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  1. you cant reasearch the zebraball, but you can put it in front where teh batteries are, i actually find that doing this helps you get better loot, or maybe not..
  2. Nintendo has some very weird regulations on what games can be played on their consoles, and pretty strict rules about the game format and type, as well as glitchy-ness. I doubt that we will see Astroneer on the switch anytime soon.
  3. But the seat would need a slot for the mods on the rovers, because otherwise it feels like im wasting a slot just for a simple function that should be optional anyway
  4. I actually agree with this idea, but having a floating button, like the one above the shuttle when you get in it, would be better than a bound key
  5. So like a "base module", without being extended and without needing a habitat. more permanent than a rover but less permanent than a base
  6. Yeah, and just because a game is only survival doesn't make it terreria All arguments aside, custom world gen and "creative mode" are a long way off, but discussing it is not a bad idea I do like the "knobs" idea, but then again, that will be pretty difficult, but what do i know..
  7. You could do this with some sort of grip-vehicle in a asteroid cloud, and use arms attached to the shuttle to navigate around. just a suggestion. plus, Super Mario Galaxy's planets have black holes in them, and regular time would be warped, as well as light, and it would be incredibly hot due to hawking radiation, and the planets would be spaghettified and you would die and tjie Let's just say that this game is supposed to be realistic, and Super Mario Galaxy is not.
  8. It would be cool if the floodlight followed you around and illuminated a small area around you, like a small bot or a headmounted light that is brighter than the current beacons, or a stationary light that shines in the area the astroneer is pointing, looking at, or standing in. Otherwise, good idea!
  9. neat, and when dedicated servers are set up, this could be a very real thing: like a minigame in a server that has a few minigames, or something else. Very good idea, but the coding would take alot of time for the devs, just make a modded server. Anyway, hope to see this implemented somewhere, just not this second
  10. Makes sense, but some sort of attachable cart would be cool, which would tether to one of the top backpack slots and would "lead" a small cart with 4 storage slots on it. It would only work on the top two backpack slots, which would eliminate infinite storage space. An adapter for your back would be neat, but the large item should slow you down, then there is the problem of carrying things on your back that activate, like thrusters, and possibly glitch out the game. It seems like a very valid idea whichever way that can be implemented. Even better: small "homing" rover that would trace the player/entity that would carry the built-in beacon. Then there's the problems of AI routing, but adding this "follow around" might be the first step toward adding animals! //sidegamer
  11. That makes the game fun and promotes exploration, if you got a usable thing every time you researched, there would be no challenge, and the game would get boring very quickly. Your problem is that you obviously aren't up for an exploration game that is challenging, plus these items can be very useful when exploring temporary bases on other planets.
  12. I Find this post states all the glaring imperfections of astroneer currently, and while most of them have been mentioned briefly before, this list compiles all. Hopefully the devs take a look at this list and try to incorporate some sort of solution for this. Also, building a "garage" in a mountain can sometimes prevent vehicles from glitching away
  13. Perhaps the tethers should light up in stacks just to indicate there is a full stack, otherwise i agree with non-lit tethers
  14. I actually like this a lot, just drive by the resources and the bot collects it, but takes extensive power, it could also be attached to rovers or something to be able to follow a path to collect or transport resources from base to base, but would be only found rarely at the center of planets. this could be the start of the AI revolution!
  15. QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT! gosh, the teleporter should be SLIGHTLY unstable and leak toxic gas randomly, and explode or something if it gets hit by a sandstorm rock. BUT, it should be able to transport vehicles without use of a gate. what would be cool is if a gate could be found and activated by power, but be running as long as power is supplied, and be a random teleporter if the player does not have another gate set up on the same... frequency. plus, the gate would be able to travel across planets, but you would need 1 astronium to link two together, and another to change the frequency, thus making it less OP for the player to create far away bases and such. Gates would be inside of especially large mountains, and the player would have to destroy the whole mountain to be able to activate the gate. Just suggestions though!