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  1. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Screenshots Megathread

  2. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Research Pods

    Rebrum you elude me no longer! #74 is now in the museum!
  3. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    What a day.........

    Yeah, I had a blast! It was a lot of fun to be able to play crash free for so many hours! I really enjoyed it. I'll be playing more this afternoon as I'm still searching for that dang RED Research Pod found by everyone else on Sylva except for me
  4. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    List of Planet ideas

    Well to be honest I stole this idea. It was posted a year ago or so by someone that has very little time. He has a wife, kids, job, house, obligations however he loves to play. He just can't put the time into playing, especially in one sitting, to unlock and enjoy all that the game has to offer. This would prevent people like him from buying the game as the time commitment to unlock and do everything is just out of their reach again, due to life things. So when he posted this there was maybe a dozen other people who posted in agreement. So I like you was in the camp of "too bad, this game isn't for you then if you don't have the time" However as I started looking into it, it does make sense. It would almost be like a sandbox version of the game. You may not get all the enjoyment that space travel provides however a player would be able to purchase the game, play the game, unlock nearly everything etc. So call it Astroneer lite if you will, but there are a lot of people out there that game, but just don't have the time to sit for multiple session for multiple hours yet could be a revenue stream for SES. Anyway it is just my opinion and you know what I say...........Opinions are like butt holes in that everybody has one!
  5. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Research Pods

    #73 All black on the surface of Sylva! This one could be my favorite.
  6. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    What a day.........

    They have my eternal gratitude!
  7. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    What a day.........

    Yesterday was! I must have played for a total of 8 hours (two four hour sessions) without a single crash! It was so much fun to be able to play hour upon hour without having to save the game fearing a crash or having the game crash all together. I had just so much fun! Now I know the update that came out on Friday (4/12) was not a single player update but I've gotta say, I think I'm seeing some improvements in my game. I've not played like that in weeks and I think my frame rate went up by 10. I'm not 100% but I'm pretty sure after the update I've got 10 more FPS after 1.5 than when I shut the game off on Thursday. My Game: The only save game I have since 1.0's release. I've have to have more than 200 - 225 hours on this single save. I think I spent 3 - 4 hours yesterday rearranging my base. For dozens of hours I was just transporting resources/pods/items etc. back to the home planet/base. I was just putting anything anywhere as quickly as I could just to get back into the shuttle and continue my quests. Dozens of hours of that sloppiness left my base a huge massive mess. Raw resources with crafted items, 8 different items on one storage, storge not on top of other storage, ya know a real Col. Custer Cluck. Now, my base is nice and neat. All the resources are now neatly organized with their corresponding equipment attached. I like putting the gasses on the big round extra large storage platform A's. I put a candle (light) on the very top spot to light them up at night. I really like the look. Next to those on that wing of my production facility is the AtmoCodo & ChemLab. My pride and joy, my research pods have their own section on the base. Although this section is not for production it is more for relaxation and eye candy. The Pod Museum is a nice warm place where Astroneers can come and unwind from a long difficult day of exploring. Grab a glass of Popcoral Wine and and just unwind looking at the beautiful Research Pod Art Gallery. I'm thinking that in a future update/DLC there will be a need to have scrap. I think we will be doing something with it in the future. Either a larger scrapper or crusher or it may be able to be sold or traded for other items. Either way, I'm constructing a Junkyard. I'm calling it Yard Goat Scrapyard. Next to the scrapyard is where I store all my dynomite, just in case the future holds nothing for scrap. I can then have fun performing explosions! I only have one extra large platform B filled with Astronium. I'm not sure why I don't have more, I just don't. Astronium is pretty and I like the way it looks on a huge platform but eh, I don't have more. I'm working on filling one extra large platform B with each and every resource. So that is 880 of everything. Or all of the everything's that will fit onto medium storages. Well no things like augments because that would be silly! Speaking of storages.... I hope one day we can have a crafting station where we can construct our own storage platforms. I have only 10 Zebra balls. I'm not really looking for them and sometimes when I find them if they are too deep or too much of a pain to carry back I just leave them. I like them, but like them better when there were 3 different ones. Just a nicety not a necessity. Sometimes, I like dirt farming. It relaxes me and it is like demolition work, so it is fun to destroy things sometimes even if it is just a mountain. I think I have three - four hundred canisters filled with soil. I hope you have as much fun in your space travels today as I did yesterday!
  8. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Research Pods

    I'm now up to 72 unique Research Pods collected!
  9. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Research Pods

    No objections at all! Keep them coming!!!
  10. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    "Red Giant" Mode

    Naw, not a fan
  11. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Research Pods

    I'm now up to 71 individual and unique Research Pods collected! I researched one of the Prickly Pears.....1:54:00 to unlock! Almost 2 hours to unlock a little more than 6,000 bytes? Maybe a 2 hour unlock should produce more bytes? Even more exciting is that I have played for just over 45 minutes consecutively without a crash! That has not happened in a couple of weeks now. Good stuff!
  12. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Research Pods

    I actually think I'm up to 9 Prickly Pears! There are a couple that are so very close in color but yeah I think I have 9 PP's now! I have to believe there are 10. I don't know why but I'm hoping there are so I can fill the one platform with PRICKLY PEARS! I still can't find the Rebrum so I'm off to Desolo to look for the Black & White Astro Plug! Wish me luck 😘
  13. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Research Pods

    If anyone has or finds a research pod that I have not posted, please post it up and what planet you found it on and where Happy Hunting!
  14. The Touch of Grey Gamer


    Glad for the update despite only for MP. I'm sure SP & MP both have needs so it can't always be both I'm sure. The search for more research pods continues!
  15. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Trading - Bytes for ByteKions, for Resources

    I'm wondering if EXO Dynamics would ever want bytes, scrap, crashed spaceships, crashed satellites, Astronium, anything alien etc.