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  1. UPDATE: My Terrain is back. I didn't do anything except boot the game up to start creating again after I submitted my bug to the forum.
  2. Been playing for about 72 hours now, and have watched Twitch streams while I work n' lurk. I was in a cave, and I discovered a space station component, but not a random piece of satellite but something with orange nodules in it indicating I can add it to my Space lab. I brought it back to my space lab and it looks like an orange propane tank laying on its side, and there is a firehose spout out of a pipe on it. I couldn't figure what it was(a fuel tank? a weapon? oxygen tank?). After clicking all over the item, I accidentally clicked on the firehose part and it stretched out. I could drag it out pretty far. It was then I figured it was a storage tank of some kind. I still am not sure of what it is or how it works. Which brought me here. If it's a space tool, then the Astroneer would be able to identify it[so it stays within story context], and it should have some sort of inventory log/legend to identify parts we find that are not raw materials. Maybe even a catalog of recipes to create items that we have successfully duplicated. This way when we are out exploring we can reference our inventory when we find broken parts and be like, "Hey, I can use one of these at back at the Lab". OR as I'm running around I can decide that I want to make an item and I review the recipe to see what i'd need while i'm out in the field. It just kind of doesn't make sense that an Astroneer wouldn't be able to identify tools or parts he's been trained to use before he deployed into space.
  3. My Specs: -Steam versions of Astroneer -Mouse and keyboard controllers -Running on a Lenovo y510P with dual 760M GPU What Happened: I've only been playing a few days. Everything has been stable, no bugs noticed, till today. I spent last night and this morning smoothing out and building up Terrain around my little space lab. I noticed when these windstorms would could, debris would kill my lil 'Neer, and blow away any loose materials I hadn't locked down. I decided to remedy that by creating a vast dome/wall type structure around my space lab. On top of building the wall to prevent the storms from damaging my space lab, I smoothed out all the terrain within the structure so that my rover and 'Neer could run around with no hiccups[a bit of OCD on my part really]. Then from within the "dome" I tried to dig my own path to the cave I had discovered far outside my space lab area, and then proceeded to smooth it out so I could roll in there with my rover[it was bad ass, I wish the game had a snapshot feature to share with you the awesomeness that had been built]. A storm then came in, I hopped into my little capsule in the center of my lab, saved my progress. After the storm passed I Quit to Desktop. I went to go get coffee. I came back and booted the game up from my save point. It was as if I had first landed on the planet. All the Space Lab gear was there, the Printer, The Tethers from my journeys, the Vehicle Bay, The Shuttle, The Smelter, the Rover[however it was now detached from the Space lab and tossed on its side]... but everything else I had "sculpted" was gone. No dome, no smooth lab floor, no tunnel to the cave. Even all the materials I had harvested from the immediate area had come back[mostly Organics and Resin]. I didn't even exit my capsule. I just panned around with the camera to confirm what I was seeing, exited, and then registered here at the forums to help. I completely understand it's Pre-Alpha, so i'm not upset. I mean, I was building something pretty awesome and i'm disappointed it's been eradicated, but this is pre-alpha, something was gonna bite me in the ass eventually. I guess i'll head over to the feature suggestion area now for other things I'd like to see. thanks so much for what you've created thus far, it's amazing.