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  1. having too many causes the system to lock up because it looks for the oxygen source it is connected to and works through all possible iterations. You can fix this by putting mini-bases along the line or a few small rovers.
  2. has the oxygen nodule begun to erode? That's what they're used for.
  3. That was a christmas/holiday feature the devs added for fun, as an allusion to christmas lights. They are considering re-implementing it as a feature because so many people liked it.
  4. a large crane would be a helpful module to move large objects... we already have a crane just add a claw devs!
  5. I know this is suggested a LOT, but mining is tedious and boring after one is pretty well settled A mining rig that looks like a reverse-printer would be a very cool addition an not a super overpowered one such a rig would require MASSIVE power (Large solar panel per tier) and work very slowly, but output soil and unfinished resources that it mined up It would also add an interesting tier system, LVL 1 would be mining regular surface-level squares about the size of the starter habitat, Lvl 2 would excavate larger holes and go deeper, lvl 3 would require a drill head but mine really big holes and tough terrain, lvl 4 would create a 'screw' pattern that the player could walk down, etc, etc plus, these would also require constant upkeep like new soil canisters or would periodically 'jam' forcing the player to spend some bytes to 'unjam' it, effectively keeping it an endgame technology.
  6. I honestly don't like this idea. I have been playing Subnautica recently and i like the way they handle fauna and flora aggression: certain triggers. Like real life, animals and plants shouldnt be automatically aggro to the player, nor continually be aggro. I like the way system era handles the aggression system so far, running it autonomously like real plants would. But when brains in animals come into play, many factors must be considered. Hunger levels, territory, and offspring must all be incorperated to create a convincing fauna. Plus, the moldable terrain offers a wide range of possibilities for such reactions. Digging animals like arid worms could make underground tunnels and 'poop' out ammonium. The leafy gorilla could dig a hole in the base of a tree and try to catch small critters or player when hungry. animals could make nests in mountains. stuff of the sort.
  7. Bytes for bits, bits for bytes. Power generation? Ways to 'level up' you astro (100 bytes=1% faster runspeed? slower oxygen consumption?)
  8. could you post a picture, i don't believe i am familiar with the 'grappling hook thing' unless you mean a winch
  9. Dear players, devs, and anyone else who it may concern Recently i've been playing Subnautica, and let me tell you, there's nothing quite like coming on a GIANT wreck and feeling the joy rush through you as you take the dive. In Astroneer, the wrecks seem... insignificant. Sure, a few aluminium and a lithium is nice, but there's nothing really heart-stopping about a half-buried unrecognizeable piece of garbage, and i cant even chop it into usable resources! It's boring when you come across another static tube filled with dirt and resources. so just a suggestion: deforming terrain around wrecks to make them more... stunning and anticipated. Nothing like scaling a crater to see a giant wreck of metal. A beam of sunlight in a cave reveals a downed ship that buried itself underground. A long shallow trench ends suddenly at a giant solar panel! A real player Involvment: putting their life aside for a moment and showing the raw power of nature and disaster, if but for a second. weather systems might also make it more interesting: a meteor storm on the horizon shows a pock-marked landscape with bits of compound, lithium, ships, and unknowns. a 'riverbed' has a dense line of space debris on the deepest part, leading up to a eroded chunk of metal. An earthquake cracks the ground to reveal a broken habitat and a half-destroyed base. Fauna will also give much better context if or when it is included. A large herbivore, when approached, flees into a cave filled with pieces of spaceship. A swarm of small carnivores sprints away from a ship, revealing discarded and torn suits, materials, and bits of airlocks or batteries. A grove of trees lies on the ground, exposing a spaceship entangled in leaves and branches. Think fellow astronerologists. How much better would a bit of context be to tell a convincing story? A tragic landing just-missed? An unexplored broken alien grove? An ancient spaceship sent millions of years ago? Just a suggestion, probably far off, but with terrain 2.0 coming, who knows what's possible?! Thank you for your time //Sidegamer
  10. good luck friend, with some of the new rover updates i don't know how well that will work out but it used to work
  11. obviously you can use a thruster to power a rover, but they are... scary. I do think hydrazine should be able to power a base or a vehicle, but perhaps be required to undergo a refinement process first
  12. a stun type weapon? very interesting I personally want something that takes advantage of the terrain as a defensive measure, a cage grenade or such. Radiation is a good concept, given that astronium is said to be radioactive. it could add complexity to the most experienced player's challenges with such stuff as alpha and beta radiation. Not nuclear bombs, per say, but asteroid miners and ways to power space-faring bases in the future. some items such as radiation deflectors could be created, and radiation would be able to generate some light, heat if that is added, but could 'erode' the terrain just a suggestion