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  1. I do think I have the required hardware to be able to run the game decently, but even during the tutorial my GPU starts overheating when I have any settings higher than "low". (See attached MSI afterburner capture, where I play with everything set on "medium" and with FPS capped on 50, doing nothing but standing still). My specs: Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU Intel Core i5 3570K @ 3.40GHz Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology RAM 8,00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 668MHz (9-9-9-24) Motherboard ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. P8Z77-V PRO (LGA1155) Graphics 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti (EVGA) But that's not all... during multiplayer the lag is unbearable underground. My partner has constantly unplayable lag everywhere and has similar specs if not better than mine with an 6th generation i7, a gtx 980m and 12 GB ram. I host the game with a fiberoptic 50Mbits connection and my partner has a 10Mbits fiberoptic connection. We live in the same city. We do play "Plains of Eidolon" and "Orb Valis" in WARFRAME without any major hiccups - which is afaik a peer to peer connection, so I don't see how we can play a graphically and connection-wise more demanding game but not ASTRONEER. PLEASE look into this. I have not had a pleasant time with the game and it is almost half a year after full release. I gave every update a shot. I had patience but it is now running thin. And it's looking like performance is not a priority anymore judging from recent patch-notes. Performance is currently not ok on xbox, but is definitely not ok on PC either.
  2. Neekk0

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    I know I'm venting right now, but its been a month since the last patch and two months since full release and in no way I have been able to play multiplayer, which is the only reason I bought the game. I still experience horrible desync and framedrop, additional to really heavy GPU load even though I have all graphic settings on low - it climbs up to 80ºC+. Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU Intel Core i5 3570K @ 3.40GHz Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology RAM 8,00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 686MHz (9-9-9-24) Motherboard ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. P8Z77-V PRO (LGA1155) Graphics 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti (EVGA)
  3. Neekk0

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    That could be it.. but on the other hand I can also play Warframe as client and Host with no problem and as far as I know it is peer to peer
  4. Neekk0

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    By LAN do you mean "same network" and not over the internet? My host has a fiber optic 15Mbit/s connection i7-7500U, 12GB RAM, I have a i5-3570k with 8GB RAM and also fiber optic 10Mbit/s. We can play Rocket League, Elder Scrolls Online and pretty much anything without significant packet-loss or latency, but as soon as we go into a cave in Astroneer we BOTH get lag that makes it unplayable.
  5. Neekk0

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    Neither is it optimized for PC, multiplayer is unplayable as soon as we go into a cave and I bought this for multiplayer solely.
  6. Neekk0

    Mineral Extractor far too OP?

    I agree with AstroBubba. And I think separation of survival and creative mode works perfectly in pretty much every other game. I'm sure there is someone out there who would like to have unlimited oxygen in the base game - and the idea of that actually being implemented, and then someone telling me "just imagine you had to run back to a tether every minute or so" is ridiculous to me. I simply couldn't have that as much as some of you might not want a nerf to - in my opinion - indeed still unpolished mechanics that allow the game to play itself. Why not make it an option in a menu, giving both sides what they want? Not forcing any grind onto free explorers, not forcing any "imagine that" on people that gain joy from a challenge.
  7. I don't know if anyone even read this but I guess some documentation doesn't hurt. Since patch 119 I noticed the cpu being a little bit more active and my gpu remains at ~66ºC for most of the time in windowed mode. Didn't try full-screen though. There was a crash eventually. Window goes whatever color was last most seen on screen and the audio starts stuttering, so again i'm forced to cut the power because input seems to have no effect. The other crashes registered an error related to nvidia driver failing (most likely due to overheating) but this crash logged nothing and the gpu was not too hot, as mentioned before.
  8. HI, everyone! I was hoping someone could help me troubleshoot this: Not my CPU but my GPU is having a hard time with the game and I know this is weird because it has no textures whatsoever, no fancy ambient occlusion or detailed models that could make gaming GPUs sweat bullets like this; meanwhile my CPU seems to be chilling at just 55ºC. If I play in full-screen afterburner tells me I reach temperatures over 80ºC (97ºC is my GPUs limit) and it has already happened twice that my screen simply turns blueish-violet (not a bluescreen). I still can hear the game, but I'm practically blind and I'm forced to manually cut the energy from my rig, as it seems it does not even register keystrokes anymore. I'm suspecting the GPU overheats and shuts down - even though I can run Skyrim with high res textures, ENB and all that jazz without trouble. (It has good ventilation too) The only way I can enjoy the game is going windowed and then making the window a bit smaller, and even then the temperatures creep slowly and steadily towards the 80ª. I tried the nvidia control panel. The game was not even listed for the GPU to apply all the fancy graphics options to the game so I tried setting it on the list but turned off all the options or set them at minimum - no difference. I even turned off the global setting to use the CUDA. So something in the game seems to be demanding hell out of my GPU. I'll attach some screenshots with my specs and the temperatures before and after playing a few minutes windowed.
  9. Neekk0


    This should be the go-to thread for the devs. And I have to admit I took some points and threw them here and there into other post in order to get some attention on the topics i consider most urgent right now. I'd like to add something to your grappling module idea: it definitely feels like the grapple beam from metroid, so I think we should go all the way: A beam that consumes power and shoots out of the deformation-tool. And adding to the list: the crane should get an attachment to grab and move things like alien trees or wrecks for decorative purposes.
  10. Yes, please yes. Bring them oxygen-tanks with you. Plan ahead. Challenge me. At least they should stop giving oxygen into tethers - get only oxygen if your power line is directly connected to them.
  11. Neekk0

    Gear shift

    That could prove very handy in some situations where you have to be precise! Adding to this idea there could be an option to let vehicles drive in a straight line towards hud markers like beacons or the habitat, at the risk of them running into obstacles.
  12. Neekk0

    Resource Transportation

    I would like to see some kind of material pipeline for stacks and such but it really should not replace manual driving and moving of bigger objects like the fruits and storage, etc.. Rails and transportation-bands could prove really rigid but the big hoses that come out of the drop-ship are flexible and make sense in a game about terrain deformation!
  13. A way to control player progression is to have them unlock (research) and build equipment that enables them to explore deeper regions of planets. Tethers could require a "signal-booster" or "stabilizer" when deep underground, let's say one after 250 and a second one after 500 meters of depth, and so on. These "boosters" are essentially gateways between tiers of difficulty for the devs to place rarer resources and more dangerous terrain generation and fauna. If possible this should give big generators a proper use, forcing players to establish underground bases and not relying on the infinite regenerating energy of the surface. The boosters require research and a considerable amount of rare resources - both found always one tier above of the one they are "unlocking" If generators are what keeps you alive (with energy and oxygen) past a certain depth, it would make for some awesome tense moments when you are deep in a cave and suddenly your tethers go dark - and you know you messed up because you did not plan ahead and did neither put enough fuel in the generator nor bring that finally-useful-oxygen-tank with you and you have to rely on finally-useful oxygen and energy deposits in the walls, on your way back. For this to work: The fuel condenser should work like smelter to create fuel from hydrazine crystals or a reasonable amount of oragnic stacks - no more resources from thin air, please! The energetic value of coal should be drastically increased and fuel canisters should also be able to power generators at reasonable energetic values. tl;dr: infinite oxygen and energy trough tethers everywhere is op , please nerf!
  14. Neekk0

    The Hydrazine Fix and More!

    Adding a few things: oxygen tanks and fuel tanks could be the same multipurpose tank (read somewhere else in this forum) - not sure about using up the tanks though 4 or 5 organic stacks could give 1 charge (half the can) when processed by the condenser, giving that resource a little more use too. the Trade Platform should work with 4:1 instead of 2:1 ratio of resources. It should be designed to help you in a pinch when you are missing an urgent resource; NOT for you to sit idle in you base waiting for the overpowered solar panels to fill up your energy. I agree that we should never be able to create resources out of thin air; there is unlimited energy on the surface and the game is about exploring and finding resources. The Fuel Condenser, the way it is, breaks the game, even if they double the energy cost and time.