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  1. I to have this issue and the devs have said something about this, they said they couldn't reproduce what was happening. So my guess is we wait and see what happens
  2. I think that hes trying to say is people would like a update on how this problem is being dealt with. I have the same problem, lots of other people do, and I know the devs cant respond to every thread about this because they are very busy. But I think it is reasonable to give a little but more information on this topic.
  3. FluxMaster

    Meteors! We've got to have meteors!

    The devs of the game said they want to work towards a lot of things like meteors. I think I read this the road map if you want to check it out and see there plans. But I think its a good idea with the rare minerals and new plant life on the meteors, as well if your in a radius when it hits, you will get damaged by rocks and things of that nature.
  4. This happens to me as well and it happens when the game hits 1.5GB memory on task manger. I know there probably working towards a fix for this problem because of the number of people that have this issue.
  5. FluxMaster

    Fatal Freezing

    This is happinging with me to, what I thinks happening, I check task maneger when it happens and it happens when I get to 1.5G memory. I don't know if thats helps at all. Also, when I don't launch the game for a longer period of time, i can play the game longer without it freezing. Specs: Intel Graphics 5500 Intel i7 core 2.4 GHz 8GB ram Windows 10 ASUS
  6. I also freeze a lot in the game, but its more random to me. But its mostly happens when your game crashed too, when I mine to much or change angle. It really slows down when I do that, but doesn't fully freeze sometimes. I don't fall through the ground though. My specs are Intel core i7 5500 cpu 2.4 ghz, windows 10, Intel(r) HD graphics 5500, VRAM 1024 MB, and its a ASUS labtop.