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    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    Hotkeys for toggling terrain mods for a long time now, as well as a better way of managing them. Disable the boost mod rather than disabling the entire terrain tool if power is exhausted. (The current behavior should remain for all other mods -- boost mod is simply faster so if it stops functioning abruptly it won't cause unexpected side effects.) 'E' to toggle extenders between unidirectional/bidirectional/other bidirectional. (I use them to give printers priority over research, but it'd be nice to use them to extend the base as well without having to have a 'hub' for power.) Fix the axis-skipping bug when flattening on planets other than Terran (but I'm told this is part of Terrain 2.0 already) Option or keybind for old-style Tether placement for people who want to put them on a specific wall of a cave for navigation purposes. ("T" used to pick up a tether from your backpack which you would then place, rather than dropping one at your feet location.) If you're just outside of Tether range when placing a Tether, try to jump it back a short distance so it is within range. (Maybe try based on the player's location 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 seconds ago.) This is akin to Factorio's method of placing multiple power poles, for instance. Allow rotating extenders during placement rather than after. Find a way to simplify placement of a string of solar/wind power when the goal is to cover a long distance rather than place at specific locations. (Maybe using similar logic to how extenders place now, but anchored to the ground and with #7 fixed) Make it easier to connect platforms that are extremely close to each other. If a power cord originates at a specific platform, ignore that platform's collision detection from the raycast that determines where the power cord is going. Pause in single-player. Host or collaborative pause in multiplayer.
  2. I found one of the raised shuttle platforms on Barren in my current save, so I built a base around it. My plan was to use the three tier-3 attachment points around the ring for shuttle-related things: One (dedicated) vehicle bay, one trade platform, one fuel condenser. However, I then discovered two problems with this plan: 1. The vehicle bay (when located on the 'left' attachment point from the stairs) is unable to build a large shuttle -- the schematic is the "something is in the way" magenta rather than the "okay to build" blue. Other vehicles (a Small and a Large rover) were built fine. 2. When I built the large shuttle at a different vehicle bay and manually moved it (launch + land) to be on top of the platform, it hovers over the ground rather than making contact with the platform. (It looks like it's level with the raised outside edge of the platform rather than the inner part) Seems a platform that's obviously for shuttle launches should be able to function for shuttle launches Not tested with regular size shuttles.
  3. This issue is still present in 0.9.2, tested on Barren.
  4. Dewin

    Update 9.2 resource issue

    As a workaround, you might be able to mine the resources if you have an Inhibitor mod equipped.
  5. This still happens in update 215. My theory is that it's some sort of floating point rounding error/loss of precision due to very large numbers being involved -- so it gets more pronounced as you get further out.
  6. Dewin

    0.4.10215.0 - XB1 - The good. The bad. And the Ugly.

    Large rovers handle better as well. The only problem I've found is sandstorms (at least I think they're sandstorms) will sometimes affect rover physics even when the rovers are underground, causing them to abruptly go flying in one direction. I agree that I much preferred the pre-201 rover controls, where W is "Move forward" not "Try to move in the direction of the camera, which means reversing if I'm looking behind the rover." They're... useable once you learn what exactly is happening, but completely unintuitive. I really wish the work light and such were not affected by being out of power -- or at least were still usable in some form while out of power (maybe red emergency light instead of white but still the same coverage area?). The outage is not permanent though... I noticed this too, but I assumed it was because I had a rover on the grid that I could pull power from. Just like old versions, if you need power and nothing is actively generating it it will drain rover batteries. (But it won't transfer this power into your backpack.) The new Terrain-as-a-resource mechanic means that mining does not require any power, and this is by design. Only crafting from the backpack or using augments takes backpack power. Even if you somehow threw away your generator and have no other power production, you can find mineable power to get back to a point where you can craft a generator. As far as I can tell, small generators generate a lot more power than they used to as well so they're actually viable for something besides emergency power.I do not believe the full planned power changes are in. I know one goal is to make it possible to separate your power distribution from your actual base so you can e.g. have an underground base powered by a small solar outpost located up above. Medium solar is unlocked at the start, at least. I somehow had small solar as well, I don't remember seeing it unlock in my game but it might have been. With digging not requiring power, having to micromanage power usage is not a chore -- I run the backpack generator when I'm out of energy to craft with (just a few times in early-game), and run it in the base once I have 2-3 platforms that require power or I'm about to use one. A single generator run will eventually power around 3 empty research stations, so just throwing a single organic in and then going and doing something else for awhile works. My current early game looks like: 1. Mine 2 compound. Start crafting a generator. 2. While the generator is crafting, mine 1 resin and 1 organic. 3. Put the organic in the generator. Craft tethers and a canister. Mine 2 more resin and craft 2 more canisters. Attach all 3 canisters to the terrain tool 4. Begin actually doing what I need to build a base. The generator charge will mean the backpack is full by the time the organic is gone, which is enough for another ~4 crafts (usually tethers) 5. Once I have the first 2-3 platforms actually built at my base, move the generator to the base and feed it another organic -- which will be enough for the initial charge of those 2-3 platforms (and possibly some subsequent ones if I'm fast enough at using them). This all ties together and is intentional and actually well-designed as far as I can tell. This is the intent (think from a new player perspective here) 1. The only thing you can craft is a generator. You have just enough power to craft one. Nothing else that you can do at this point uses backpack power (unless you somehow find a terrain mod), so it's impossible to get into a situation where you can't craft anything and are stuck. 2. Now that you've crafted a generator and have a way of replenishing power, you've unlocked the Essentials Kit, which lets you craft tethers and canisters (and other early-game gear, I think). But you don't have any power to craft those... until you learn how to use the generator. 3. Once you've crafted tethers and your first canister, you unlock the augments to the terrain tool. In particular, the inhibitor is useful early game -- it can mine quickly without destroying terrain (though not as thoroughly as digging it out), and is good for getting rid of stalagmites and such that get in the way of vehicles. It's also good for very quickly hoovering up a bunch of organic. System Era actually addressed my two biggest concerns with this: Canisters actually hold much more soil than they did in the experimental, and there's a clear indication of how much soil you have left (see the outer ring of your terrain tool, which is new.) I've found 3 canisters to be more than enough to ensure I never really worry about running out (and really, I could probably be fine with 2). Attaching them to the slots on the terrain tool means I still have the full backpack space available for everything else. I like being able to create giant ramps down into the underdark pretty much immediately off the bat, no real concerns about running out of power since mining no longer takes power. I'd still like to see 1 canister's worth of soil as a built-in part of the backpack/terrain tool though. Also, canisters are sometimes not filled/emptied evenly, so you'll sometimes end up with two partially full canisters. I love the model, animations, and sound with this. My only real complaint is that I feel it trivializes things a bit too much -- particularly being unlocked right off the bat. As it stands now -- as long as you maintain a 'palette' of one of each resource -- you can just strip-mine for whatever you need. Though I agree that different playstyles in a sandbox game aren't a bad thing. Having it be a research unlock (like the trade platform) would bring it on par with things. Trade platform is still amazing, mainly for 'free' (power only) conversions of aluminum to copper and vice versa (trade metal for ore 1:1 and then refine ore). I feel it too trivializes things a bit much, though maybe balanced out on the non-Terran worlds that actually generate with no or very little of certain resources -- and it's at least gated by research. I'd like the ghosts to be back as well. I should be able to just click on the ghost, wait for it to fill, shift-click to claim empty canister. Other then that annoyance, I see nothing wrong with the large shuttle. I'm even able to launch it from a habitat mounted on a large storage again, which I wasn't able to do a few updates ago but used to be able to do in the past. This is no different than ore/metal, other then the requirement for canisters -- which makes sense. SE has stated plans to use this for other liquid resources once they exist as well. I usually fully fuel shuttles before launching them, so needing to top-up on another planet is usually a nonissue. OTOH, I always have a dedicated vehicle bay for shuttles (as opposed to ground vehicles) so I'm used to that overhead anyways. SE's mentioned they're working on research changes, they just weren't ready for this patch. The "kits" unlocked at the beginning are a piece of this, though. Strangely enough, hadn't died yet this patch. I think the issue here is the entire world is generated at startup and this process takes longer than it should. Perhaps some future version will optimize this -- maybe generating the other planets in the background or not-at-all until you start a new game.
  7. Dewin

    Terrain Tool NOT WORKING

    Hello! Welcome to terrain being a limited resource in the new patch. If you're playing an old save, it's highly recommended you start a new one and actually follow the tutorial steps to learn what changed. But, in a nutshell: 1. Deforming terrain no longer requires power. (Unless you're using augments) 2. Sediment is now stored in canisters. Removing terrain adds sediment to a canister on your person, creating terrain removes sediment from the canister. If all canisters are empty, you can't create terrain. If all canisters are full (or you have no canisters), any terrain removed is lost. 3. Canisters can be crafted from the backpack using 1 resin. 4. The outer ring of your terrain tool gives a visual indication of how much sediment you have on-hand. It'll be split into sections, one for each canister.
  8. Dewin

    Front of Rover flippiing Up

    Known issue in the vehicle issues megathread:
  9. The lengths look normal to me -- I think they just look long due to perspective. (The camera is fairly close to the ground) I've also seen the 'broken' appearance though -- usually when there's a bit of an incline between connected platforms. May be a case of a texture being rotated along the wrong axis (and/or the model not being rotated at all)? If you look at the ghost platform behind the habitat in the screenshot and the cable outline there -- it looks like the end of that is not properly connected to the rest either.
  10. Dewin

    Zero-gravity rover glitch

    Did you happen to save and load any time during this experience? I currently have a reproducible bug report involving rover physics breaking on save/load -- and only existing rovers.
  11. Dewin

    plenty of strange experiences

    Ignoring the vehicle issues for now since there's a fair number of widespread and well-documented ones: Storm/nuggets: I've occasionally had research items stuck hovering midair as well. In update 200, this seemed to happen if I grabbed them the moment I freed them from encasing terrain, but it seemed like it fixed itself if I attached it (e.g. to a vehicle) and then detached it again. In 201 it is persistent. Storing things loose and not attached to anything is not a particularly recommended strategy, quirkiness or not. Medium/large storage can help with storage needs once you can produce it. Tethers: I also dislike how I now collide with tethers, particularly while in vehicles. It was this way many many builds ago and and removal of tether collision was one of my favorite updates. I do like that they otherwise now interact with physics rather than hovering awkwardly midair. I don't like how digging anywhere near a tether has a high likelihood of knocking it over. Maybe these can be done in such a way where they're embedded at least partially into the rock (so a small change won't knock them loose, but they also won't be left hovering) and they don't collide with players or vehicles. Research: Research is currently random (though there's some categorization scheme -- I only get dynamite and mods from 'man-made' research objects for instance). This does mean there's a current issue where it's possible to be unable to research a shuttle or large shuttle on the first planet and thus you'll be stuck. SES is looking at this (according to one of the posts somewhere) and I believe toying with the idea of an actual tech tree with points and such. Habitats: It seems like habitats have an exceptionally high weight that does very strange things to vehicle physics. This has been the case since at least update 200 (the last time I tried to move a hab via truck) The rest: I've also seen the 360 degree camera spin issue. I have also -- after a crash -- had a weird overlap between modified and unmodified terrain (including mined-out resources respawning and portions of my base being buried), so I've seen the terrain issue once or twice as well.
  12. Dewin

    Unable to expand base

    I'm not seeing a rover here -- and I was asking about base expansion specifically, anyways. You can't expand from fully built platforms -- only the small circular ones. It's important to keep this in mind as you build a base -- always make sure you have one free for additional expansion if you want to be able to expand. There's a maximum of 6 extensions from any one platform (including the habitat), counting the one connecting it to the rest of the base. This is only true if they're at the closest possible spacing -- if you spread you can find yourself limited pretty quickly. This works out to be currently be enough for one of every platform type -- but you'll usually want to plan for bigger for power production and such (that and I like to have a dedicated vehicle bay for shuttles separate from the one that handles ground vehicles)
  13. Dewin

    Unable to expand base

    I remember an old bug with platforms not being expanding correctly after a save/load cycle, but that's been fixed forever AFAIK. I also know there's some current (since update 200 at least, present in 201 as well) bugs with vehicles not being able to anchor to a small platform, and needing to be closer than the visual suggests to anchor correctly to a big one (otherwise they'd anchor briefly and then immediately detach). Can you provide a screenshot?
  14. Dewin

    Vehicles are flying as if there was no gravity

    Actually, vehicle oddness now seems to be happening to me on ANY save -- but vehicles are 'fine' (besides woefully underpowered) in a new game that I've never exited. So maybe something in the save/load code is to blame. So... basically unplayable unless you never exit.
  15. Dewin

    Vehicles are flying as if there was no gravity

    I had some weird issues kind of like this in playing update 201 in an update 199 world. (The game had crashed and I'd restarted not knowing there was an update). For me, vehicles were almost acting like there was terrain where there wasn't -- as if they were seeing the original version of the world geometry and not my terraformed version. So I'd start driving up an invisible hill -- but as soon as the rover stopped moving, it'd fall down to the actual ground. Still acted super strange though. I've also had a few floaty science objects. In update 199, it seemed like this would happen if I grabbed them immediately as they were freed from terrain -- but in 201 they were persistently floaty. I'd previously been able to get a vehicle to regain physics by removing and then reattaching something to it (presumably because it caused the stats of the vehicle to be recalculated) but attaching/detaching the science objects didn't make them less floaty. (Though they did stay in place while attached).