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  1. So i was using the flying chair glitch to get around, and suddenly I noticed that seats can stick to the bases of pillars (where the hologram arrows are) and when you put them there, there is no way to get out. This world i'm very proud of. Plz help!
  2. So I've concluded by finding my vehicle in the sky, that the habitat caused the glitch! NEVER, EVER EVER put a habitat on a vehicle storage!
  3. I was playing my game, when suddenly my truck started acting weird. I jumped out, and suddenly it did a top-spinning motion and was whisked away into the sky. And now I'm VERY disappointed it had an attachable seat, a storage, 1 habitat on the storage, and 1 solar panel next to the seat. PLEAS fix this! It is VERY sad and annoying! //sidegamer
  4. I do agree about this suggestion, that storage racks should be optimized in some way, but with rotation? I dunno. It's worth to note that walking only a few feet isn't that bad, and if you do it right, you can place items on the other side of filled storage racks without having to move around them.
  5. The correct definition IS poison, as venom needs to be injected into the bloodstream, and yes, poison gas (chlorine gas, which is also GREEN in color when a gas) does exist. Chlorine gas destroys cell membranes, destroys some types of metals and organic compounds, and binds to hemoglobin much better than oxygen.
  6. The vid will process for a bit, so if not working now, wait a few and refresh
  7. So, I was creating my racetrack, and I thought: How useful would it be to be able to create a curve tool! How it would work: The player could create a curved wall in any radius in front of them with the terrain tool, without having to use the pesky terrain flattener. the scroll bar could be used to adjust the radius of the curve, and the radius would show with a hologram wall. thus creating curves for all your curve needs! Any more augments need to be added? suggest them below Thx, //sidegamer PS:Below is a video I made of the racetrack runthrough! =-D PPS: Fancy spin near end optional
  8. On a side note, a glitch that I have been having on steam is that once you make an analyzer, and you let it sit on a base storage nod for a while, it doesn't work, it doesn't fill with ANY color
  9. Whenever I load a game (steam of course) and I close the program, then get back onto the world, all of the generated non-manipulable objects that are associated with nature: trees, large rocks, and other cave stuff loses it's texture. Lighting still works, and the objects aren't invisible, just white. I've tried all that I can, but once the color is gone, it's gone. Have you been having this glitch? it makes the game *that* much less appealing. thx //sidegamer
  10. agreed, and i find it annoying when the vehicle runs over or hits an entity that is only slightly buried in the ground. I think it should knock it over (with things like trees) or bury it even more (with rocks) or just knock it out of the way. LETS HAVE A MARCH FOR BRUTE FORCE!
  11. not a bad idea, and it fits with the low-struggle food production the devs are talking about but mushroom stew? I was thinking spore sandwiches great idea though! thanks for responding
  12. So, Just a quick post today, what are we going to do with the dead Gas-Shrooms (although i guess you cant call them mushrooms because they make SEEDS and mushrooms make SPORES) ? I mean, i guess you can use them as bait when animals are added, but so far they are just annoying and kinda sit around doing nothing. You can't even MOVE them without a winch, and unless you have a sarlac pit at your disposal, there is no way to get rid of 'em. You guys have ideas for uses? Post 'em here (Future or present uses) //Sidegamer
  13. Thanks for the nice vehicle improvements system era!! Its like driving on butter instead of cheese. I also hope to see the auguments incorperated heavily in driving, i REALLY want a rover the speed of sound, or a truck that can drive up walls! // Sidegamer
  14. A shape augument would be awesome! Using a wheel and the scroll bar to pull up a plethora of different shapes and rotate them: -Triangle -square -hexagon Also, 3-D shapes to build would be cool -cylinders -spheres -domes etc. Thanks for reading, this game will go far! //sidegamer
  15. I'm playing latest version by 4/28/17, and on the computer. I've got a problem... The large items (seats, trees, research stuff) whenever I go out of their physics range, they always collide with each other out-of-screen and go flying off into the distance when I get back inside their physics range. Solution? Whenever out of the physics range, transfer them to a static entity (no movement), save the movement as a tag that is not being used, and make the hitbox slightly smaller. Then when the player comes back into range, apply the saved movement, make the hitbox back to the original larger version, and delete the movement save tag OR When the player steps out of the physics range, save the movement in a tag as before, turn on no clip and turn off gravity for the object. Do then inverse when the player comes back in range Thanks for the wonderful game =-D //sidegamer