket takeoff sounds. You know a few different ones so that it is not the same sound over and over again
  2. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    The Exploration Update - September 4th, 2019

    Ok, this has nothing to do with that However You must check out Autonauts on Steam released a couple of days ago, on sale and is a must see Autonauts Autonauts
  3. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    New endgame vehicle

  4. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Let me present to you one of the very first leeks for the next update

    New drill UI I see the 5 white dots (that will be extremely difficult to see on Glacio) Have ya'll tested this on Glacio? Can we have the option to change the dots from white to black? Medium Canister #2 2500 bytes, plastic & glass Halloween Flora #1...looks like Atrox? Will they only be on Atrox? Never mind, I'm building a base on Atrox now just in case! Halloween Flora #2...remove the "gnarled" too wordy, wrong genre, out of place Erlenmeyer Flask...interesting. I'm guessing they are just separating the existing items and not adding anything, at this time. Horn...apparently giggle worthy Medium Horn Buggy...This is what happens when a bad idea meets momentum 😘 Limited Time yadda yadda. They will be delayed. Spooky Squash Event? Getting my inner hoarder prepped
  5. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Let me present to you one of the very first leeks for the next update

    Medium Canisters Here's what I see: The front piece attachment with the organic on it, is the vacuum? The vacuumed soil goes into the small canister? The small canister has to be then placed onto the Medium Canister? Then the F key needs to be pressed to put the soil from the small canister into the medium canister? Why wouldn't the vacuum just place the soil into the medium canister? The medium canister appears to take up two slots. If that is true, wouldn't I just use a storage silo filled with canisters (24)? It takes up the same two slots on the vehicle and appears to be able to hold more soil than the medium canister can? Does "in the deposit slot" need to be included in the description? I can't place the medium canister onto a storage silo or nearly every other storage, so the most I can carry is 4 on a large storage? So my vacuum soil train would not be as soil gathering compared to a train set up with storage silos filled with small canisters? Has SES compared the two? Are we getting something new that can carry less than what we already have? I'm thinking that the current set up is not optimal. I'm thinking I can already out collect the new medium canister. I'm skeptical about the new Medium Canisters fer sure
  6. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    New endgame vehicle

    Ok totally like the idea but how bout................... What if we have to find some of the parts to construct the spacecraft that have been scattered on and in planets from crashed spacecrafts? And/or what if somehow someway we could incorporate the aliens into this? Maybe we need parts or pieces of alien origin to complete the spacecraft? +1 on the idea!
  7. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Research Pods

    What level did you find it on? What planets is it on? I'll gladly pay you tomorrow for a research pod today!
  8. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Little bit of a floaty cable

    I think the really freaky thing is that suit!
  9. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Hover vehicles

  10. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Research Pods

    I still can't find one!!! 😢 Trade ya!
  11. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Let me present to you one of the very first leeks for the next update

    Eh, it is just sad really. I looked at well over 300 posts yesterday in SES's own "suggestions and ideas" thread after SES Adam's post. I could not find one that mentioned the need for horns. I found numerous other things mentioned numerous times but horns? Naw, no horns. There must be a lot of joy in picking the lowest of the lowest hanging fruit because there sure is no joy in playing with the lowest of low hanging fruit
  12. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Fast Travel Update

    Thanks for bringing this subject up again @AstroneerNut32 some of us have been complaining about this since a week or so after release. I think there was something mentioned during the latest podcast about adding additional transport capabilities however like most QOL "improvements" it too will fall short of what the fanbase wants
  13. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Research "marshmallow" farm.

    Vesania you say? On my way!!!
  14. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Auto packable Field Shelter, more expensive research and build cost

    Truer words have never been posted! +1